The Neons & Neutrals Tour, Part 3

It has been a whirlwind week in Tula Pink’s electric neon world! We’re hoping you’ve seen Neons & Neutrals by now, but in case you’re just joining us, these collections introduce a whole new range of Tula hues– rainbow neutrals + 3 brand new custom NEON colors in Aurifil’s extraordinarily versatile 50wt cotton thread. The neons were color-matched to the electric hues found in Tula’s brand new Free Spirit Fabrics collections, Everglow and Neon True Colors. Threads AND fabrics are available in stores NOW!!

Neons & Neutrals were launched at Fall Quilt Market 2022 in Houston, TX with a fabulous presentation by Tula herself in Aurifil’s booth:

click image to check out the video!

As Tula explains, these collections are available as limited edition sets. The custom neons will not be added to our color library and there are a finite number of collections available. We’ve been talking about these electric hues and these fabulously curated sets for months now and we’re excited to say that the 20 Small Spool set & the 12 Large Spool set are in stores NOW! We couldn’t possibly be more excited to see these spools making their way out into the world. Snag your sets via the links below — you won’t want to miss adding these hues to your personal thread library! What will you make?? We can’t wait to see all of that spectacular beauty!

Today, we are sharing part three, the final reveal in the Tula Pink Everglow Influencer Tour in partner with Free Spirit Fabrics. We have been blown away by the pure artistry of all of these makers and it’s been an absolute delight to watch their neon projects come together. Each project shared features Everglow True Colors Neons + Tula’s Neons & Neutrals threads.

We’re sharing final projects today from Jemima (@tiedwitharibbon), Henrik (@herrschaftenmueller), and Claire (@madejustsew). Prepare to have your minds blown!!

Jemima | @tiedwitharibbon

Being asked to work on the @tulapink and @aurifilthread Everglow Influencer Tour has been such a thrill. Getting to create and showcase these fabrics and threads has been so fun. Every time you pick up a fabric you notice details you hadn’t seen before and how these fabrics will work with so many projects is going to mean you will want to have some coming your way. And these Neon threads that I have used for quilting will definitely be ones you want to add to your collection!


Jemima combined a love of color with a love of piecing & quilting to create a truly spectacular finish! It’s a new take on her Confetti Quilt pattern and a perfect way to showcase all of the bright and bold hues! Don’t you just love how the grid quilting pattern ‘pops’ with contrasting neon colors?  

Be sure to follow along with Jemima for a closer look at her stunning projects!

Henrik | @herrschaftenmueller

I absolutely Love this collection. Ok you might be sensing a pattern here– I say this about every Tula Pink Collection. But I really, really, REALLY love this one so much. I am not even that sad about the fact that I am working with a somewhat limited palette here because let’s be honest, this is a LOT of color as it is.



If you follow along with Henrik, you know what a Tula fan he is and his work shows just how much he adores her fabrics! We’ve had so much fun following along with him on this new color journey and just love that he opted for two different projects to show off these bright hues! And how cool is it that he actually got to photograph his finished cushion cover in the Tula Pink booth at the H&H show in Cologne!! Perfection!

To check out Henrik’s other makes and and join him for all the Tula fun, check out his instagram via the button below!

Claire | @madejustsew

This project pushed me to explore new techniques and colours, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thank you, @tulapink@freespiritfabrics and @aurifilthread, for the opportunity to be part of this amazing tour. 


All the heart eyes for Claire’s Among the Flowers quilt!! She partnered fabrics from Everglow + True Colors Neons with our 3 custom neon threads for a truly spectacular finish! Notice how her quilting highlights the electric hues and enhances the bold prints? *swoon*⁠

And that’s a wrap! We’re feeling incredibly inspired and hope that you are too! Are you ready to run out and grab all the Everglow & True Colors Neons fabrics AND the Neons & Neutrals Thread Collections? Be sure to tell us all about it and let us know what you make!

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