Her unlimited artistic vein goes beyond the limits of patchwork

  MARIANA FRUHAUF mariana@fruehauf.it

Mariana Frühauf lives and works in Merano. Her unlimited artistic vein goes beyond the limits of patchwork and quilting, testing with great passion more and more techniques in the van. The coherent and harmonious expression of all her works is given by a thorough elaboration and transformation of fabrics into shapes, colors and structures always brand new and unexpected. Through textile art Mariana Frühauf expresses all her creativity in the best way possible. Born in Merano in 1966, she finished studying fashion design in Milan in 1984. In 1991 she opened a shop specialized in dressmakers’ materials and since 2000 she has been dedicating her time fully to textile art. One of aim of the artist Mariana Frühauf is that of promoting new art forms with traditional techniques such as patchwork and quilting.

  Right sides down, lay the 5 pieces of fabric next to each other .Press the vliesofix onto the lower half of the fabric pieces.

Remove the paper, fold over the other half of the fabric, press . Using the thread spool as a template, draw a circle on each fabric then cut out the circles.

  Spray a bit of adhesive Spray 505 on the tear-away stabilizer .Arrange fabric circles close to each other . Draw additional circles on the tear-away.

Cover tear-away with „Solvy“ Attach freehand embroidery foot, select zig-zag. Connect all the circles by sewing around them . 

  Tear away access stabilizer and solvy .Place the lofty loops on the printed fabric as desired, fixate with a few stitches

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