The Neons & Neutrals Tour, Part 2

We are currently reveling in an electric neon world — it’s Tula Pink’s Neons & Neutrals release week!! These collections introduce a whole new range of Tula hues– rainbow neutrals + 3 brand new custom NEON colors. The neons were color-matched to the electric hues found in Tula’s brand new Free Spirit Fabrics collections, Everglow and Neon True Colors. Threads AND fabrics are available in stores NOW!!

Neons & Neutrals were launched at Fall Quilt Market 2022 in Houston, TX with a fabulous presentation by Tula herself in Aurifil’s booth:

click image to check out the video!

As Tula explains, these collections are available as limited edition sets. The custom neons will not be added to our color library and there are a finite number of collections available. We’ve been talking about these electric hues and these fabulously curated sets for months now and we’re excited to say that the 20 Small Spool set & the 12 Large Spool set are in stores NOW! We couldn’t possibly be more excited to see these spools making their way out into the world. Snag your sets via the links below — you won’t want to miss adding these hues to your personal thread library! What will you make?? We can’t wait to see all of that spectacular beauty!

Today, we’re on part two of a fabulous neon celebration! Free Spirit Fabrics spearheaded a star-studded maker’s tour featuring the fabrics of Everglow & True Colors Neons + Tula’s Neons & Neutrals threads. The tour kicked off in January with a series of unboxing videos:

Since then, we’ve been following along with these 9 incredible creatives, eagerly anticipating each new progress post and finally reaching the project reveals. We’re sharing final projects for the middle 3 today — courtesy of Jade (@lovelyjubblyfabrics), Natalie (@sewhungryhippie), and Chelsea (@pinkdoorfabrics). 

Jade | @lovelyjubbyfabrics

Adventure is out there!

Join me on an adventure in Pinkerville, Tula Pink’s imaginary world inhabited by the flora and fauna from her fabrics. The colours are brighter, the weather is always exactly what you want, and let’s face it, I’d move there permanently!”


In her own personal celebration of all things Tula, Jade created a Pinkerville quilt with mini tributes to each print in Everglow. We absolutely love these snapshots and are fairly smitten with how the neons help to emphasize all of that electric magic! Just look at the neon yellow pops off the white in the background!

Be sure to follow along with Jade for more Tula inspiration!

Natalie | @sewhungryhippie

I LOVE adventure! I LOVE color! And I LOVE @tulapink Pink fabrics! Tula’s dynamic designs and whimsical colors transport you to another place, a color-soaked world of extraordinary indulgence. And what do you need to take all your stuff on your adventures? Why, a Sew HungryHippie Santorini Tote & an Easy Zipper Case, of course. Easy to carry and looks great for any excursion!”


In our opinion, Natalie’s Santorini Tote & Easy Zipper Case using Everglow + Tula’s Aurifil Neons may just be the perfect Summer accessory. The only challenge we foresee is deciding which print to feature where and how much silver dragon vinyl can we work into the finished bags? Seriously… *swoon*

To check out Natalie’s other makes and and join her for all the creative fun, check out her instagram via the button below!

Chelsea | @pinkdoorfabrics

The Neons & Neutrals threads pair so beautifully with the Everglow animals, and I love how the accent colors of the stripes, poms and fairy flake fabrics can be used so interchangeably with other Tula fabrics! 


Chelsea is working on an epic EPP Everglow masterpiece with the Inner Stellar quilt. The blocks are coming together one by one, with lots of fabulous thread matching opportunities and ALL the hand stitching. The block construction truly creates the perfect frame to highlight each one of the Everglow animals in all of the colorways!

And to hold all of those in-progress blocks? A few custom Project Bag 2.0s (from ByAnnie), of course!! And don’t forget, there is still time to join in on the Queen of Diamonds BOM! While this one isn’t all about Everglow, it’s about how well it works with so many of Tula’s other collections from Tiny Beasts to Moon Garden and everything in between!

That’s it for today! We hope that you’re as in love with all of these remarkable makes as we are. Join us next week for the big finale featuring three more makers from the Tula Everglow Influencer Tour! If you simply can’t wait, find the remaining makers here: Jemima, @tiedwitharibbon | Henrik, @herrschaftenmueller | Claire, @madejustsew.

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