Your Key To Quilting Success: Aurifil + OLFA

We’ve teamed up with our friends at OLFA for a fabulous monthly series that will answer all sorts of questions about OLFA tools & Aurifil threads. Whether you’re just getting started, looking for specific answers, or are interested in key tips and tricks, this series is for you! 

Grab the details you need, send the link to a friend, and always feel free to share your questions — we’re here to help! Want these details and more sent directly to your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletters via the buttons below.

Tips for working with Aurifil 80wt

  • Aurifil’s 80wt/2ply thread was introduced in 2016 and is available in 88 luxurious colors.  
  • You’ll enjoy both fine hand work and detailed machine stitching with every bit of the 300 yards delivered on a beautiful cherry wooden spool.
  • For hand work, choose your favorite hand needle in size 9, 10 or 11.
  • For machine work use a small eyed needle, size 70/10 or 80/12. The smaller the eye the more accurate the stitch.   
  • Choose between Aurifil 80wt or 50wt in the bobbin when machine stitching with 80wt. Either thread weight allows you to wind more thread on the bobbin than when using a thicker 3 ply thread.  
  • For more detailed handwork tips, click HERE

Maintaining Your OLFA® Mats for Longer Life

Your rotary mat is often one of the unsung heroes of your quilting/sewing projects. You may not give it much thought until something goes wrong. Your mat not only protects your work surface but also helps to extend the life of your rotary blades. So let’s dig into how to best care for your OLFA rotary mat so it can continue to support your crafting for years to come:

Join us next month for more handy educational nuggets! HUGE thanks to OLFA for their continued partnership!

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