This Part 4 of Meadow Breeze, a 9 part Mystery Quilt!! by Pat Sloan The quilt is both appliqué and pieced and finished to a 36″ square.

Part 4 is “All about Berries”, a very full border of berries and flowers.. so excited about this! I want this quilt to feel ‘full’ of appliqué.. I think this does it!  It is also the largest part so you have plenty of time to finish it!

The Meadow Breeze Part 4 unit, a Basket of Berries and flowers!

Get out your stuff!

Cut your borders

Looking good in the neighborhood!

Full fusible stems… they are thin.

I’m always asked how I do my layouts as I often am working fusbile in large areas instead of block. Usually I lay out everything then fuse it. But this time I decide to do the stem work and stitch it before adding the flowers. This DOES leave stitching under flowers and berries, but I think it’s worth it since I found it easier to zip around the stems all at once.

First center the basket and bottom stems

next set of stems, fuse

And the top sets

here are the stems fused

I used a smaller blanket stitch, a 2″ for the zig zag and about a 2.1 for the straight. Blanket stitched with 40wt 2887.. the best olive green ever!

You can see the small stitch allows you room on the other side. It’s good to check this before you have stitched a lot.. just saying!

I want to share a bit about how I design. Sometime I know something is not 100% but I’m not sure what i need when I’m doing the drawing. So what I do is as much as I’m happy with, the put it on the desing wall. Here is the border without leaves.. I forgot leaves! That was what was bugging me but I couldn’t figure it out until I had it on the wall.

Flowers added, leaves added…..

Put some 40 wt 2210 on the machine…

and stitch some berries! Remember to use your kneed lift and turn every stitch to make the nicest berries in the Meadow!

Ok…. as of posting this I’m STILL stitching… real life!

***************************THE PATTERN****************************

CLICK HERE To download the PDF pattern

***************************THE PATTERN****************************

If you are not familiar with this fusible method, see my book ‘Learn to appliqué’ for how I do fusible and keep the shapes as soft as possible by cutting away.. plus it’s economical as you don’t waste fusible!

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