Summer Slice & Stitch: Ama + the EPP Cielo Top

Today, we’re excited to share our final project in the OLFA/Aurifil Summer Slice & Stitch series! This Summer, we challenged 3 Aurifil Artisans and 3 OLFA Experts to create and share small, on-the-go projects that could be stitched up on a camping trip, by the pool, on your deck, or in the car… We’re naturally busier in the Summer and it’s sometimes hard to find ways to fit all of the projects in, so why not plan to take the projects along with us!? Participants were provided with all of the OLFA tools & Aurifil threads that they needed to make their projects a success. Wherever you’re headed this Summer, whether it’s overseas, across the country, or simply to the other side of your backyard, these projects will keep you busy along the way.

Ama Frimpong AND Cindy Staub

Ama and Cindy are our final participants, and they’ve knocked it out of the park! We hope you’ll find some inspiration, pack up some stitch-on-the-go bags, and take a fun new project on the road! You’ll find Ama’s project right here on Auribuzz. For more on Cindy’s project, follow the link at the end of this post.

Thanks so much to all of our makers! This has been such an amazing series!

For the past year I have wanted a quilted garment, so I knew right away I wanted to make a quilted top of some kind! It’s also a fantastic way to use up my scraps AND EPP is a great way to quilt on the go. I often get inspired by projects I see on Instagram and Pinterest. I do like to put my own twist on what I see so it can fit with my own aesthetic. For this project, I had seen a lot of quilted coats. However, I knew a coat wouldn’t be fantastic in the middle of a heat wave. Instead, I decided to quilt the front of a Cielo top from Closet Core Patterns.

To get started, I used the OLFA 6”x 8” mat, the 28mm Quick Change Rotary cutter, and the 12” Frosted Acrylic Ruler to cut all my fabric scraps to size for my paper pieces. 

To take my sewing on the go, I used:

  • Sewtites magnetic sewing pins
  • Long needles 
  • Aurifil 80wt in 2021
  • Scissors for trimming threads 
  • My prepped hexies to sew together 
  • Extra Glue 
  • a Sewing Wallet to put everything in 
  • and some good tunes! 

I am a backpack girl, so I put my little sewing wallet into my backpack and then I was ready for crafting around town. The most important part of taking any project on the go is where you store your project! I did a lot of my crafting on public transport on my way to work or hanging out in parks on the weekend, so it was really important for me to be able to quickly put my project away and get out at my metro spot. 

Once the EPP was completed, I turned to the construction of the Cielo Top. I used my 18”x 24” mat to cut my bigger pattern pieces. I quilted the front and pieced my Cielo Top together with Aurifil 40wt. 

HUGE thanks to Ama for playing along with us this month! Her Cielo Top represents our new fashion goals!

Head on over to OLFA’s blog to check out Cindy‘s project!

Find 80wt threads for EPP and Needle Turn Appliqué on Shop Aurifil via the button below!


Ama (she/her) is a Canadian crafter based in Quebec. She enjoys both fibre crafts and sewing, as well as playing with colours and the process of choosing a project itself. Ama finds inspiration in music and video games, where her love of bold colours and patterns meets vivdly experimental experiences, pushing her to solve pattern puzzles in creative ways. All her crafting journeys and endeavours can be found on her Blog and Instagram, thevibrantpixel.

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