Aurifil Artisan January Showcase

Happy Friday!! The end of the month means another amazing Showcase featuring members of our Aurifil Artisan team! The new year and January in general is a time when everyone is looking to get organized, so we challenged our team to share their clever organization tips! We love the variety of storage and sew organized solutions and hope you find one that works for you!

*Click on each Artisan’s name below for more details!*

Leslie Meltzer – “Organizing and sewing often tie for being my favorite activity, so I’m excited to share a bunch of my favorite ways to contain and manage thread and other sewing supplies.”

Yvonne Fuchs – “Everything in my home is trending to be more and more minimal; for example, we no longer have a sofa in our living room (but 2 of my husband’s homemade jet engines are proudly on display!). So it really is no surprise that my stash is on the smaller side. To be fair, I typically purchase fabric specifically for a project. That being said, it’s really important to me how my stash is organized and sorted. I recently had an opportunity to refresh and reorganize my sewing space, and I am loving my bright white walls this winter! One of my favorite areas in my studio is my stack of solid fabrics and my Aurifil thread rack. Taking the time to keep them both sorted in rainbow order is something that brings me a lot of pleasure. Because I typically use 50wt thread, I keep all the 50wt thread visible on my thread rack and all of my other thread weights in a bin on the shelf beside my stack of solids. Because I usually piece my projects using 50wt Aurifil 2600 (Dove), I have a big stack of pre-wound 2600 bobbins ready to go and on my thread rack, too. If it exists, I also keep a single matching wound bobbin underneath each large spool of thread on the rack.”

Amista Baker – “Storage solutions for small and large thread spools using some unconventional products, as well as Aurifil storage.”

Quilting with Claire – “See how I got Sew Organized to make wonderful project in 2020. Moving into a small apartment made me more organized when making wonderful quilts!”

Sarah Goer – “Sarah shared three tips for how she keeps her Aurifil thread organized and easy to find.”

Shannon Fraser – “Who said organization can’t be pretty AND practical?! This style of pin cushion has been keeping me organized at the machine ever since I started stitching. Couldn’t imagine my studio without them!”

Steph Skardal – “Piles! I love piles! I share a collection of photos from the last couple years demonstrating how I organize piles of fabric and pieced units during projects.”

Becca Plymale – “The biggest obstacle of moving a few months ago was finding new places for everything in my studio. I am taking you on a mini sewing studio tour and showing off all of my best organizations techniques in this months challenge.”

Kerry Goulder – “It’s still January, so I can still say welcome to the new year and a new decade. I have tons of new stuff coming down the pike and even some older stuff I haven’t shared yet. But first up – the #kidgiddystudio requires a bit of organizing, destashing and overall cleaning up.”

We hope all of these different organization tips and ideas have inspired you to use them in your sewing space!


  1. Fabulous Artisans…………..thank you all!
    Every storage idea is floating about in my head and I’m gonna to use quite a few of these.
    Yvonne—I love Aurifil 2600 too and I’ll be loading up my bobbins in that color too!

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