Dressmaking Essentials with Jenni Smith: 12wt

We’ve hit week 6 of our Dressmaking Essentials series with Jenni Smith and we’re excited that she’ll be sharing a little more about our 100% Cotton 12wt thread!  This is the final thread weight feature in Jenni’s Dressmaking Essentials collection — last but not least! The collection is truly a gorgeous range of 10 small spools including her go-to colors and weights for all of her apparel sewing. This series has been all about education, to help us learn more about using 100% Cotton threads in apparel projects. If you missed the launch post, head here to read more. Weeks 2, 3, 4, & 5 are linked at the bottom of this post — Enjoy!

Jenni has been using Aurifil threads in her studio for the last 6 years and feels very strongly about working with our 100% Cotton threads for her garment sewing.

Jenni Says: “You might not expect to find 12wt threads in a dressmaking collection, but I think these give you so many creative possibilities. I’ve included a lovely navy and a white, so if you want to do some sashiko details or visible mending on garments, they work.”

“And then the gorgeous golden color is my absolute favorite for top-stitching on denim or darker colors as well for real impact.”

Thanks so much Jenni! Yay for 12wt! Don’t forget to follow Jenni at @jennismithsews on Instagram to check out her #toptiptuesday videos for even more great ideas and inspiration.

For now — we’d love to know… have you tried working with Aurifil 12wt in your garments? What is your favorite application?

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10 Small Spools, 100% Aurifil Cotton
28wt: 2240, 2318 | 12wt: 2021, 2975, 2784
40wt: 2783, 2692, 2309 | 50wt: 5020, 2630

To view this info on our website, click here. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.


Jenni has been sewing for the last 25 years. She grew up in a house where her mum and nan stitched upholstery for the caravans and trailer tents designed by her grandfather.  She studied History of Art and Italian at University before working as an Associate Producer in documentaries. In 2006 she spent a year in Toronto where she learned how to quilt and her love of dressmaking grew with the birth of her daughter a few years later.

For the past three years Jenni has been taught by sewing veteran Ann Ladbury. She has also developed her own series of textile art and has made original pieces for Sex and the City actress Kristin Davis and US artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon.

Jenni’s goal is to share her knowledge and enthusiasm, inspiring a new generation of people to embrace the handmade revolution.

** Images by Jenni Smith

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