July Aurifil Artisan Showcase – On-The-Go Challenge

Each year we partner with an amazing team of Aurifil Artisans to not only spread the joys of working with Aurifil Threads, but to also share their masterful creations and talents far & wide. Today we are thrilled to share the second project showcase for our new team of 2022-2023 Artisans!

For the month of July we asked them to share a project in which they created something On-The-Go. Summer is in full swing here in the northern hemisphere, vacation and fabulous weather mean that we might not be creating behind our sewing machines. It was amazing to see all the amazing projects the Artisans are creating while out and about.

What is your on-the-go project of choice?

Carl Brown

Being one of the Aurifil Artisans for 2022 #aurifilartisan2022 has provided me the opportunity to use these amazing small spools of very bright 50wt. thread. And it’s summertime which means “travel” and I don’t travel in the car or on an airplane without an English Paper Piecing #eppquilt project to work on.

Last year I spent the summer at the beach sewing EPP and this year I’m visiting Oregon and Hawaii with my very own created travel kit which holds needles, scissors, and pre-made Hexies using my collection of @tulapink fabrics and of course lots and lots of #aurifilthread . Hope you are traveling and sewing on your journeys too! Happy summer!!!!!

Brandon Wulff

Brandon Wulff uses Aurifil Floss all six strands doubled over for a chunky, chunky binding stitch. these quilts have texture.

Adam Burch

This months “on the go project” really amped me up to finish the star sections of my Tula Nova quilt. This is my first attempt at English paper piecing. Using the Aurifil 40wt cottons has been a dream to hand stitch with. This has been a great evening in front of the TV project, when I want to sew but still spend time with my loved ones.

Sue de Vanny

Nice to get into hand sewing again and travel. English Paper Piecing is slow for me, but just perfect for now. Nice to get really stuck into it.

Debbie Jeske

When I heard that July’s #AurifilArtisan challenge prompt was “On the Go,” I immediately thought of the 100 bow tie blocks I had #handpieced – and ultimately stashed away – last summer during the 100 Day Summer Sewalong. I had already come up with a quilt layout, so it was easy to pull the project together for some portable sewing. For piecing the blocks into rows, I’m using a 40wt @aurifilthread in Chalk (2026). I’m finding it strong yet fine enough to create the tiny stitches needed as I sew the blocks together.

Yasmeen Kreebani Branton

One of the many reasons I’m so obsessed with hand applique is that it is such a portable craft. Once you’ve prepped all your pieces onto your background fabric you’re good to go!

Recently I took advantage of this ability by taking my project up to London with me when I visited an urban art fair with my dear friend. We stopped off at an independent coffee shop for an iced coffee and I took the opportunity to sneak in a few stitches whilst we chatted.

Danielle Webb

There’s nothing like cross stitching on the go! I stitched this eyelash design on a velour towel using Aurifloss (2692) for the eyelashes, (2715) for the bubbles and (2021) for the reflection.

Genesis Hall

This month’s Aurifil Artisian Challange was to use Aurifil thread for a project on-the-go. I worked on two projects: 1) Hand-bound and completed a baby quilt using 12 wt in 2479. (The machine quilting color used as shown in the photo is 50 wt in 2214.) The hand-binding was a finish to complete this particular project. 2) I started a rather extensive project of completely hand-quilting a large throw size quilt using 2 colors both in 12 wt. I thought the 2423 and the 6720 matched perfectly! Once the hand-quilting is complete, I’ll hand-bind for finishing.

These challenges came along at a perfect time! My family is in the middle of transition and frequently spends time on the road so it was nice to be able to use that time wisely to sew plus- handmade anything always adds a little love to any work of art! I was cut short a week in this month. As you’ve probably read earlier, I’m 12 and am super busy! Next week, I’m off to church camp all week and won’t be able to work on any sewing but it’ll be nice to spend some time in the great outdoors! A little break is always good. Heart quilt pattern: Lo and Behold Stitchery – Heirloom Hearts

Janine Heschl

This month’s challenge lived up to its name, as I had never tried hand embroidery before, but was in need of a project to carry along with me during the kids’ holiday activities. No pattern, no clue – just fabric, Aurifil Mako 40 threads and a strong passion for bumblebees. I worked with three tones of every main colour for depth (yellow, black and white) and added a few brown and purple details in the end. The bee measures 1 inch / 3cm and was sewn onto black medium weight calico fabric.

Anorina Morris

Using beautiful Aurifloss or Aurifil 12wt thread to embroider quilt labels – perfect little projects to work on while ‘on-the-go’.

