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Here we are with the final votes . Tell us your favorite animation within Friday July 8th between the 3 nominated for the votes , you can like or comment them on Aurifil Facebook Page , the Winner will be awarded with an Aurifil suitcase with 48 large spools

give voice to your preference if you like 3 Cheers for Aurifil Thread! by @Thearica Burroughs

give voice to your preference if you like Quilting Class 101 with Auriful Thread by @Lisa Papineau Burmann

give voice to your preference if you like Aurifil Thread -Three Wishes by @Patricia Land

do you wish to enjoy all the other funny animations entered by Quilters ? They have been really great has been really an hard work figure out only 3 of them for the final votes

Coffee Break and Quilting Discussion – Gwen Boylan Hammel

Aurifil Quilt Thread. All a girl needs. Almost. – Christine Abela

Stash Intervention – Kathy Jewell Tomasek Raabe

Aurifil thread and caramel lattes: only the best! – Connie Stowers

Swashbucklin’ Aurifil – Part 1 – Kd Brown

Swashbucklin’ Aurifil – Part 2 – Kd Brown

AH! The Gift Of Aurifil Thread!- Thearica Burroughs

Adam and Eve and Aurifil- Patty Tischer Beardslee

Pre-Nup for Aurifil Thread!- Thearica Burroughs

Aurifil to the rescue- Rissa Sant’Anna

Aurifil Thread Booth at Quilt Market – Lisa Buehler Spalding

Sing the Praises of Aurifil Thread – Leona Harden

Happy quilting!!! – Luca Zagliani

Charge It-Aurifil- Patty A Swatzell

Aurifil Charge It – Part 2-Patty A Swatzell

Aurifil and the new house- Paule-Marie Bunyan

Aurifil  announce- Robert A. Engime

Aurifil Threads are the Key to my Heart- Lisa Papineau Burmann

Weaving with Aurifil-Peggy Bass

Swashbucklin’ Aurifil – Part 3 – Kd Brown 

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