Twinkle Twinkle

As Summer draws to a close, we find ourselves looking forward to the holidays and with that, of course, comes a few months of fabulous handmade holiday sewing, stitching, and quilting! With that, we’re pleased to introduce Twinkle Twinkle, a wonderfully cute and fabulously colorful holiday collection by Alicia Jacobs Dujets on behalf of Ink & Arrow for QT Fabrics. The collection features Winter-themed constellations, snowglobes, Christmas lights, and other holiday scenes, all illustrated by Alicia. The colors are perfect and while a few traditional hues are included, we love the addition of 4 shades of blue to highlight the Wintery feel to it all!

Alicia selected 10 colors of coordinating Aurifloss to give prospective holiday stitchers a wonderful way to add hand-stitched details to a wide range of projects. She even designed a little holiday hoop, offered as a free pattern along with purchase of the collection.

We hope you love Twinkle Twinkle! What will you make?

Twinkle Twinkle
100% Aurifil Cotton, 10 Small Spools, Aurifloss (18yds/spool)
Colors included:
2021 – 1135 – 2270 – 1103 – 2785
2835 – 2860 – 2805 – 2815 – 2783

To view this info on our website, click here. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what first drew you to the world of sewing and quilting?
I was fortunate to grow up with some creative ladies in my life, my grandmother who always had me painting and creating, and my aunt who is a fantastic sewer. A few times a year I would spend the weekend at her house and it would be an all out craft fest, but my favorite projects always involved sewing. We made all kinds of pillows and stuffed toys, many of which I still have today. It’s funny though, when I was a bit older I would go out and buy fabric that I loved but not really be able to do anything with on my own, I was just saving it for future creative opportunities. Eventually I started making tote bags for myself, but I still was much more of a fabric hoarder than a sewer. Little did I know, this was proving to be a glimpse into my future working as a designer for QT Fabrics where I would have access to all the fabric I could ever want! Now that I’m lucky enough to be developing fabric collections, there have been plenty of times when I’ve thought back to those designs that I loved so much when I was younger for inspiration. I never realized just how massive the quilting industry is until I started working for QT, so I feel like it’s really come full circle and I can appreciate it from many different angles.

Who or what has been your greatest creative inspiration?
I’ve been through so many different creative stages in my life, I feel like it’s constantly changing. From my grandfather who worked with stained glass, to artisans I met in India who taught me traditional block printing, to sewers that I follow on social media today, I’ve been lucky to always have diverse artists and mediums at my fingertips. I spent 6 years studying illustration during undergrad and graduate school and some of my biggest inspirations during that time were Edward Gorey, Salvador Dali, Egon Schiele, and Marshall Arisman, who I was fortunate enough to study with at the School of Visual Arts where I attended grad school. I try and channel these artists when I draw and create my designs, even if only in small ways. I still have so much to learn in the world of sewing though. I’ve seen such intricate and jaw-dropping quilts, some that even resemble paintings, pieces that I couldn’t begin to attempt to create on canvas, let alone with a needle and thread. I’m always left feeling like I have so much to learn from the people around me, but it’s a wonderful thing that I use to push myself further.

Where did the idea for Twinkle Twinkle come from and what did you love most about putting the collection together? 
Every year when it comes time to start designing for Christmas I have to try and figure out how to make the content new and innovative. I had been obsessed with the idea of drawing quirky constellations for quite awhile and found this to be the perfect opportunity to bring the idea to life. I tried to incorporate the night sky in the focal prints to tie them all together as the collection evolved, which worked really well in the window scenes and snow globes. The hardest part is coming up with a workable, concrete concept, but the fun part begins once it’s established and I can start adding in cute details like that little, huggable yeti in the snow globe!

Do you have a favorite project made with the collection?
The one disadvantage to releasing a Christmas collection early in the year is having to wait to see all the fabulous projects that people are working on! I’ve never been a particularly patient person so this is one of the biggest struggles I face, but I look forward to swimming in project photos once December rolls around!


How did you first hear about Aurifil thread?
Aurifil is a brand that I became familiar with when I started my career with QT Fabrics back in 2012. I had a lot to learn about the industry being that my background was more focused in illustration than it was in textiles, but I’m honored to be able to work together now and hope to be able to collaborate again in the future.

Tell us about the free pattern that you designed for the collection — how did that come together? 
I was able to take the night sky and constellation theme that I was so in love with and run with it for this embroidery. This felt like a natural pattern to make to accompany the collection since it includes the name of the fabric collection itself but could also easily work as a stand-alone piece. I kept thinking how cute a “twinkle twinkle” embroidery would look hanging in a nursery! Even so, this can also be used as a guide to create any type of text since it’s not a very rigid pattern. It’s versatile enough that you can pop in a name or a short saying among the constellations and French-knot-stars and it can easily become a custom design, it’s totally up to the sewer.

