June Aurifil Artisan Showcase – Welcome Pack Challenge

Each year we partner with an amazing team of Aurifil Artisans to not only spread the joys of working with Aurifil Threads, but to also share their masterful creations and talents far & wide. Today we are thrilled to share the first project showcase for our new team of 2022-2023 Artisans!

For the month of June we asked them to share a project in which they used one or more of the items received in their Aurifil Artisan Welcome Pack. It is so exciting to see their creations and we can already tell that this year of Artisan projects will be full of inspiration month after month!

Brandon Wulff

I recently took a road trip to fix a chair at the most gorgeous place I have ever been in working on the most gorgeous chair.

Adam Burch

I wanted to create a home for my threads while in the process getting to use them too. Here is my project case, with pockets for all different threads and tools. I was able to showcase using these beautiful thread with quilting the different sections and embroidery stitching the pocket edges

Sue de Vanny

June Challenge! Well nearly…have too much fun to stop.

Kate Sandford

A fun quilt-as-you go, sketch book cover using all the thread weights to add texture and definition.

Debbie Jeske

In making a new laptop case, I used two threads I wasn’t very familiar with – first, a 28wt for quilting the exterior panels. I really loved the resultant texture, and the quilting process went so smoothly.

The other thread was Forty3, which worked wonderfully to attach the leather accents onto the case.

Kari Chamberlin

Even your “to do lists” deserve a little scrappy FUN! Here is my funky journal cover featuring a scrappy patchwork of orange & blue quilty fabrics. The perfect finishing touch with top stitch quilting using Aurifil variegated thread #3852.

Lynn Carson Harris

I used Aurifil 80 wt thread when piecing these tiny blocks. The finer thread reduces bulk in the seams and makes for a more accurate and flatter finish.

Yasmeen Kreebani Branton

This month’s challenge was the perfect opportunity to use the welcome pack threads and my designs in a different way! I created this fun knitting bag using my Tudor Rose block from a recent collaboration project using the clear monofilament thread for hand appliqueing most of the design and it produced a great result!

Then I added some simple embroidery detail using the 12wt variated green thread and completed stitching the whole bag together using a gold 50wt thread.

Danielle Webb

This month I created a sewing storage pouch for my small to medium-sized supplies. I added some machine embroidery on top using Aurifil’s 50wt thread in 3817. Now, I’m a total fan of variegated thread!

Karen Foster

The latest in a modern medallion series of original design compositions combines the use of four different Aurifil thread weights for piecing, hand appliqué, matchstick quilting and binding.

Shereece Nicole

Quilted Checkerboard (Tutorial by Gina Tell @gina_tell_threadgraffiti): I created this traveling checkerboard for my kiddos to travel will. But I got them separate pieces because my thread is off limits! They each got to choose the color of the squares for their side. Maybe one less argument?

Genesis Hall

I made a reversible sun hat! It was a first time for me using a multi-color thread and also used two different colored stitches for the top and bottom. This was a fun 3D stitching project and I hope to make more hats soon! Thread used: Aurifil 3770 (multi-blue)40 wt, 2452 (fushia) 28 wt.

Janine Heschl

‘Deilephila Porcellus‘ – Small Elephant Hawk moth embroidered with a vintage Singer 107W102 sewing machine in freemotion on black calico fabric, using Aurifil Mako 40wt and 50wt.

Anorina Morris

I chose to make a summery cushion (from my upcoming Sunny Joy Quilt pattern) with beautiful batik fabrics and Aurifil 50wt, 40wt, 28wt, 12wt and monofilament threads. It was such fun to incorporate different lots of different colours and threads into this one project.

Valerie C. White

Just Chillin II June 2022 This is the second piece created in a mini series of these two men finding themselves in the perfect place to chill. Techniques include mono-printed evolon and fabric with extensive free motion quilting.

Stephanie Williams

Our welcome kit included a variety of colours but I couldn’t resist the purple! I pulled some of my favorite scraps & made a Starry Mountain throw, piecing it with the vibrant purple 2545.

Katrina Hadjimichael

I love the look of classic blue and white and this cushion fits perfectly in my lounge room decor. Aurifil threads of different weights stitched everything from the fine button hole stitch machine applique to the hand quilting to adding the binding.

