Aurifil Edition of Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

Today is the day!

How fantastic that twice a year Sew Mama Sew hosts the biggest, most fantastic collection of giveaways their readers to be able to spend a day or two entering giveaways for sewing and crafts.


We thought it would be a lot of fun to participate in this great event.  Our fun offering will have one very lucky winner receiving The Basics Collection by Mark Lipinski. This is the go-to collection featuring the perfect neutrals that can be used for any sewing project. If you have never tried Aurifil, this is the perfect starter kit.



This collection is perfect for piecing, detailed machine applique’, quilting and embroidery. It includes 12 SPOOLS  COTTON THREAD 50WT  1422 yards – 1300 mt each

colors : 2000 2021 2024 2310 2314 2325 2326 2370 2600 2605 2610 2692

To enter giveaway you have two chances to win this thread collection:

For one entry: Leave a comment telling  what color in this collection you would most use.

For a second entry: Like the Aurifil Facebook page, come back here and leave a comment here letting us know you liked the page.

The Aurifil Facebook page features our Block of the Month designers, current projects by Aurifil bloggers, a current listing of Aurifil thread giveaways and contests.

This giveaway is closed to new entries

Thanks to everyone that left comments and joined in on the fun! We enjoyed all the wonderful things that you had to say about Aurifil thread!

Congratulations Debbie!!!!! We will be contacting you via email!

I find I use the light grey ALOT! Love it for piecing and especially quilting!



  1. I will use the pale gray the most. It is my favourite go-to as it is the most neutral for my needs. Thanks for the opportunity

    1. i am now following you on facebook….my fav colour at the moment is white or silver grey but i like the look of the blue one.i have never used this thread before.i use mostly white on my quilts but i use contrasting thread for pattern.

  2. I would use 2024. I am getting ready to do an heirloom quilt class and I plan to use Aurifil.

  3. I would definitely use the neutral creams the most. It’s my go-to thread color for multi-colored blocks and for quilting. What a great giveaway!

  4. I believe I would use the grays the most. I am future planning for grand babies if my son and daughter in law ever get past their five year plan!

  5. I’d probably use the white the most, although I believe I could use every color in this collection! Thanks for the chance! :0)

  6. Love the basics! I use #2600 & #2000 the most. Since I’ve switched to Aurifil I love that I don’t have all the lint anymore & that the bobbins last FOREVER!

  7. I would probably use the lightest grey the most! It seems to blend perfectly with lots of colors.

  8. I’d use the light gray the most because I have lots of assorted blue patches to sew together, and it would work well with my bird patch quilt also.

  9. I love using Aurifil threads and my machine likes it it, too! I think I would use all of them fairly evenly but I’d say the one I would use LEAST is black simply because I haven’t been working with darker fabrics of late.

  10. I would use the tans most, I’m going to start a quilt out of brown, tan and greens after christmas and the tans would be great. I liked your fan page on facebook.

  11. I would use the greys as I would like to do a rock and water fall with wild flowers done with free machine embroidery.

  12. I have alrelady “liked” your page previously. I love the basic collection. I love the cream colour!

  13. i use tans and greys for piecing… use lots of different colours for quilting…aurifil is my go to thread for both piecing and quilting….love it love it love it

  14. I have been a ‘liker’ of the the Aurifil facebook page for a long time already. I am also a liker of the color ecru. I would love to use all of the Aurifil colors, but the ecru would be empty first.

  15. I use all of these colors but the gray is my favorite! I liked the Aurifil FB page a long time ago!

  16. I’d use that creamy ecru first. The one in first column, next to the last one. That’s what I’ve been using for most of my piecing. But I’d love to see how one of those grays would work and I need some black when piecing darker fabrics! Thanks for the generous offer of this wonderful thread!

  17. I would use one of the creamy beige colors. I’m doing a Dear Jane quilt — completely scrappy in reproduction fabrics. I prefer creams/tans when doing a project of this magnitude AND style. So far I have 17 blocks out of 169 (interior blocks) and one triangle!! Its a journey and I’m enjoying it! Will need LOTS of thread, though!

  18. The 2600 Light Gray, my ‘go to’ color as it’s a great neutral for a variety of uses. Excellent thread all around & with too many colors to choose from! Keep up the good work! Ani in the USA (email: playdoll2 AT – close the gaps and use @ for AT)

  19. I’d already liked the FB page long ago but still commenting since you wouldn’t know that! Ani in the USA (email: playdoll2 AT – close the gaps and use @ for AT)

  20. I seem to use light grey a lot, but also enjoy the cream color if I’m piecing lighter tones.

    I “liked” your Facebook page a long time ago and enjoy the little tips and clips and links.

