Meadow Dance

Meadow Dance is a wonderful new collection by Aurifil Designer Amanda Murphy for Contempo/Benartex. The collection features a lovely range of colors to choose from including soft aqua with cool accents of red and green, lilac, and blue. Large scale and richly colored florals are offset by smaller scale prints and textures. Amanda has also included a learning panel designed for rulerwork on domestic or longarm machines. We can’t wait to see what you all make with this collection!!

We were honored to work with Amanda to create a small curated box of 50wt thread to coordinate with Meadow Dance. It offers all of the colors one could possibly need to create a little quilty magic. Partner that with the specialty rulers with Westalee by Sew Steady and the magic is nearly guaranteed!

To learn more even more about Meadow Dance, head on over to Amanda’s blog.

Today, we’re thrilled to welcome Amanda to Auribuzz, to share some insight, some inspiration, and a very special giveaway! Thanks Amanda!!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be here today to talk about my new Aurifil thread collection and do a special giveaway featuring the Meadow Dance panel, ruler guide, Meadow Dance patterns, and thread collection!  (For more chances to win, check out my site and Westalee’s site!)

I am always excited when Aurifil’s brightly colored spools arrive on my doorstep, but with this shipment I literally couldn’t wait!  The Meadow Dance Thread Collection coordinates with my fabric collection of the same name for Contempo of Benartex.  When the fabric debuted this summer it immediately sold out but they’ve reordered the entire line and it will be shipping again next week!  The coordinating thread collection features 10 small spools in bright colors that work especially well when contrasted with each other or with the neutral dark greys and white of the blender prints in the line.

I made sure to design a few projects that allow you to really experiment with these threads and the lovely way the colors play together,

Meadowsweet is my new appliqué pattern in which I used almost all of the threads in the collection; I took the large exuberant blooms of the feature prints and blew them up into a fun applique table runner or wall hanging.  Usually I use Aurifil’s 28wt thread for appliqué but in this case I wanted to let the delicacy of the flowers take center stage.  The 50wt threads of the Aurifil collection were perfect for that!  I added further detail with a fun button pack by Just Another Button Company.

Over that past year I’ve been teaching a lot of rulerwork, so I couldn’t resist incorporating a colorful panel in this collection which can be used both to perfect rulerwork skills AND play with thread.  I designed two different ruler work quilting plans for the panel. Both plans are included in the guide and coordinating ruler sets are available through Westalee or at your local shop.  It is so fun to change out threads as your work through the panel!

Of course, I also used Aurifil thread on other pieces featuring this collection, like my new “quilt-as-you-go” style block-of-the-month…

And my Meadow Blooms pattern, where the colors on the blocks really take center stage when contrasted with the dark grey background.

If you love what you see, please ask your local shop to order (or re-order!) the Meadow Dance fabric, patterns, and thread collection.

I’ll be releasing videos of quilting with Aurifil threads this fall in my Facebook Group, Quilting with Amanda Murphy as the collection unfolds, so please join me!

But what I really can’t wait for is to see what you all do Meadow Dance!  If you make something please share it with @aurifilthread and with @amandamurphydesign over on Instagram!

Thanks for letting me share and happy quilting!
– Amanda

Thanks so much, Amanda!! <3 


To win a copy of all these patterns + the Meadow Dance panel + the Meadow Dance Thread Collection + the Ruler Guide click here  or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Friday, December 8! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here by Monday, December 11. Good luck and happy stitching!

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Amanda and her BERNINA Q24
Amanda and her BERNINA Q24

Always attracted to color, texture, and pattern, Amanda Murphy has been designing, drawing, and sewing since she was a child. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a bachelor of fine arts degree and worked as a graphic designer and art director in Alexandria, Virginia, and New York City. After moving to North Carolina with her family Amanda discovered quilting, an art that marries her passion for design with her enthusiasm for handwork. As she gradually expanded her knowledge of sewing and quilting techniques and combined them with the ideas she had been sketching over the years, Amanda Murphy Design was born.

Amanda markets her own full-color pattern line under the Amanda Murphy Design label and has designed several fabric collections.  Her fourth collection with Benartex will debut in Summer 2016.

[For more, please visit Amanda’s website]

Meadow Dance
Small, 100% Aurifil Cotton50wt (220yds each, 10 colors, Small Spools):
2600 – 2630 – 2886 – 2884 – 2440 – 2415 – 5006 – 2588 – 2214 – 2110

To view this info on our website, click here or on the image above. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

** Images and most text are courtesy of Amanda Murphy


  1. My favorite piecing thread with aurifil is grey 2060. I’ve never experimented with the templates but would dearly love to. How could one choose a favorite pattern. There are so many beauties out there. Lately I’ve been finding “big blocks” . My go to block to piece just for fun is the log cabin. Hope I’ve answered all the questions. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  2. I really like the bluish/turquoise color – great for Arizona quilts!
    Pretty collection and interesting to include the ruler work info.