Carrington Elliott

Needing to catch up on my 12 minis in 12 months, this was the perfect time to experiment with an Aurifil thread weight I’d never used before! The pattern is Delicate Balance by Wren Collective. I used 2570, 5014, and 6010 in 28wt for the quilting, and I also used 6010 in 50wt for the piecing. I absolutely love the texture and definition 28wt created, and now I only want to use that weight for all quilting!

Ledine Watson

I created this adorable table topper patchwork from a charm pack! Instead of cutting all of the 2.5″ squares used in this project, I used a fun technique to create them! I initially had envisioned making a 20″ throw pillow for this project, but as the quilting came alive, I knew that I wanted to display it in a different way. Quilting with Aurifil Thread 50wt in Very Light Delft was the cherry on top!

Zeiba Monod

Quilting is my love language. For my first project, I made a throw size puff quilt stitched and quilted using Aurifil threads 40/2 and 50/2 threads and lovingly hand bound with Aurifil floss. The best part? Watching my son wrapped up in it, & knowing how much love I put in every single stitch.

Kerry Keeble

I wanted to make a Patchwork Duffle as soon as I saw it and new it was going to make the perfect project for my first Artisan Challenge. I really enjoyed longarm quilting these panels with the Mako 50 thread, the texture created is so good and the colour works beautifully with rainbow coloured fabrics.

Cristina De Miranda

PinkBomb 88: A playful experimentation with applique, negative space, and scalloped binding.

Claire Campion

I went out of my comfort zone and used a 40wt thread in a dominant colour (2975) which blended well with the Ruby Star Society floral print but made an impact on the neutral central star, highlighting the ‘boomerang’ walking-foot quilting design. It has created texture and character which compliments the quilt design.

Emma Giacalone

Inspired by the beautiful colours in my Aurifil Artisan pack, and the warm weather we were experiencing in the UK when I stitched them, A free motion embroidered crisp (chip) packet.

Sarah Harris

Reversible improv wrap skirt/beach blanket/table cover using a Whistle Stop quilt block, turned on point. I used the bonus blocks from the block pattern to make a small block on the reverse side. I wanted to make something that was easy to throw on quickly over swimming togs, that could be used on the beach or as a table cover.

I used some favourite fabrics and repurposed clothing for the block and skirt, then machine pieced (50wt), and quilted the whole piece (50, 28, and 12wt) before adding some hand stitching with the 12wt wool thread.

Samantha Andrzejewski

For my first project I used two colors of 50wt and one 40wt to quilt this beauty! The fabric is the brand new Grow and Harvest Collection by fellow Aurifil Artisan, Alexandra Bordallo. I chose to vary between loopy free motion and structured ruler work to bring out both the strong angles of the pattern (Checkers Anywhere by Getz Made Co) and the softer fabric choices.

Jen Goodwin

This is a Blackwork embroidery project, shaded through 9 different colours. I have also added some traditional silver passing thread worked with a nice bright red to create or nue for top and bottom of the bobbins. This is obviously still a work in progress which will be finished very soon!

Alison Carpenter-Hughes

‘Home to Roost’ – The Artisan Collection 2022 pack colours put me in mind of a darling little pigeon I rescued from our bedroom chimney. Dishevelled and at first a little wary, all it’s iridescent colours gleamed in the light as it puffed itself up!

I’ve since become a little obsessed with becoming a pigeon fancier! 😍 Made with free motion embroidery using 28wt, 40wt, 50wt and 80wt Aurifil threads on a piece of a vintage shirt.

Bhiravi Rathinasabapathi

I needed a new tote bag, and was lucky enough to stumble onto this beautiful bean canvas and Aurifil 50wt in #2975 in Brass, within days of each other! Aurifil sent me this thread in my Artisan Welcome Package, and it was the perfect thread and project to kick off another year of stitching! This bag is the Noodlehead Pepin Tote, and I’ve included more details in the blog post.

Tina Curtis

I use @aurifilthread for piecing, quilting, embellishment, and one of my favorite uses is machine embroidery! When I got this gold Aurifil Thread (2975) in 28wt in my box I knew I had tons of purposes for it!

We encourage you to click through and check out each of these amazing projects in more detail! It’s going to be a gorgeous year full of Aurifil Artisan inspiration.


  1. I really enjoyed looking at all of the projects. The link to Brandon’s project does not work for me.

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