Zigzag Rope Sewing Projects: Tina Curtis

We’ve reached the final week in this lovely little mini series, highlighting the new book by Katherine Lile of The Mountain Thread Company. We absolutely adore having the opportunity to engage with our Artisans and showcase the amazing work that they do!! Check out the full series schedule below to browse all included projects and click on the buttons to grab a copy of Katherine’s book, Zigzag Rope Sewing Projects (Fox Chapel), and find the threads you’ll need to stitch up your own rope sewing projects!

9/15 — Meet Katherine Lile of The Mountain Thread Company
9/22 — Guest Post by Aurifil Artisan, Genesis Hall
9/29 — Guest Post by Aurifil Artisan, Ama Frimpong
10/6 — Guest Post by Aurifil Artisan, Tina Curtis (YOU ARE HERE)

Today, we have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to Tina Curtis (@tina1802 on Instagram).

Tina has been working with us as an Aurifil Artisan since June of this year and we’ve been floored by her mad quilty skills! Her work is impeccable and she brings a unique creative flair to each and every project that she creates, from quilting to bag construction to dyeing and so much more!

Huge thanks to Tina for adding that flair into this series. We’re in love with her rope sewing project and are certain you’ll feel the same!

When I saw Katherine’s book I was struck by the lovely dip dyed rope bowl RIGHT on the cover! I am known to dye fabric, but I thought it would be fun to stretch myself to try dyeing these bowls. 

One of the things that I particularly loved about Zigzag Rope Sewing Projects, is how easy it is for someone like me to make my first rope bowl! Her instructions and pictures made everything from starting the bowl to finishing the bowl as easy as can be! I whipped out my first one in 15 mins- and boy could that be addictive! 

For one of the bowls I wanted to emulate the cover bowl design, so I used 2310 in 50wt, an off-white cream thread, so it would blend into the color of the rope. Because it’s 100% cotton it easily took the dye that I introduced afterwards! 

The second bowl I wanted the demarcation from the dip dye to the top to be less noticeable so just using a 40wt variegated blue 3770 helped to give the bowl a color from top to bottom and I love the way it gives it a soft look. On this bowl I also incorporated several blue tones of Aurifil floss to enhance the tassel made from the knot at the front. 

One of the biggest challenges I faced during this project was breaking my big machine (NOT ON A ROPE BOWL)! I broke out my travel machine and it whipped through the rope bowl with no problem! I set it up with Katherine’s instructions and a jean needle- BAM back to business! 

I was very happy to get a preview of this wonderful book, and I loved seeing Genesis and Ama’s projects! I can’t wait to try out some other projects from the book — maybe a phone charging basket next?


Tina developed an interest in sewing at 7 when she began learning to make quilts with her grandmother in their home state of South Carolina. Since then, Tina’s family and career have taken her many places; however, one thing she’s always kept with her is a passion for being a heart-ful maker as well as a desire to connect and share her designs with others. Some of Tina’s favorite projects include experimenting with vibrant colors, interesting fabrics, and unique techniques. Tina currently creates at her home in Texas with her husband Cameron and constantly smiling four-legged friend, Shannon.

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