Hi this is Pat Sloan! This Part 3 of Meadow Breeze, a 9 part Mystery Quilt!! The quilt is both appliqué and pieced and finished to a 36″ square.

Part 3 is the ‘Birds in the Air’ pieced block with appliqué… your making 2 identical units for Part 3. Here is the first colorway that I’m making my quilt in

The Meadow Breeze Part 3 unit

And how it looks in the layout!

And a 2nd colorway!  I mocked up the 2nd colorway as I’m not making 2 quilts.

the layout is also a mock up

Following the directions.. cut some stuff… let the fun begin!

Sew four “Birds in the Air Blocks”. I highly recommend you make one first to be sure of your seam allowance

That was fun!

Trim the block to 6.5″ x 6.5″. Use a square ruler.. if you do not own one, now IS THE TIME to correct this horrible situation.. all quilters should own the following squares at a BARE minimum!

  • 6.5″
  • 12.5″
  • 20.5″

Sew 2 blocks together.. this makes one unit.. Sew the other 2 blocks together for Part 3 assignment,

My friend Betty highly recommends ironing open the seam so you reduce bulk unde the appliqué that goes on this unit. Betty is very smart.. and does excellent appliqué.. beliver her.. I do!

Now Fuse your appliqué

put some green thread on the machine for stems.

Voila.. your done with part 3!!

***************************THE PATTERN****************************

CLICK HERE To download the PDF pattern


***************************THE PATTERN****************************

If you are not familiar with this fusible method, see my book ‘Learn to appliqué’ for how I do fusible and keep the shapes as soft as possible by cutting away.. plus it’s economical as you don’t waste fusible!

My book – http://patsloan.biz/learntoappliquewithpatsloan.aspx

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  1. I am so happy with my Aurifil thread that have every colour. It is great thread.
    Thank you Pat Sloan for a great pattern.Looking foward to get the rest.
    Thank you Irene

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