Introducing our 2019 Aurifil Artisan Team

Today we are thrilled to welcome our 2019 Aurifil Artisan Team. We were incredibly humbled by the enormous response that we received to our call for applications. We had a very tough job in narrowing down over 250 applicants to a team of 50. We are so thrilled to share that team with you today and cannot wait to work with this amazing group of quilters, sewists, and makers!

We’ll be collaborating with these creative visionaries throughout the coming year to promote their work with Aurifil thread, engage them in creative challenges, and share their work far and wide.

Row 1: Tighe Flanagan, Sharon Burgess, Sandra Johnson, Sarah Goer
Row 2: Wendy Welsh, Shannon Fraser,
Row 3: Yvonne Fuchs , Michael Caputo
Row 4: Tiffany Sepulveda, Tania Denyer, Steph Skardal, Shruti Dandekar
Row 1: Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, Sherry Shish, Lucy Engels, Lucy Brennan
Row 2: Lou Orth, Lorna Slessor, Lisa Hofmann Maurer, Leslie Meltzer
Row 3: Laura Piland, Kate Toney, Kathy Ross, Kerry Goulder
Row 4: Krista Hennebury, Kristina Brinkerhoff, Kristin Esser, Laura Cunningham
Row 1: Karen O’Connor, Isabelle Selak, Chris English, Eliane Bergmann
Row 2: Justin Stafford, HollyAnne Knight, Claire Haillot, Faith Essenburg
Row 3: Jessica Anderson, Heather Black, Daisy Aschehoug, Casandra Beaver
Row 4: Jennie Pickett, Cheryl Brickey, Elaina Sabado, Carolyn Murfitt
Row 1: Blair Stocker, Becca Plymale, Anne Marshall, Ange Hamilton
Row 2: Amista Baker, Alison Holt

We hope that you enjoy following along with us and would encourage you to check these makers out, to follow along with them on their own creative journeys!


  1. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the wonderful assortment of energies and creative visions .. so delighted that there are some men on the team also .. we need more male role models in the fabric arts so that young boys growing up can see that making with fabric is one more option for creativity for them …

  2. I am so excited to be back for another year! Congrats to all of my fellow artisans, and thank you so much to the Aurifil team for the opportunity!

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