Machine Embroidery Featuring Aurifil 28wt Thread

We love seeing the ways that you all use Aurifil Thread for machine embroidery. The results are stunning, and we are featuring machine embroidery designs this year during our 2021 Aurifil Color Builders because we just can’t get enough. While our 40wt and 50wt threads are our go to recommendation for your machine embroidery needs, if you’re feeling adventurous then this post is for you! Today are excited to welcome Tina Curtis of @tina1802 to the Auribuzz blog for her to share with you how amazing Aurifil 28wt looks when used for machine embroidery.

I love machine embroidery and have been trying to add special touches to my handmade items for years! When I discovered Aurifil 5 years ago, I didn’t even think to try it in my embroidery machine, but my techniques have been evolving and changing thanks to the amazing and inspiring Aurifil community. In the last several months, I have been playing with new ways to use my Aurifil lineup to embellish and create projects.

I’m going to show you how I use one of my newest machine embroidery favorites- 28wt Aurifil thread for a design that really POPS! I choose this weight when I have busier fabric designs or want the embroidery to have a three dimensional aspect to help the design stand out. One of my favorite things about embroidering with any Aurifil is the nice matte finish the cotton thread gives you in the finished product. 

First things first, let’s start by talking about the supplies you’ll need for machine embroidery: 

  • Fabric Square (or scrap)
  • Stabilizer 
  • Needles

I like to use an oversized fabric scrap- not cut to size – to start my machine embroidery projects, more on this later.For stabilizer, I will fuse the Pelon SF101 interfacing to the backside. For this project the back won’t be seen so I don’t worry about having a fusible stabilizer. I love using this medium weight stabilizer, I went through a whole bolt last year! It works great for interfacing bags, garments, and embroidery projects! It’s great to have on hand. I would not do anything less than some type of medium interfacing for this stitching- the heavy satin stitch paired with the heavier thread weight needs medium-heavy stabilization.

I use the Schmetz gold embroidery needle when I am using 28 wt Aurifil thread. It leaves a bigger hole- but that hefty thread fills it up! It doesn’t cause any shredding or destruction of my precious thread during the machine embroidery project!

For the bobbin thread, I stick with a white 50wt Aurifil thread. This combination works like a dream to produce a great finished product. 

I load the fabric into my hoop, aiming for the center of where I want my design roughly. As I mentioned before, I do oversize the starting piece so I have the ability to square up the design and placement later in the project. This isn’t always possible but I love it when I have this option, it makes the embroidery a bit less stressful!

My embroidery machine does have a speed control for the needle, I like to reduce it to the slowest speed (400 stitches per minute) when I’m using bulkier weight thread just for extra caution! If your machine doesn’t have this control, do not worry, I’ve stitched it out at regular speed without any issues as well. 

One additional note is my machine has an automatic tension setting, which I find usually works really well for this embroidery, but if you have a favorite tension setting for your machine consider lowering the tension maybe half a setting. The heftier thread takes up more room in the tensioning disks of your machine so it is automatically at a higher tension than if you were using 40 or 50wt. Keep this in mind and try a test stitch for embroidery project when playing with something new. 

Load the thread, your design, and press Start! I think you’ll find the stitching to be beautifully bold. You can tell the difference of the bolder look of the 28wt versus the 50 wt thread.

Here are a few other 28wt projects that turned out lovely and eye catching!

I hope that you’ll give embroidery a try with the 28wt Aurifil thread!

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Tina developed an interest in sewing at 7 when she began learning to make quilts with her grandmother in their home state of South Carolina. Since then, Tina’s family and career have taken her many places; however, one thing she’s always kept with her is a passion for being a heart-ful maker as well as a desire to connect and share her designs with others.  Some of Tina’s favorite projects include experimenting with vibrant colors, interesting fabrics, and unique techniques. Tina currently creates at her home in Texas with her husband Cameron and constantly smiling four-legged friend, Shannon.


  1. Thanks for the lovely feature, love how these pouches and all my aurifil machine embroidery projects turn out! Big love to the Aurifil team and family for all their support and education! -Tina

  2. Ah girl, this is fantastic ! I wish I owned an embroidery machine so I could play like this. One Day… 😉 Many thanks for sharing all the details with the Aurifil Family — your creations Rock!

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