  3. All the patterns are wonderful. I think I would start with Meadow Blooms. I like using grey 2610 and white
    This collection of thread is wonderful. I would love to try the templates. Yes my go to pattern is the log cabin and pineapple blocks.

  4. I love all of the gray 50-weight Aurifil thread for both piecing & quilting. Meadow Dance is the icing on the cake.

  5. These colors are so beautiful. Makes me long for spring! Your work is gorgeous too. I would love to try these patterns. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I like the Meadow Sweet pattern. I’m anxious to try the border templates. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  7. I piece with either #2000, unless it’s really dark, then I use a variety of aurifil tans😄Love them all❤️

  8. I like the Meadow Blooms quilt. I haven’t tried Aurifil thread so I can’t choose a thread color. My favorite color is purple.

  9. All the colors are so beautiful, they make my heart sing! I love rainbow colors, so the basic like true blue and grass green are lovely.

  10. Well you had me at APPLIQUE’! Once I learned applique’ i can not get enough and Meadowsweet is adorable. So that is my favorite. While i would use every single color of thread in this collection as I have no probkem switching my thread colors on my machine to make my projects beautiful, i do use a lot of aurifil 2600 and I see it is in this collection. I use it a LOT.

  11. It is too hard to try to pick a favorite color of thread or favorite fabric. It all depends on what you are making at the time and for whom you are making it. It’s like your kids, you are supposed to love them the same and you do, but you certainly like them more at different times, and that’s okay.

  12. All are amazing!! I love most the Meadow Sweet pattern and the 2600 Aurifil is my go to Thread!!
    Thank you!

  13. I really like the meadow bloom pattern – the bright fabrics against the dark gray are stunning. My favorite thread color would be the pastel green. Beautiful fabric.

  14. I really would like the thread collection. Need color with my tans and greys. Thank you.😄🎄🌇🐻

  15. #2886 in this collection really speaks to mart. The applique pattern is lovely and would be a perfect project for my collection of aurifil 80 wt. The template question is a bit confusing as i dont see any “templates” on the post. If ypu are refering to the machine quilting practice panels any of them would be a help to this quilter who struggles with mavhine quilting. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Love any of the blue thread purple really jumps out at me with this collection I usually piece with Dove

  17. So many choices and everyone is really nice. I really like Meadowsweet, the light yellow thread and perhaps the ruler that enhances Meadowsweet.

  18. I love the Meadow Minis pattern, feather template set and the fuchsia coloured thread the most, but they’re all wonderful! Great giveaway!

  19. Thank you for the chance to play with this luscious package. I love using pale yellow or gray as quilting thread since they blend into most fabrics.

  20. The colors are great, and I do love the look of the panel. It would be fun to play with that. Thanks.

  21. Finally someone has had the perfect idea – pattern, templates and thread to go with it! Love Amanda’s patterns – Meadow Song is my fav!!!! and the Circles on Quilts Spinning Wheels template from Westalee is perfect!!! I love all the Aurfil threads but love 2886 the light avocado (hmmm….food …. color…quilting….). I do love using a light grey or beige to piece but I love that green!!!

  22. I just love the pinks, in fact anything in the range of pinks thru oranges. Just love Aurifil threads!

  23. Meadow Song is my favorite pattern, the Circles on Quilts Spinning Wheels is my favorite template and 2886 light avocado is my favorite Aurifil thread.

  24. I love to applique and Meadowsweet is gorgeous. The Aurifil colors remind me of spring, especially that yummy orange, Beautiful collection.

  25. What a beautiful and fun package! My favorite pattern is Meadow Blooms, and I love all the Aurifil colors, especially the Lilac. My favorite ruler of the set is the corner ruler. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  26. So pretty! Love the Meadowsweet pattern, the Feather Focus template set & the beautiful aqua colored thread that goes so we’ll with the floral fabric! Thank you, Susan

  27. I am so excited to hear that Meadow Dance is back! I love both the Meadowsweet and Meadow Minis patterns. Both would be lovely to quilt! I also love the Beautiful Borders templates from Sew Steady and the entire Meadow Dance thread collection, especially the pinks and blues. Love this collection!

  28. I would so love to win The Meadow Dance Panel and the Sew Steady/Aurifil Giveaway and I hope that being in Australia won’t exclude from that possibility. I love to quilt and being on a tight budget would really appreciate getting this gorgeous package

  29. Love Meadowdance and the Aurifil collection. I try as much as possible to only use Aurifil thread. A sew Steady would make quilting on my domestic machine so much easier! Would love to win!

  30. I love the meadow blooms pattern, the feather templates and I love all the thread colours. They are all gorgeous!

  31. Love the Meadow Sweet pattern…but the Sewing Room Sampler pattern is AWESOME! Would love to make for my Daughter! Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too!! 😀

  32. I like it all. Would love the chance to learn free motion quilting and using your panel would be awesome. Will definitely look for it! I have never used aurilfil thread but would love to try it too.

  33. I love the colors of Meadow Dance. What a great inspiration this giveaway would be for the new year!

  34. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win. I love the color palette of the panels and the Auril thread collection. And being 50 at thread is wonderful. I believe I would do Meadow Dance first. It is just stunning.

