Colors have a strong influence on our state of mind and both in patchwork and textile art

ma3Marta Anzolla job has always focused on people’s health, holistic speaking.  Each person is made up of body, mind and soul, and only with this cohesion people can “be healthy”. Body techniques professional, she plunged into chromoterapy and aromacology attending training courses in Italy and abroad.She runs groups and workshops on health.  For 10 years she has been interested in the creative aspect of techniques, using fabrics and colors.  She expanded on patchwork and textile arts, also attending training courses both with Italian and foreigner artists.


She developed a special path that she called “Emotions in patchwork©”, through which she worked with fabrics and the 5 senses to express emotions having fun and creating at the same time.

Colors have a strong influence on our state of mind and both in patchwork and textile art, with this research of matching, shades and contrasts, everyone gets into the energy of colors letting themselves be carried away by sensations, to give birth to a creation that will be exact expression of the inner side.

She collaborates with some magazines by making projects that are published, she runs patchwork and textile art courses at several shops in many Italian cities. Furthermore, on demand, she offers her own course  “Emotions in patchwork©”.






White cloth (also woolen cloth) – Size: 20×20 cm

Tyvek at least 40×40 cm

Avalon plus

Aurifil Brillo thread, color Bordeaux

Aurifil Cotton Makò 12, color 2460

How to do it…

Draw a snow flake on a layer of avalon plus using a watersoluble felt-tip; frame 2 layers of avalon plus (with a 13 cm diameter frame) and work on them with free-motion technique, using Aurifil Brillo color Bourdeaux both top and bottom.

After finishing, put the cloth into water trying to find out the right consistency.

 ma1 ma2


Paint the tyvek with colors suitable for fabrics, always in the bordeaux shades, also using a mould; then let everything dry and iron it with greaseproof paper. The tyvek will get smaller and according to the heat, it will create a lace-like drawing. Apply the tyvek, the angelina fiber and cut threads on the white cloth and isolate with a tulle voile. Then frame and work using free-motion technique again.


When the creation is to your liking, finish it and remove the square from the frame to start the trimmings.  Close up the cloth as a cone, hand-sew it using Aurifil Cotton 12, add the lace on the side, the snow flake and lace pieces always with hand stitches.  

 ma5 ma6

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