We are in the “Dog Days” of summer ..so what about have part 6 of Meadow Breeze by Pat Sloan

Hi this is Pat Sloan! This Part 6 of Meadow Breeze, a 9 part Mystery Quilt!!  The quilt is both applique and pieced and finished to a 36″ square. First I have to say that I’m REALLY excited about the project photos that are coming in! It’s motivating to share each stage! Put your photos at our flickr file http://www.flickr.com/groups/1366594@N23/

And we are in the “Dog Days” of summer across much of North America.. and I dream of being somewhere warm, but not as ‘sticky’ as home is right now!

Our Aurifil thread is made in Italy! Have you been to Italy? I really think I’d like to go.. like now… although they tell me it is very hot there right now….Let me check the weather channel

mmm…      I think I can brave these temps to be in Italy… what about you????


Part 6 are two more of the appliqué on the pieced blocks. I’m having a blast drawing all the fun flowers for this quilt!

Be Frugal, draw the little dots inside the petals!

Cut out ‘donut style’.

Yes. I do cut out the centers of the little ones!  And see how I ‘fussy’ cut the little dots… fun fun!  And on the stems I pack them, on this fabric the design placement does not matter.

Here is how I laid out the petals.

I’m still stitching the whole quilt with my 40wt thread art kit. The dark green is done with 40wt 2887, all the rest in this block is done with  40wt 2210. I stitched the small petals first.

Switching from the blanket stitch to a straight stitch to travel to the next spot. When I get to the next blanket stitch spot I change the stitch back.

TIP – if your needle position moves when you convert from the straight to the blanket, adjust your straight stitch needle position  to be the same starting spot as the blanket stitch.

Finishing up!

To end I do several stitches in place with my locking stitch. Then I trim close to the surface. You can also pull the threads to the back and tie a knot.

All the blocks up on the design wall!

***************************THE PATTERN****************************

CLICK HERE To download the PDF pattern

***************************THE PATTERN****************************

If you are not familiar with this fusible method, see my book ‘Learn to applique’ for how I do fusible and keep the shapes as soft as possible by cutting away.. plus it’s economical as you don’t waste fusible!

My book – http://patsloan.biz/learntoappliquewithpatsloan.aspx

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  1. Italy is marvelous, been several places a few times. Perhaps I should find a little time to take a little field trip to the Aurifil factory….hmmm…lets see if my husband will go for that…wish me luck.

  2. I cannot get to the pattern for Part 6. Are others having problems with it. I love this pattern and don’t want to miss a part of it. Can anyone tell me another way to open the file.


  3. I was able to get the file today and print it off. I love applique and this pattern combines both applique and piecing so it is next on my to do list!!!

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