AURIFIL ARTISAN SHOWCASE | 3+ Thread Weight Challenge

Today we are thrilled to share the next monthly showcase from members of our 2021-2022 Aurifil Artisan team! During the month of October we challenged the team to make a project that used 3 or more of our thread weights. With nine Aurifil thread weights to choose from the possibilities are endless! We love the variety of projects and the creativity that our Artisans display each month.

*Click each Artisans name below to see more info*

Sarah Ruiz – “I made this quilt, Zero Eccentricity, as part of this summer’s #100DaySummerSewAlong. I didn’t consciously intend to use 3 different thread weights, but as I finished up the quilt I realized that I had! I used trusty 50 wt thread to quilt the background crosshatch and to thread baste all of my circles. For the applique, I switched to 80 wt thread to make sure my stitches blended into the fabric and didn’t stand out. And then at the end I couldn’t resist adding hand quilted circles with 12 wt thread for the final touch.”

Jamie of @gummywormbelly – “I’ve long admired an appliqued quilt made in 1865 by Ernestine Eberhardt Zaumzeil and this month decided to embroider a little hotpad inspired by said quilt with 12wt, 28wt, and cotton floss threads (plus 50wt to sew it all together).”

Audrey Esarey – “This minimal radial quilt is the perfect piece to showcase the quilting, completed with 28wt and 40wt threads in multiple colors. As always, my quilt top is pieced with 50wt in color 2021, the perfect off-white!”

Allie of @exhaustedoctopus – “Allie used 12wt, 50wt, and 40wt thread to add a variety of textures while quilting this improv quilt.”

Alison Holt – “Freemotion embroidery in 3 weights of Aurifil thread on black silk. Waves on an Icelandic beach.”

Eliane of @Patchworkandpoodles – “I used three different Aurifil thread weights this month to create a new quilt coat! This lone star quilt coat might be my favorite version of the Patchwork Chore Coat to date!”

Madeline Bonner – “This month I have made some small scale projects for a fun swap using Heather Ross Fabrics. I like to use a variety of techniques including Appliqué, English Paper Piecing and machine sewing. I also used some decorative stitching.”

Amari of @nextgenquilting – “For this cute composition notebook cover I mixed 50, 40 and 28 weight thread in a variety of colors to give it some fun, straight line embroidery detail. I quilted it with 50wt thread and even used embroidery floss to create an adorable little bookmark for the inside!”

Lucy of @_lucyengels – “I used multiple thread weights and colours on this quilt. Some threads blend with fabric colour and some contrast adding regular texture overall.”

Paula Steel – “I decided to make four blocks from my new Going Live Pattern and create a bright cushion for my daughter. I used 50wt for the piecing, 40wt for the crosshatch quilting and some 28wt to add a bit of detail quilting. I also used some 80wt to hand stitch the binding, but that can be our secret as the task was to use 3 weights.”

Martha Woollard – “I recently got some flex frames and wondered whether I could make a wide mouthed fish pouch. After much experimentation, here she is! Her scales are hand quilted with 12wt; her belly and tail fin are machine quilted with 50wt which was also used for construction. Her eyes were embroidered with Aurifloss. She makes me smile.”

Have many weights of Aurifil thread have you used in a single project?

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