Part 5 of Meadow Breeze … the top left outer corner

Hi this is Pat Sloan! This Part 5 of Meadow Breeze, a 9 part Mystery Quilt!!  The quilt is both appliqué and pieced and finished to a 36″ square.

Part 5 is the top left outer corner. I LOVE Dragon flys so put in a sweet little guy this month… afterall it is summer here in Virginia!

Get out your stuff!

Here is how I cut the ‘donuts’ for all these shapes. The stems and dragon fly parts i did not cut out the center.. but you could if you like!

I decided to lay out just this much and then stitch. This way I was sure the circle flowers were well inside the seam line. The bottom stem will be stitched into the seam.

I’m still stiching the whole quilt with my 40wt thread art kit. The dark green is done with 40wt 2887.

Here is a tip on how I stitch all the green with out stopping. I ‘travel’ by changing from a blanket stitch to a straight stitch in certain areas.  I also started this project right where the leaf meet the stem.

When I got the whole stem stitched I changed to a straight stitch. Be sure you watch where the needle position is when you change stitches. You may need to set it so they are in the same spot as often a blanket stitch is shifted off the straight stitch position.

Once I went to straight stitch I swivled the work so i could straight stitch on the edge of the blanket stitching I just did. I will go to the ‘v’.

When i hit the ‘v’ I will change back to a blanket stitch and do the next stem.

Each time I want to ‘travel’ to a new spot I change stitches.. easy!

TIP – I went very slow when stitching around the tight curve. This gives me more control

Let’s stitch the leaf and the dragonfly body with light green 40 wt 1147

All the peach and orange are done in 40wt 2210.. my peachy tone! The centers of the big dots are done with a different color… check it out!

40wt 2460 is a super burgundy shade.

I think it looks great for the small dots.. which I fussy cut by the way!!

I took a double strand of the same burgundy to stem stich the atenna.

Here it is stitched. You could also use 28wt or 12wt thread for the antenna.

All the blocks up on the design wall!

***************************THE PATTERN****************************

CLICK HERE To download the PDF pattern

***************************THE PATTERN****************************

If you are not familiar with this fusible method, see my book ‘Learn to appliqué’ for how I do fusible and keep the shapes as soft as possible by cutting away.. plus it’s economical as you don’t waste fusible!

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