  21. I would use the white or the black thread the most but I KNOW I could find a use for all the colors!

  22. I would use the one on the lower left corner…either 2310 or 2605 depending on how you listed your numbers. Beautiful colors!

  23. I am a follower on Facebook! Yay! I have used mostly white so far but have some projects in mind for the grays!

  24. I would use the natural tones the most. I use those and grey for all my piecing no matter the color of the fabric.

  25. I would LOVE the basic colors set!! I think I would use all of them equally. I use white for top-stitching a lot of different things and the greys and beiges for piecing.

  26. I had previously liked your Aurifil Facebook page and I would love to win all the colors in this collection; however, I would probably use the beige most as it works with most everything.

  27. La couleur que j’utilise le plus en couture est l’écru mais je ne connais pas les fils Aurifil sinon de nom. Ce serait un réel plaisir pour moi de l’essayer

  28. This is my go to collection all of the time
    and I use nothing else , When u want your items to last for generations to come then u have to use the very best .

  29. I already use the white, grey, and ecru colors as my go-to colors! They are constant sewing companions.

  30. J’aime votre page facebook depuis quelques temps. Je débute dans le patchwork, il me reste à quilter mon premier patchwork, j’ai adoré le monter.

  31. I would use 2000 the most, but all of the colors would be great to have! This is an awesome collection. What I love most about your thread is the strength for the thickness and it allows my cross seams to lay flatter for quilts that are the best. I have introduced many quilting friends to your threads and they love it!

  32. I would use all the colors. I love making scrap quilts and I’m going through a lot of thread. I’m trying to get three scraps quilts done a year. One for each of my girls and one for my husband. Then I would machine quilt the quilts with #28 thread. Thanks for a great product.

  33. what a lovely collection of colors, I stated using this thread about 10 years ago and have never looked back

  34. I have not had the chance to try your product, but have heard great things. I would love to get my hands on some! It is hard to say which I would use the most, but it would probably be white. 🙂

  35. I would use many of these colors but my “go to” color for piecing is the lightest grey. I LOVE Aurifil threads!

  36. I use the creamy color the most ~ do a lot of paper piecing and it’s my color of choice.
    Thanks for the giveaway ~ very generous!

  37. I use the light grey the most often, but I love all of these neutrals. Right now I am working with white. I will use it to both piece and quilt!

  38. I use a lot of 2000. I also use white and black but I have to admit i haven’t bought any grey. Thanks for this opportunity. I am already a fan on Facebook 😄

  39. Love Mark Lipinski and love the neutral colors in his collection. Love Aurifil too! Use it for all my projects…#1 on my Christmas list!

  40. The gray is used when I don’t have the right color in my collection and I’m not going in the dark direction. . I go through black the most. It seems most projects have some black in them.

  41. I love the grey the middle grey I use it the most as it blends into many light to medium colour fabrics very well when piecing or hand piecing which I do the most Aurifill threads are beautiful to work with here I Australia I have trouble finding them in local quilt shops so have to buy on line I really recommend Aurifill threads

  42. I use this thread exclusively. I try to match it to the background color of my project & have found that I use beige, gray & black the most. I love this thread!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  43. Love your thread! Black is my favorite! Love using black as a background, and your thread just emphasizes that.

  44. It would definitely have to be the denim blue one in the right corner. I use a lot of blues in this hue and I have been a FB follower for a long time now!

  45. I love Aurifil thread. My favorites are 2600 (lt. grey) and 2605 (med. grey). Those are my go-to colors. Have several spools of each so I will never run out!

  46. I already like Aurifil’s facebook page! But, I love this collection from Mark! I have most of these colors in my stash already, but, I use them so much, it would be nice to have the collection.

  47. ONE? We have to tell you just ONE color? but….they are all so luscious and I want to use them all! I think, however, that 2314 is the one I like. And of course….I have liked you on FB a long time ago!

  48. The one I would use most would be the light gray. For piecing, it blends so very well. Of course, I always find a way to use all the colors eventually. Especially while machine quilting.

  49. I really like the light beige colors in Aurifil but all the colors in the giveaway would work in different projects!

  50. I use the off-white or almost white a lot. I find myself sewing with a lot light fabrics. 🙂 I’ve been a Facebook Fan for quite sometime.

  51. I would use them all! I use cream, beige and light gray for all my piecing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. I liked your Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. I am just learning about ” threads” for quilting and beginning to see the differences. I love the color range of Aurifil. As an art quilter I am learning to “audition” threads. I love all the colors in the Giveaway,, however my first choice would be the beiges! I never enter these giveaways so this is a first for me!

  53. The very light gray is my most used with second to good old white. I am already a Facebook follower.

  54. I check all your facebook postings. I already LIKE you. I love color and would use all the colors in my different quilt projects.