What excites you most about releasing this collection to the world?
Every collection I’m able to release gets more and more exciting and it’s rewarding and humbling getting such positive feedback from the sewing community. I’m particularly passionate about Twinkle Twinkle since it includes some of my favorite things – constellations, yetis, ice skating penguins, oh my! Holiday collections always seem to make big impact in the market, so I’m just thrilled to be able to put another one out into the world. With any luck, it won’t be my last.


To enter-to-win the Twinkle Twinkle Thread Collection + a fat quarter bundle & Strip Roll of Twinkle Twinkle fabrics by Alicia Dujets Jacobs for Ink & Arrow for QT Fabrics, click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Thursday, September 6! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Friday, September 7. Good luck!


Alicia Jacobs Dujets is an illustrator and designer based out of northern New Jersey and is currently a full-time designer for Phillip Jeffries, the world’s leader in natural, textured, and specialty wallcoverings. She’s also co-created the Ink & Arrow brand for QT Fabrics, both of which feature her original work. In addition to textile design, she loves anything that gives her the opportunity to be creative – from painting antiques, to needlepointing, to writing HTML. Beyond making art, she always enjoys a fierce game of backgammon or scrabble and has two dogs who can usually be found glued to her side.


QT Fabrics is proud to be an employee-owned company. They work as a team and strive for success. Their Design Studio, Marketing Group, Sales, Customer Service, and Supply Chain teams are knowledgeable and dedicated with high standards of quality and service. They appreciate their customers and herald fellow small business owners.


** Images by QT Fabrics **


  1. I really like to make handmade Christmas tree ornaments, because I treasure the ones I have received, and know that every year when I put them on the tree I think of the people who made them for me and the memories we share.

  2. Love, love your new collection & snow globes are the best! I always make my brothers & sisters a Christmas ornament every year! I love new ideas for them & your Twinkle, twinkle is wonderful!

  3. I love to make a little ornament or something for everyone at the dinner table. I like to do something different every and try to do something for each holiday. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  4. I love to make Christmas stockings, big, small, simple, intricate…I have made them all!

  5. what a fun collection – – and I love the idea of adding the embroidery for stars, This will be a fun project to work on with my grands!

  6. THis is an awesome bunch of Christmas fabric. I would love to make my granddaughters some treats with it!

  7. i like to make ornaments for family and friends. these prints remind me of when i was a child in the 1650s.

  8. I love this collection – the strings of lights & snow globes … and all! I change up gifts from year to year. Last year – wide opening zip bags with some cosmetics, this year will be small fabric baskets made with some hand dyed fabrics.

  9. Really love these bright, fun and innovative designs. Not your average holiday choices– Twinkle, twinkle just magical!

  10. I tend to have a different little homemade gift favorite each year. I’ve made little covered books, mug rugs, pouches and other small “carriers”. It’s fun to pick a pattern and go for it.

  11. I like to make small table toppers with a holiday theme. They look nice on any table, or even placed on a couch or chair back.

  12. Do cookies count? I don’t always see something for Christmas, but in the past I’ve made several quilts as gifts and I loved receiving some embroidered quilted ornaments.

  13. Such a different holiday collection. I can think of lots of ways to use this. I hope someone close has ordered the whole line. Thank you for such an inspiration.

  14. I love making baby quilts. They are useful and I can get them done quickly, before I get bored making them! 🙂

  15. I really love making table runners and toppers for family and friends, personalized in their home’s colors. They are always used and enjoyed! duchick at mchsi dot com

  16. I have always made the Kiddo’s new Jammies for Christmas…still do, and have a few Grankiddo’s added to my making now! 🙂 I also like to make potholders, appliqued dishtowels & crocheted dishrags sets, and stuffed toys for Grankiddo’s. this year I’m working on a few large Throws too. Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way as well 🙂

  17. Those are wonderful designs. I have always loved snowglobes, and I think I’d try making a tree skirt – because I NEED one – and maybe I can involve the snowglobe fabric in that and some ornaments, too. Thanks for the chance to win the great fabrics and thread.

  18. This collection is not a typical red, green and white. I love the wintery aspect and the blues. Over all one easily to work with.

  19. I love making Christmas ornaments and so excited about this constellation collection. Our family has a telescope that we view the night sky with. This fabric is so different and the possibilities of gifts with this collection is exciting to tie to this family passion. Plus my first grandchild is due end of October and am going to make a wall hanging with this fabric for her.

  20. My favorite things to make are gifts like infinity scarves, mini quilts and things like that. Beautiful fabrics are very inspiring!

  21. This fabric collection is fabulous. I like making mug rugs and ornaments. I like making stockings. Also advent calendars are fun. I think my favorite thing to make is anything which features a nativity scene.

  22. I love making small wallhangings for Christmas, especially with some embroidery details. I looking forward to trying Aurifil floss!

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