Flutter by Kari Carr

Today, we are thrilled to hand Auribuzz over to Aurifil Designer Kari Carr of New Leaf Stitches! Kari’s debut collection, All a Twitter, released at Spring Quilt Market earlier this year and we introduced it here last month. Kari has created a sweet little free project, Flutter, that pairs her threads with fabrics from her coordinating All a Twitter fabric collection with Hoffman Fabrics. Thank you, Kari!

How about a project that gets your heart all aflutter? This cute little topper, with its unique sashing, is the perfect way for us to highlight the All a Twitter thread collection that matches so beautifully with my coordinating fabric line. [Find the link for the free pattern at the bottom of this post!]

The first thing is to gather everything that you’ll need for the project. Along with the beautiful bird fabric, there are only two other coordinating fat quarters. You can see that I’m also using the Clearly Perfect Angles and Slotted Trimmers to make your piecing quick and precise. And of course, you’ll need to choose threads from the Aurifil collection!

Most of the project is using basic quilting techniques. The first step for the sashing however, is to create a simple tuck in the fabric. Once stitched, press the tucks flat and treat it as a regular sashing unit.

At this point you’ll want to quilt the top. I truly loved how the variegated thread was used. It was like it was made to compliment the watercolor effect in the fabric. I stepped out of my box for this and am so happy I did!

Once the quilting is done, I went back to tie the tucks. Following the suggested tack marks, simply create pleats in the tucks by pinching the fabric together. With needle and thread, wrap the thread tightly around & around.

You can bury the knots and thread in the batting.

Now you’re ready to add the binding. Of course, there’s not a better thread out there than Aurifil 50wt for this important step in your quilting.

If you hate drawing lines as much as I do, you may want to visit my site to learn more about the Clearly Perfect Angles. And while you’re there, check out the hot new notion, Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmers. As a special thank you for taking the time to check out the post, I’m offering Aurifil Buzz readers a special discount:

Get 12% off with the code: FLUTTER12

Simply click on the image below or follow this link for the free instructions on how you can make Flutter, too.

I hope this unique little project graces your table and that you enjoy making it!
— Kari

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A recycled Home-Ec teacher that found her passion in quilting, Kari is an author, fabric & quilt designer, notion developer, magazine contributor, BERNINA Ambassador & Aurifil Designer. Students enjoy her “pace, tips & warm, good-natured disposition.” The sassy, sophisticated look from New Leaf Stitches combine both traditional elements with a contemporary flair. Her popular notions, Clearly Perfect Angles and Slotted Trimmers can be found in quilt shops around the world.


All A Twitter
100% Aurifil Cotton, 12 Large Spools, 50wt (1422yds/spool)
Colors included:
6722 – 2312 – 2360 – 2395 – 2445 – 5009
4644 – 5007 – 4129 – 2886 – 2845 – 3817

To view this info on our website, click here. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.


  1. Absolutely love this collection of fabrics. I have ordered some and am awaiting it’s arrival to begin a special quilt for my mother who loves birds. Wonderful design. Great Job Kari!

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