for Ukraine

We are horrified by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It’s heartbreaking to watch the devastation, the evacuations, and the fear… it’s also extraordinarily humbling to witness the sheer strength of the Ukrainian people. In times like these, it’s hard to determine our best path forward. Words feel weak. We try desperately to think of ways to help, ways to take action. There are entire communities in need of support, protection, safety, food, shelter, compassion… As quilters, we often default to our roots as makers… what can we make? How can our skills be used for good? While the people of Ukraine don’t need our quilts, they do need humanitarian support and we’re able to offer that in different ways. Makers are taking action by creating blocks to share, requesting donations to organizations who are able to provide immediate support.

Aurifil Designer Pat Sloan was moved to do just that. She has been following along with and was particularly inspired by a post from Maria Nelga of, who is also the president of the Ukrainian Quilters Guild. She talks about Maria in her video HERE.

Pat approached us just 2 days ago with the idea to create a quilt block. It is a star in a star, signifying strength, made with the colors of the Ukrainian flag. It’s her hope that quilters worldwide will use the pattern to make blocks in support, but more importantly that they will donate funds to support children and their families in Ukraine. After some conversation, we chose to host the fundraiser with UNICEF in support of Ukraine’s children and their families.

We thank Pat for her generosity and hope that you’ll join Aurifil in supporting these humanitarian aid efforts.

In addition to Pat’s block we’d also like to share 3 other notable patterns. We’d encourage you to click through, consider which pattern works best for you, and most importantly, to DONATE. Thank you all for your generosity and support. We are stronger together.


  1. First and foremost, I want to thank you for sharing your pattern in order to raise funds for Ukraine. I wanted to make this quilt along with our county homemakers club and auction it I order to raise funds to donate to Ukraine, Is this acceptable to you?

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