2021 Color Builders

Color is a key factor in this creative world of ours. It can change the tone of an entire project. It can represent time, convey emotion, evoke a feeling… Color is powerful and exciting, and is at the center of everything that we do.

Finding the right color can sometimes be a challenge. The selection can be the difference between a project that sings and a project that’s just ho hum. We strive to offer shades for that winning combination and don’t want you to get frustrated if you don’t have the perfect match. It’s a process, part of the fun of it all, but it could always be easier. 

What if we told you we could offer a no-fuss subscription service hosted by your favorite local quilt shop? Twelve mini collections featuring 12 irresistible hues broken out into 36 delightful spools of Aurifil thread delivered directly to your doorstep every month for a whole year! Nothing could be more simple, more convenient, or more useful!

Our wildly popular 2020 program highlighted our favorite Italian destinations, a tribute to our roots and a chance to travel and explore while stuck at home. For 2021, we chose to shift our focus to an incredibly worthy cause that falls in line with our goal to increase Aurifil’s sustainability and positive environmental impact — Endangered Species. We’ve drawn our color inspiration from 12 magnificent animals, currently in dire need of attention, advocacy, and compassion. We are dedicated to highlighting their stories, helping to educate on their struggles, and working to create valuable change via awareness and fundraising. To help achieve these goals, we are collaborating with Earth League International and are looking forward to a strong and effective partnership.

The 2021 Color Builders were created in part to herald and highlight the very first thread weight produced by Aurifil: 40wt. They are a capsule of 12 mini-collections, each containing three large spools of our supple and strong 40wt thread — a warm, a medium, and a dark. Wound on a bold green spool, Aurifil’s 40wt/2ply thread is every bit as versatile as our 50wt but with just a bit more strength. It is tremendous for sewing bags and garments, or for when a more defined topstitching or quilting pattern is desired. It is also our number one recommended weight for quilting and machine embroidery. 

For subscription holders, we’ll offer a foundation paper pieced BOM that can be finished as 12 individual mini quilts or pieced together to create a full quilt AND a series of 12 machine embroidery patterns. Each block or pattern serves as a tribute to an endangered species. We’re excited to see these projects come to life!

Feeling inspired? Want to get involved? Make sure to reach out to your local quilt shop. These collections are available for them to order now, with thread clubs kicking off in January. Follow along with us throughout the year to learn more about the animals and get involved… together we can truly make a difference! 

To learn more, check out our full presentation!


  1. None of my local (Missoula, Montana) shops carry your thread. How may I enroll in the 2021 Aurifil Color Builders program? Also, where may I obtain a color swatch card?

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