Thread Labs 2023

For the first three months of 2023, we worked closely with Aurifil’s Master Educator, Karen L. Miller as she launched a 3-part series all about Aurifil threads– what weights are perfect for which techniques, recommended needles, preferred bobbin threads, and more (check our It’s All About the Thread guide, available HERE). We were overwhelmed by the positive response, eagerly soaking up each and every comment made. We took it all in, that hunger for thread education and excitement for what could truly be done to elevate a project simply with a greater understanding of thread, and we applied it to Aurifil Thread Labs.

Thread Labs is a six part subscription series that tells the story of Aurifil– from a shared celebration of our 40th anniversary, to our history and unique production process, to an in-depth education on our revered threads. From July through December, subscribers will gain all the necessary tools to more confidently create with a variety of thread weights and techniques, finishing the year inspired, armed with new skills and a wealth of knowledge. Truly, what better way to honor a 40 year milestone than to invite you all in to the Aurifil family, box by box, project by project?

Featured contents of Lab 1.1 (July)

Thread Labs is a must-have for both the Aurifil enthusiast and novice. Each lab presents an exclusive project crafted by one of our revered Aurifilosophers & Designers, designed to educate and inspire via a featured thread weight. The box itself includes a perfectly curated range of threads. A secure online portal for subscribers plays host to exclusive content including downloadable project PDFs, educator interviews, thread tutorials, partner offers, and more. Lab 1.1 (shown above) provides early access to our newfangled swatch book, an exploratory Aurifilosophy session with Aurifil’s Master Educator, Karen L. Miller, an Aurifil Storage Case, an Aurifilosophy Thread Exemplar, and an exclusive project utilizing all 7 included thread weights. Each lab carries a new thread weight & technique partnership, allowing makers to explore their creativity while working on a new crafty skill.


Featured Educator: Karen L. Miller

Featured Educator: Amy Friend

Lab 1.3 | SEPTEMBER / 40WT & 28Wt, Machine Appliqué
Featured Educators: Barbara Persing & Annie Smith

Lab 1.4 | OCTOBER / 80wt & 12wt, Needleturn Appliqué and Big Stitch quilting
Featured Educator: Jo Avery

Lab 1.5 | NOVEMBER / Forty3 & Mono, Machine Quilting
Featured Educator: Karen L. Miller

Lab 1.6 | DECEMBER / Cotton Floss, Cross Stitch and Embroidery
Featured Educators: Aneela Hoey & Susan Ache

Our featured educators include Aurifil Master Educator Karen L. Miller + six incredibly skilled and Aurifilosophers and Designers. They each bring a wealth of knowledge and are excited to share their creative passions with all of you!

Feeling inspired? Want to get involved? Take a peek at out Thread Labs Retailer Map to find a participating shop near you!

This map is only a starting point and a guide for you to contact the stores that have shown interest so far. Please note that not all shops are confirmed and the map will be constantly updated. We’d encourage you to also reach out to your favorite local quilt shop to see if they’d like to join in! Need further assistance? Submit a request via our Thread Concierge or send us an email. We’re here to help!


    1. Hi Nancy — are you inquiring as a shop or as a consumer? We want to make sure we get you the correct information and send you to the right place! Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Iris — We are working on securing participating shops in Canada. We’ve just updated this post with a Retailer Map so that you might find a shop that works for you. Cost with delivery will depend on shipping from the participating shop — we won’t sell the subscriptions directly. We hope this helps! Keep an eye on that retailer map as we have at least 5 interested Canadian shops and are just now confirming details:). Thank you!

  1. Why can’t I find anything on your site about the first 3 months of 2023 and Karen Miller’s 3-part series all about Aurifil threads? Is it not available to review? I was thinking about finding a store that offers Thread Lab subscriptions but I’d really like Karen’s info also. There’s a link above for the thread guide pdf but nothing else. How much will shops charge for a subscription for an individual? Will info on subscriptions only be released as each month rolls around?

    1. Hi Claire! Many apologies for the delay in responding. You can always find all of our Thread Matters posts by clicking on ‘Thread Matters’ at the top of this blog. I’m including links to all three below for easy reference. We’ll release further details on specifics included in each box within the next month or so, so it won’t be a total mystery. For pricing details, check in with the shop through which you’d like to subscribe. We’ve updated this post to include a retailer map which we’ll continue to update as more and more shops join in. We hope this all helps! Please let us know if you have additional questions. Thanks so much!

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