Andrà Tutto Bene

Human connection is life… it is what sustains us– what keeps us going. Whether it’s one last goodnight snuggle with your 4 year old before the lights go out, a hug from a friend after too much time apart, holding hands with a partner or a parent, sitting side by side with a co-worker on a park bench at lunch, or even a warm smile from a stranger on the street… those connections nurture us in times of need and power us to keep moving forward. This year’s events have challenged those connections, forcing us to find new ways to coexist… new ways to show our care and our compassion… new ways to move forward.

We’ve been particularly inspired by the children of Italy, who turned to art as a means to cope with new restrictions and drastic changes in our day to day lives. They adopted a few simple words to spread hope and positivity throughout the country.

Andrà Tutto Bene… 

These words, accompanied by a rainbow and other vibrant illustrations, can be seen on posters and banners throughout the country. They hang in windows, on fences, & above doors– anywhere to be seen by passersby on the street, walking dogs, making trips to the grocery, commuting to jobs deemed essential. The artwork became a way to maintain that human connection. To instill a sense of calm… that we are all in this together and that yes, while times are tough… everything will be okay.

Inspired by these stories, we knew we wanted to find a way to carry them  forward — to bring a message of hope and positivity to our own creative community. We called on Aurifil Artisan Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill of Whole Circle Studio. Sheri created our 270 Colors Quilt and Sew Many Colors Mini Quilt a few years ago and we knew she would create something magnificent. Sheri exceeded our expectations, crafting a foundation paper-pieced mini-masterpiece.

The Andrà Tutto Bene Quilt is available as a free download on our website and by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Andrà Tutto Bene finishes at 18″ x 18″, featuring a rainbow set in the sky with ample space below to add a message of hope.

Sheri is sharing her own process over on her blog this morning. She works through fabric selections, thread choices, quilting, and typographic customization, including embroidery and the use of an inkjet printer. Over the next few weeks, we’ll feature a variety of other techniques from some of our favorite designers… from raw edge appliqué to embroidery, fabric markers to thread painting, there will be options for all.

While Sheri used the original message of Andrà Tutto Bene, Everything Will be Okay, you may choose to use other words that bear strong meaning for you. Whatever the case, we would encourage you to download the pattern, make a mini for yourself to display in your window. Make one for a friend and stage a curbside drop-off. Make one for your local quilt shop to display in the window until such time that they are able to re-open to the public. Make one for your local healthcare warriors, keeping us safe and allowing us the privilege of hope. Because while times are tough, we still have each other… and everything WILL be okay!

We cannot wait to see your Andrà Tutto Bene Quilts. If you’re stitching, make sure to tag us at #andratuttobenequilt #aurifil & #wholecirclestudio so that we can send you some love!

HUGE thanks to Sheri for her collaboration, her creativity, her quilty skills, and her friendship!

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Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill

Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill is a designer, maker and self-taught modern quilter. Sheri graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BFA in Graphic Design. She has twenty years of experience leading creative teams to create award winning identities, products and environments. She has worked in small design studios, a dot com and the exhibit department at a children’s museum.

Sheri’s quilts have gained national recognition including awards from QuiltCon, Quilt Week/Paducah and the Quilt Alliance. They have been featured at art centers and galleries across the country. In addition to publishing her patterns, her quilts have been featured in national publications such as Modern Patchwork. She also teaches quilting techniques.

Sheri was awarded the first annual Craftsy Quilt Designer Fellowship in 2016. This fellowship enabled her to debut Whole Circle Studio’s first booth at International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas in October 2016.

Sheri works from her home studio in the suburbs of New Haven, Connecticut—a hop, skip and jump away from New York City. She loves to chat about design and quilts. Contact her at

[Images & biography courtesy of Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill]


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