January Aurifil Artisan Showcase

January may feel like one of the longest moths of the year, but our talented team of Aurifil Artisans have made good use of that time and made the most beautiful creations, showcasing their incredible talents.

The month of January is known for fresh starts and setting goals for the year ahead. We asked the Artisans to share a project made with any Aurifil thread — no requirements as to thread weight, color, or the number each used, but was centered around a goal they had set to mark the new year. We loved seeing all of the beauty that resulted! HUGE thanks to all of our participants for January — we are grateful for you, your creativity, and your incredible willingness to play along with us month after month!

Ledine Watson

Perfectly coordinated PBS Painter’s Palette Solids and Aurifil Threads in 28 weight made the perfect wall hanging project. This applique project came together wonderfully, perfected with a combination of machine quilting and free motion quilting!

Janine Heschl

My first artwork of 2023 and at the same time a symbol of my mission to raise awareness for our wildlife and nature! I chose a paw print of an adult lion – because of the majestic vibe – and gave it a mossy design and texture to represent resilience and healing.

Did you know that moss was used as bandages in WW1 and that it has been employed as a fire extinguisher? Moss seriously rocks and I love using it as a emblem in my art, because we all know that this planet and its wildlife need more than bandages and fire extinguishers to keep it safe! Embroidered with Aurifil 50wt on a vintage Singer 107W102 sewing machine.

Claire Campion

Starting the year the way I wish to continue by completing all out-standing WIPs and being braver with my thread choice! I quilted this Sweet Wonder Quilt, using 2 different variegated 50wt threads, 4150 and 4662 and could not be happier wit the outcome. Beautiful texture and extra dimension to the detail.

Kerry Keeble

Who says Halloween has to be scary and only in October? Not me! One of my favourite things about the quilting/creative community is collaborating with other like minded people so I was really excited when Anbo Textiles approached me about working with these gorgeous upcoming fabrics from Helen Black for Dashwood Studio.

I love pink and the fact that it’s becoming an acceptable Halloween colour – I knew immediately that I wanted to make a funky version of the Cabin Nights Quilt using my favourite 50wt threads for construction.

Katrina Hadjimichael

January is always a challenge! Enjoying time off but looking at goals and expectations for the new year. I have been moving away from my more traditional colour palette to embrace brighter and fresher fabric ranges. For this challenge I remade one of my older patterns in beautiful new fabrics. “A Daisy a Day” Table Runner in Tilda, the machine applique beautifully stitched out in Aurifil 50 weight and hand quilting in perfect white 12 weight. Looking forward to more challenges in 2023.

Lynn Carson Harris

As usual, I start the year trying to finish projects before I start something else big. I’ve narrowed down the thread choices to these two. The Aurifil 4651 is a variegated cream, yellow, pink and is a favorite of mine. The other choice is Aurifil 5006. I’ll probably use both because, why not?I feel like I might be starting to drown in works in progress. This queen size string quilt is next on the list. I basted it with a wool batting a few months ago. It’s big and puffy and will clear up the most space of my current works in progress. My husband really likes this one so I am eager to get it finished and on our bed.

Anorina Morris

I hope to do some (more) slow-sewing this year – my first finish is this small Kawandi style project made while on a family holiday. A small bag of fabric scraps, basic sewing supplies and my favourite Aurifil 12 weight cotton thread, was all that was needed to complete it.

Brandon Wulff

The corner store guy I visit and I are good friends and they just had a baby boy so I made a simple wholecloth quilt for Chris’ wife.

Sarah Harris

Time to blow away the cobwebs and start fresh for the new year. Each year I make a year marker to spend time thinking about my intentions for the new year. This year, I added some machine quilting using Aurifil 50wt, and hand quilting with Aurifil cotton floss. Each year I use the fpp pattern, Modern International Alphabet by Catalina of Amarar Studio, and pick different fabrics each year. For 2023, I picked Fabric for the Basement by Giucy Giuce to represent the passing of days and blowing away the cobwebs of last year.

Zeiba Monod

My January Challenge coincided with my desire to start a diary, or more precisely a quilting diary. So far this month I have only used Aurifil floss (my favourite!) and 12wt (fantastic too for hand quilting) mixing threads, weights and colours and developing my own little stitching vocabulary. Now, I look forwarding to experimenting with more threads weights and shades as I continue my quilting journal.

We encourage you to click through and check out each of these amazing projects in more detail!

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