2011 Aurifil Blog Hop Patterns

In Feb of 2011,  Nine Bloggers Hopped to celebrate Aurifil thread. Their blocks/Patterns.

On July 5 through July 9 a group of the bloggers will be judging as Pat Sloan Assembles the blocks.. there are options.. lots of them! And we have guest blogger Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quiltworks putting in her opinion each step of the way! Don’t miss the fun

Visit Pat Sloan’s blog http://www.patsloan.typepad.com July 5- July 10 .. leave a comment.. one lucky person wins one of Pat’s 40 wt Aurifil kits!

Pink Chalk Studio Kathy Mack http://pinkchalkstudio.com/blog/

CLICK HERE for Kathy Mack block

LizzieBCre8ive Girls Liz Hawkins and Beth Hawkins http://dreamlaughcreate.blogspot.com/

CLICK HERE for LizzieB block

Erin Russek  http://erinrussek.typepad.com    

CLICK HERE for Erins Block

Thimbleanna Anna http://thimbleanna.com/

Click here for Anna’s block

Stitchen heaven Niki  http://blog.stitchinheaven.com/blog/

CLICK HERE for Niki’s Block

Quilting Gallery  Michele Foster http://quiltinggallery.com/

CLICK HERE for Michele’s Block

Sew Cal Gal  Darlene  http://www.sewcalgal.blogspot.com/

Aurifil Blog Hop block pattern by SewCalGal

I have a notion  Kelly Jackson  http://ihaveanotion.blogspot.com/

Click HERE for Kelly’s Block

Pat Sloan’s block http://www.patsloan.typepad.com

Click HERE for Pat’s block

And CLICK HERE for a layout option!

Final quilt we all decided on! Pieced by Pat Sloan… blogged the progress over 5 days.. starting HERE


  1. These are wonderful blocks and I can’t wait to see the final setting. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Take care and God bless, Cory

  2. It’s amazing how different people interpret the same fabrics! All the blocks are wonderful!

  3. I luv all the blocks….all are unique and beautiful….can’t wait to see the end result…..luv the little bit of embroidery in Anna’s block….thank you Aurifil for sponsoring the blog hop…..blog hops are always fun and inspiring.

  4. Thanks for putting all the patterns in one spot. Now I can see which ones missed from the hop! Yellow was my choice today on Pat’s blog.

  5. Thanks. I couldn’t get Kelly’s or Michele’s blocks. What am I doing wrong? All the rest came through.

  6. Each block is just beautiful. It would be tough to even pick which is my favorite. I can’t wait to see the final quilt.

  7. I really like option E. This is going to be a very pretty quilt. I love aurifil thread. I use it all the time but could use the additional colors.Thanks

  8. Oh, gosh – all my faves – pink & green, applique, flowers, and on point blocks to boot! And what fun designs & designers!! Can’t wait to do this one myself!!!! Thanks for providing patterns & such clear instructions for everything!!!!

  9. All the blocks are beautiful on their own but will make a spectacular quilt once Pat is done.

  10. Beautiful blocks. Would love to do then all sometime. At the end the quilt is going to be spectacular.

  11. I’m enjoying seeing these blocks again, and how they are forming the quilt. It’s a mini lesson in design too.

  12. Thanks for the links to the blocks! They are all lovely. I hope to try Aurifil thread soon.

  13. I am loving all the blocks. Who doesn’t love Aurifil thread. It’s the only one I use for piecing. Truthfully I use if for everything. Congrats to the winner!

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