Your Key To Quilting Success: Aurifil + OLFA

We are teaming up with our friends at OLFA for a fabulous monthly series that will answer all sorts of questions about OLFA tools & Aurifil threads. Whether you’re just getting started, looking for specific answers, or are interested in key tips and tricks, this series is for you! 

Grab the details you need, send the link to a friend, and always feel free to share your questions — we’re here to help! Want these details and more sent directly to your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletters via the buttons below.

Tips for finding the thread beginning on Aurifil Spools

Large Spool

  • Gently wiggle or twist the base of the spool to pop it off. The thread beginning will be hiding underneath. 
  • Hide or store the thread end underneath the spool base to keep spools neat and tidy when not in use.
  • When replacing the base, leave a bit of space in between it and the bottom of the thread.

Small Spool

  • Carefully drag the tip of a pin in the space between the thread and the top of bottom of the spool. The thread beginning is generally tucked in. 
  • Secure the end of the thread at the bottom or top of the spool in between uses. 

OLFA: Using a cutter properly is the key to safe cutting, Part 2

  • Adjust your cutting surface height so that you are looking down on the lines of your ruler and can cut accurately without having to readjust. Sitting while cutting isn’t recommended.
  • Stand up and maintain good posture. To reduce stress on your arms and back, especially when cutting many pieces, try bending from your hips. Bending over a cutting surface that is too low will cause fatigue in your arms, shoulders, and back.
  • Replace blades when they are showing signs of wear.
  • Keep rotary cutters out of the reach of children. Use one of our locking handles if you have these concerns.

Join us next month for more handy educational nuggets! HUGE thanks to OLFA for their continued partnership!

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