What happens when a great Italian thread maker joins forces with a bold American quilter? You get thread with a passion. Mark Lipinski


Look, anyone who knows Mark Lipinski knows that I speak my mind and have passion for the truth. I’ve based my quilting career on it. So you can trust that when I put my name on a box of Aurifil thread, it’s not for celebrity or money, but for the pure love of the thread.

When you use a superior quality thread on your patchwork, quilting and embroidery you know it. And there is no better thread than my personal favorite, Aurifil. Here’s the deal: When I sit down to a project, I want to finish with the least thread breaks, without having to change spools, and produce projects that have the flattest seams and less bulk. I also want a smooth thread, one that’s practically lint free, machine washable and colorfast! Aurifil fits the bill.

While this imported Italian, 100% cotton Mako thread is super thin, it’s also super strong and has more thread on the spool than competing brands. There is no denying that it’s a great value and the favourite of traditional piecers, art quilters, long arm and home machine quilters, and embroiderers. Trust me, once you try it, you’ll be hooked just like I am!

I chose a few of my personal all-time favourite and most versatile colors to get you started, but don’t stop here. Aurifil has 252 amazing colors to choose from including variegated threads.

Oh, and before I forget, can organizing your Aurifil threads be any easier? Use the Aurifil bobbin color system to get the right thread for the right project every time.

Aurifil rocks, baby!

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