Stitch Therapy

This January we released the absolutely gorgeous Stitch Therapy 365 collection by Helen Stubbings. It’s a collection of twenty small spools of Aurifil 12wt thread, perfectly paired to go with Helen’s Stitch Therapy 365 hand stitching project.

In conjunction with the project Helen is hosting a series of guest blog posts all about how stitching is therapy. Stitch Therapy can be interpreted in so many different ways, and we are excited to hear from three amazing members of our Aurifil Family about how stitching is therapy for each of them.

Our Creative Director Erin Sampson says:

Stitching is Therapy for me because…
It provides little moments to be still, to be thoughtful and creative, and to occasionally take a moment for myself…

As a mama to a Preschooler and a First Grader, finding those moments is tough, so I often try to find ways to incorporate stitching into time spent with the kids or doing something for the kids. I’m still in progress on this ‘Love Garden’ quilt, inspired by Aurifil Designer Carrie Bloomston. A little over a year ago, I spent a day with my daughter’s preschool class helping each child to create a heart that could be appliqued onto a blue sky background. All hearts have been given a stem to become a garden of sorts. I’ll hand-stitch her class name and preschool graduation year, quilt it, bind it, and donate it to the school.

The school has become very important to our family (my son just completed his first year), so I also created a custom pillow for the founders over the holidays. Unlike the quilt, the pillow was a wonderful excuse to take time for myself… to stitch slowly, consider colors and fabrics, and complete something of which I’m still incredibly proud.

I hope to find more time as my kids grow older and become more independent. There is something quite magical about taking time to make something with our hands… to revel in the stillness and appreciate our own creativity.

Our Master Educator & Owner of Redbird Quilt Co. Karen Miller says:

Stitching is Therapy for me because…
In this crazy busy world we live in I find peace and gratitude when I can focus on being creative…

Gathering fabrics, playing with color and layout, and tossing around design ideas allows me to push worries to the shadows.

Adding hand work to the creation further calms my mind.  

The slow, steady, fine work involved in needle turn applique or hand embellishing allows me TIME breath, to escape, to relax.

Imagine the joy when I decided to apply a stitch I learned as a young woman to this quilt…

And it’s always rewarding to put the finishing quilting on the work you’ve taken precious time to prepare.

Free motion quilting on my home machine is like adding an extra day of vacation (or two, or three!) to the therapeutic adventure.

The Cherry on Top !!

I hope you too find Stitching as Therapy…

From Kate Brennan in our Chicago office:

Stitching helps me pass the time – I commute almost an hour each way by train and I usually have some sort of project with me…I feel like my time is productive rather than wasted!  Its also a great conversation starter…I have made friends with some of the regular commuters that knit and stitch – we try to sit together when possible!!!!

Finally, our Social Media Coordinator Hilary Jordan:

Stitching is Therapy for me because…
It is something I can rely on to be a constant in my hectic day to day mom life. Having a busy second grader and a rambunctious toddler keeps me on my toes, and things do not always go smoothly or according to plan.

But once the kids are in bed, I can escape to my little sewing corner and work on one of my various works in progress… Slowly letting the troubles of the day slip away one seam at a time.

It’s therapy because out of all the hobbies I’ve tried over the years, sewing & quilting are the only ones that I want to come back to over and over again.

We are so thrilled that Helen wanted us to be a part of this blog hop and love that we were able to share how we interpret stitch therapy. ❤

How is stitching therapy for you?

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