Your Key To Quilting Success: Aurifil + OLFA

Happy New Year! We’re delighted to carry one of our favorite education collaborations over into 2023! Together with our friends at OLFA, we present a fabulous monthly series that will answer all sorts of questions about OLFA tools & Aurifil threads. Whether you’re just getting started, looking for specific answers, or are interested in key tips and tricks, this series is for you! 

Grab the details you need, send the link to a friend, and always feel free to share your questions — we’re here to help! Want these details and more sent directly to your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletters via the buttons below.

Tips for working with Aurifil 28wt

– Aurifil’s 28wt/2ply thread comes in 270 Cotton colors and is wound on a grey spool. A bit thinner than the luscious 12wt thread, it is the second heaviest weight thread that Aurifil offers.  

– Aurifil 28wt performs perfectly for both hand and machine techniques including a variety of quilting, embroidery and decorative stitches, bag and garment sewing, and topstitching. 

– For hand work consider a Chenille or Tapestry needle in sizes 24-29 or an Embroidery/Crewel needle in sizes 5-9. A larger eye needle aids with the ease of threading.  

– For machine work consider using a 90/14 or 100/16 Topstitch needle. The groove along the shaft of a topstitch needle allows the thread a place to hide while machine sewing or quilting. Aurifil 50wt works well in the bobbin. 

– For handwork tips, click HERE

It’s Time To Talk About Blade Basics!

1. Straight edge blades come in four sizes to match the corresponding handle – 18mm, 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm. Use the smaller blades for detailed work, and the larger ones for basic cutting, depending on your project.

2. Decorative edge blades are designed to create a pinking, scallop, or wave edge. Use them for paper crafting, wool work, or cotton fabrics with a fusible backing. For garment sewing, the pinking edge can be used to reduce fraying in seams. Use them with the classic 45mm ergonomic handle.

3. OLFA® Endurance™ blades are a long-lasting blade made from tungsten tool steel. An exclusive manufacturing method hardens the steel to make it extra strong, resulting in a cutting life that is two times that of a traditional blade. They are available in 45mm and 60mm.

Join us next month for more handy educational nuggets! HUGE thanks to OLFA for their continued partnership!

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