  35. Love them all! But if I have to pick, my favorite pattern is Meadow Minis. My favorite thread is 2440. And, my favorite template is the 5” Feather.

  36. I love the meadow minis and I really love the thread colors from her collection, but the Turquoise is my eye candy.

  37. i love aurifil 2600 for piecing, would love to try the templates for beautiful borders, and meadow blooms is my favorite pattern.

  38. I like the Meadow Dance panel right now. I have been hesitant to try free motion quilting, and her panel looks like a good opportunity to just go for it!

  39. I love Aurifil thread and use neutral colours for piecing and coloured collections for quilting. Meadowsweet and Meadow Dance panel both are my choices. Quilting that panel would be great with rulers. Thanks for the opportunity to enter such a lovely giveaway!

  40. I love Amanda’s pattern Meadowsweet. The colours and designs in Meadow Dance are so beautiful!

  41. My favorite thread is Aurifil; I love using the off-white thread to piece. I’m loving the rich colors in your new fabric line, and the patterns are beautiful!!

  42. Amanda, the colors in your fabrics are so soft, but luscious. I’d love to make some beautiful pieces with them. Thanks for participating in this giveaway.

  43. Lovely thread colours. I am just getting into ruler work and a panel would be great to practice more. I am heading over to the web site to have a closer look…

  44. Great way to practice on that lovely panel! Great floral thread colors. For piecing I like 2311 for lights & 2370 for darks.

  45. I want the practice panel and the westerlee rulers to practice with. I have tried the rulers and they are very user friendly on my DM. My favorite pattern is Meadowsweet and my go to thread for piecing and quilting is light teal/grey Aurifil 2805.

  46. I love the Meadow Dance collection, the OESD designs, the fabric, patterns and of course the wonderful thread. You can’t go wrong making anything with these wonderful products

  47. I love Amanda’s Meadow Blooms pattern. My favorite quilting technique is foundation paper piecing. I’d love to be better at free motion quilting and would love to try using rulers designed for quilting. My very favorite Aurifil thread is 2600 because it’s beautiful on so many different fabrics.

  48. My favorite colors in the thread package is the purple, teal, pink and green. I was just at my local Quilt Shop last week trying to decide if I wanted to get the panel or just splurge on fabrics.

  49. All the colors in the thread package are beautiful. My favorite colors are the lilac and aqua. The meadow blooms is my favorite pattern and I would love to learn to machine quilt with a ruler using the Meadow Dance Feather Focus template set.

  50. The meadow minis is my favorite pattern in the collection and I’m loving that fuschia thread! I’m eager to try the ruler…it’s been on my wishlist for months.

  51. I love piecing with 2600 from Aurifil. My current favor pattern is Yellow Brick Road. I have not had a chance to do ruler work, but would love to try!

  52. Love it all, but I am a red girl all the way, however I do use grey or beige consistently for piecing. Thank you for the wonderful blogpost

  53. Really love all of the colors in this collection, would make for some beautiful floral quilting.

  54. The colors in this collection are gorgeous! Especially the teal color. I would love to try the templates.

  55. The beautiful colors in the fabric & coordinating threads are simply too luscious to choose a favorite. But I spied what read like a dark magenta which really struck me. I am a newbie with quilting templates & a0reciate Amanda”s expertise.

  56. I really like the Meadowsweet pattern and the aurifil 2600 is great for anything and everything, piecing and quilting. As far as the templates go, I have never used them, but I would love too. They remind me so much of Spirograph, which I loved as a child.

  57. The “Meadows” collection really does embody the colors in a meadow. Just Beautiful 🙂

  58. My now favorite color is lavender/purple, but…that orangeish color in your new collection is just gorgeous.

  59. Hello, I have never used Aurifil because it is not available in my area. But I’d love to try it! I would use a pale cream/off white color.

  60. I love the MEADOWSWEET pattern, and frankly, all of them are wonderful! My favorite color is turquoise, so that is my favorite thread color, but they are all lovely! Aurifil thread is my thread of choice!

  61. I’ve never used Autofil thread but really would like to try it. The Meadowview Dance Collection has such beautiful vibrant colors.

  62. I love the meadow blooms pattern to go with the fabrics. Then I would choose the mid green to show up on the fabric and finish off with the Borders ruler guide

  63. I love the aqua Aurifil thread – it makes me smile. The flower templates would have so many uses. I am crazy about Amanda’s Meadow Dance series and would love to win this beautiful prize.

  64. Oh, how I’d love to win the panel, thread and ruler guide! I’m a true blue fan of aurifil thread…my favorite go to choice for piecing and quilting. I love its strength and low lint quality!

  65. My favourite color of thread is red (and I love Aurifil since I don’t have to clean my machine half as much .. so much less lint than other brands). My favourite pattern is anything with hearts, spools or birds. And my favourite rulers are clamshells.

  66. I love the Meadow Sweet pattern and border templates. And of course teal and greens are my favorite.

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