Valerie C. White

Aurifil Challenge Project
No.2 July 2022
This piece is a work in progress created a year ago. The applique is fused and includes both handwork and free-motion quilting. She’s a sassy lady. We both love red lipstick. It’s a great project to stitch on the go. I’m anxious to finish and perhaps mount it on a piece of canvas.

Stephanie Williams

I decided to try some EPP & ended up with a little panel that will be a quilt for my son’s favorite stuffy. I put together a little kit with snips, a needle minder & needle, 50wt Aurifil 2021, then took my hexies to all the activities we did this month!

Katrina Hadjimichael

I love my hexagons! They are the perfect “on the go” stitching project. This time I created a cute little mug bag using half inch hexagons and gorgeous 50 weight thread colours.

Zeiba Monod

I am totally in love with Aurifil floss! The feel, the texture, simply gorgeous. I decided to try something new and different from quilting, and dove, needle first, into denim art and upcycle an old pair of short. What a difference a few threads make! I love the final result.

Kerry Keeble

Aurifil 80wt is not something I’ve had much experience with and boy have I been missing out! It’s the perfect combination of vibrant colours and delicate fibres which has really brought this project to life. I’ve loved making these blocks, they make me think of shards of glass and the thread colours match perfectly with the beautiful colours in the Alison Glass fabrics used.

Claire Campion

The perfect chance to play with some beautiful Aurifil Floss, converting my Collider Quilt pattern design into a cross-stitch. Absolutely in love with those wooden spools of thread!

Emma Giacalone

Inspired by this months theme of on the go, I’ve made something that can be both made and worn when you’re on the move! Although I’ve embellished the denim I used to make these espadrilles with little prawns, using 50wt thread, they could just as easily be made using your favourite fabric instead! The shoe pieces were stitched onto the jute bases using a beautiful contrasting Aurifloss.

Sarah Harris

I love a good portable sewing project, and this month’s Aurifil Artisan challenge is ‘On the Go.’ I tend have many On the Go projects on the go at one time, and this month I have some special quilt blocks to embroider for Social Justice Sewing Academy. SJSA hosts workshops for youth and adults, where each person makes their own block about anything they choose, usually a social justice issue that is important to them. The blocks are then embroidered, pieced into tops, and then quilted, all by different volunteers. Each block comes with instructions on what the Artivist would like to have embroidered on their block.

For the first one, I stitched ‘Home To All’ (the 🌍 & ☮️) and am sewing all the pieces on. On the second, I added stitching (I need to add more) to say, ‘Creativity Is Not Optional, it’s Necessary). The embroidery volunteer’s job is to show off each block Artivist’s work, and secure the blocks. So far, I have used @aurifilthread 12wt, 28wt, 50wt (doubled) and Aurifloss for the embroidery. These are a very handy size to take anywhere, work on between jobs, and for outdoor sewing. For more information on SJSA and how to volunteer, see @sjsacademy

Jen Goodwin

This months artisan challenge is to show a project on the go. It there anything more portable than a bespoke wedding hanky? I spent the first part of my July working on an embroidered, hand hemmed hanky made from fine batiste fabric. My favourite fine Aurifil thread was the obvious choice when it came to invisibly stitching the hem.

The hanky travelled through my studio, a riverside wander, my classroom, my garden and even came with me the Hampton Court on one of my RSN assessing days! Most importantly the hanky went off to enjoy a wedding…

Sarah Ruiz

I’ve spent the past couple months indulging the urge to do a summer cross stitch project! I decided to use 12 wt thread instead of floss, with hopes that the 12 wt could essentially pull double duty in my sewing room — for both cross stitching and machine quilting. And spoiler alert: it works! My cross stitches look nice and full on this 18-count cloth, and I know I’ll be able to use the remaining thread on each spool in future quilting projects. This piece and a couple small Aurifil spools have been a great companion on two summer vacations this year. p.s. The pattern I’m using is called “Tiles” by Etsy seller Axebe.

Madeline Bonner

English Paper Piecing is the perfect project to sew on the go. I have used 80 weight thread for this entire project which complements the weight of the Liberty Tana Lawn perfectly. My favourite colour is 2375 as it is a lovely warm neutral.

Anna @thehackneyquilter

English paper Piecing is so portable, it’s the perfect project to take with me on my holidays. I’ve been prepping hexies from some happy coloured scraps and I’m loving the freedom of watching it grow without knowing what I will make of it yet. Click for my top tip for choosing thread for EPP.

We encourage you to click through and check out each of these amazing projects in more detail! It’s going to be a gorgeous year full of Aurifil Artisan inspiration.

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