May Aurifil Artisan Showcase

We are thrilled to share the final project showcase created by our talented Aurifil Artisans for the 2022-2023 season. Our yearly collaboration with these skilled artisans aims to showcase their expertise and beautiful creations, while also inspiring others to experience the joy of working with Aurifil Threads.

For the May Challenge, the Aurifil Artisans embraced the art of garment sewing and the transformative power of visible mending. The Artisans fearlessly embraced the challenge at hand and unleashed their boundless creativity, resulting in a breathtaking array of garments. They crafted not only for themselves but also for their beloved friends, cherished family members, and even their adorable four-legged companions. Prepare to be awestruck and let your imagination soar!

HUGE thanks to all of our participants for May — we are grateful for you, your creativity, and your incredible willingness to play along with us month after month!

Kate Sandford

Dressmaking is definitely a challenge for me, but I gave it my best shot. I made a colourful self drafted patchwork, 8 panel skirt with inseam pockets. I’m definitely gonna wear it at festival of quilts this year. If you see me wearing it say hi👋

Shereece Nicole

Wearable Quilts: Want to do something a little different with those completed quilt tops? Consider turning them into clothing! Here I made a patchwork skirt perfect for the hot southern months. Read more about it in my blog post.

Sarah Harris

Some light weight quilted watch straps will come in handy over the summer. Making up the patterns as I went along, I was inspired to try a few different options. For the first one I used tiny FPP pattern scraps in my favourite prints and machine quilted it with 50wt thread. For the second, I hand stitched a tube of striped Essex linen with 12wt thread and put elastic through it for a pull on band. For the third, I used parts of two preloved shirts and added a button for the closure.

Carrington Elliott

Garment sewing is how I got my start. Now, I’m having fun incorporating quilting into my garment sewing! Cue cutting out hundreds of squares to make yardage of fabric. While some wouldn’t consider it “traditional” to use quilting cotton or cotton thread for garments, I’m all for it because I love the amazing prints you can find in cottons. Then getting to top everything off with high quality Aurifil thread in gorgeous colors is the cherry on top!

Karen Foster

What do indigo block print, vintage gauze and stretch knit have in common? They are the stash fabrics that I used for my May Aurifil Artisan garment challenge. I sewed myself three versions of the Cuff Top using 50wt 2310 Light Beige, 2785 Dark Navy, and 40wt 1147 Light Leaf Green. Highlighting just the right color thread on the topstitched neckline, sleeves and hem for each project was key to their success.

Anorina Morris

May is garment sewing month so I made a garment for my furry friend, Harry. With winter approaching here in Australia, my thoughts turn to staying cosy, pets included. This quilted dog coat was made with a fun outer fabric, batting and soft flannelette on the inside. Quilted and bound with Aurifil 50wt.

Anna Wraith

This has been my favourite artisan challenge! I used 40wt to piece the skirt ad 50wt in my overlocker and I love the result. I know I’m going to be wearing it all summer. I love it s much I’m giong to be writing some tutorials and workshops, maybe even a pattern!

Genesis Hall

This month I repurposed one of my own quilts into a garment using Aurifil 50 wt. I had enough quilt left over to make my little sister one too! Quilty garments are the best and if I had all the time in the world, it’s all I would make.

Emma Giacalone

For this months challenge, I have given a new lease of life to a thrifted jacket. Using 40wt thread, I embroidered a felt patch as well as sewing directly into the jacket, the phrase ‘not for everyone’, which I picked for its many different meanings, including the fact that taking something unloved, and using it to create something unique, turns it in to something that really no-one else will have!

We encourage you to click through and check out each of these amazing projects in more detail!

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