Your Key To Quilting Success: Aurifil + OLFA

We’ve teamed up with our friends at OLFA for a fabulous monthly series that will answer all sorts of questions about OLFA tools & Aurifil threads. Whether you’re just getting started, looking for specific answers, or are interested in key tips and tricks, this series is for you! 

Grab the details you need, send the link to a friend, and always feel free to share your questions — we’re here to help! Want these details and more sent directly to your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletters via the buttons below.

Tips for working with Aurifloss

  • Aurifil’s 6-strand, divisible 100% Cotton floss is wound on a gorgeous wooden spool, perfect for easy travel and prevention of pesky tangles! It is available in all 270 of our Cotton colors and boasts 18 yards per spool. 
  • You’ll find Aurifloss excellent for cross stitch, embroidery, tatting, needle point, and decorative accents on quilts, bags and garments. Choose just the right number of strands of Aurifloss for your specific project. 
  • When using multiple strands of Aurifloss, begin by separating your strands. Pull each strand out and smooth it before adding the next strand. This allows the thread to look silky smooth.   
  • Stitch with the nap of the floss by knotting the last end cut and threading the needle with the opposite end. 
  • When using Aurifloss on aida cloth a Crewel/Embroidery needle works well. Working with fabric?  A Milliner or Straw needle will pull through the layers with ease.
  • Thread the needle with a short length of thread, approximately 12-15”, or roughly the length of your forearm.

OLFA® Frosted Advantage ™ Rulers 

OLFA® Frosted Advantage™ acrylic rulers are designed to be used with OLFA® cutters, blades, and mats. The Frosted Advantage™ is designed to keep the ruler firmly on your fabric without moving. Clean lines in 1/8” increments allow you to cut the exact size you need. These clear frosted rulers are printed in black and show up no matter which color of fabric you’re cutting, light, dark, or patterened. The lines and numbers are embedded between the acrylic and frosted component. You don’t need to worry about them rubbing off, giving you precise measurements.

OLFA®’s Frosted Advantage™ rulers are suitable for either left- or right-handed cutting. They come in eight sizes and have a built in ½” seam allowance feature.

Join us next month for more handy educational nuggets! HUGE thanks to OLFA for their continued partnership!


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