  55. I like the dark grey best – I have a quilt that it would be perfect for! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  56. I would use the white – that is my go-to thread. The entire box is great! Thanks for the give away!

  57. I’d most use 2021. Which reminds me, I have a quilt to finish with a variegated Aurifil right now.

  58. I bought one spool of Aurifil in White and I’m HOOKED! I think I would use white the most – I am using a lot of white for background on my quilts these days 🙂

  59. Hello Alex!
    I’m a big fan of #2600, the light gray! It works with mostly everything!
    I’m also a fan of the Facebook page!!!!
    Thanks for sponsoring this great contest!!
    Cheers from Denmark!

  60. I have used the light gray and a light beige (not near my sewing room so don’t know the #’s) I would love to win this great set of Aurifil threads… would be my ‘everyday’ thread!

  61. I joined the blog, I liked the Facebook page, I would use the gray or silver, the most……somebody has to win, I hope its me!

  62. I just went to FB and liked you but i must have done that some time ago because i follow Aurifil on FB almost every day.

  63. I think I would use the light gray the most, but they are all so very, very wonderful!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. I’m a follower of your Facebook page and I mostly use the light grey, 2600. But now I’m also starting to piece with the light cream, 2000. I love all the thread and your updates on the site. Thanks for this great chance to win.

  65. I would use the light gray because it blends well with the fabrics I use. Love the thread and thanks for the chance to win some great thread.

  66. I use all shades of white the most, so I know those would get used up in a heart beat! Love your thread!

  67. I generally sew with an off-white, so 2021 (if the numbers are going left to right, and not up and down).

  68. I tend to use an off white color more often, but a friend told me she uses gray/grey for her quilts. Really love all of your threads!

  69. I use 2600 the most but also, black and white and pale grey for piecing and binding. Thanks for the chance to win the best thread in the world.

  70. I have been a “Liker” of Alex’s page for EVER. Thanks for the second chance to win and thanks to Alex for making the best thread ever.

  71. I would use 2310 up first, since I’ve already finished 2 spools of that color. It’s my first pick for piecing, and for the bobbin when quilting if using muslin for the back. This is a great basics collection.

  72. I would use the creams most, since my shopkeeper adviced it is a color that goes with almost everything for patchworking.
    But I see that grey is also mentioned a lot of times for that purpose…should try that once…


  73. I’m already a fan of the FB-page: you can’t have inspiration enough, and just watching all the products en projects is already big fun!

  74. Love Aurifil for piecing & quilting! I most use the off white, but currently have taken on a big project using the grey shade.

  75. I have never tried Aurifil thread as none of the local shops in my area carry it…but I’d love to. I would use the white most.

  76. Enjoy the Facebook site every day – always great inspiration there. Would likely use the white most, but would be using it all…I buy Aurifil every trip to Tahoe Quilts.

  77. i’ve never had the chance to try aurifil – i have heard GREAT things about this thread though, and i would probably use alllll the spools up, trying each one to decide which one i liked best i have no idea – currently i use white thread for piecing, but i would love to do grey, as i’ve been sewing a lot of grey!

  78. I’m still at the using white thread stage for almost everything – gotta practice my hand stitches more before I let them show and get brave with color.

  79. I can tell you my most used current Aurifil colors are in the box. Cream and light grey. I LOVE Aurifil. Best thread out there!

  80. 2314 is the one I use the most, but I am willing to experiment. =)
    I’ve been a FB fan of Aurifil already.

  81. I would use all the beige/tan colors first and most, because I like to piece with them. They work with most color fabric so I don’t have to change so often! Thanks for the opportunity. I love your thread & someday hope to own them all!

  82. Light gray or light tan are my go to colors! Sometimes I choose between them more on my mood than on my fabric.

  83. I’m an Aurifil ‘snob’; won’t use anything but. My fav is the palest sage. Goes with everything! All Aurifil 50wt ‘sinks in’ so nicely, any color would do. Mark Lipinski is the reason I tried Aurifil, and my machine is the reason I keep using it – she loves it! Have been a FB friend forever!

  84. I find myself using a shade just off white from white the most so I think the 3rd down on the left would probably be my most-used shade.

  85. I use the gray 2620 the most as well as other neutrals, after being introduced to aurifil by my quilting friend. i like on fb, that’s how I saw this contest.

  86. I would probably use white the most. I just tried Aurifil thread for the first time, and I love it! So much better than any other thread I’ve tried. I’d love to win this giveaway!

  87. I would probably use the white first, then the off white, and probably the gray next. I’ve never use Aurifil, but would absolutely LOVE to try it!!! Thanks for the chance to win some!

  88. I go through at least two spools of white on each hand quilted king size quilt I make and I usually make 3 a year.

  89. I think I would use the tan #2000 the most just because of the ease to blend into so many fabrics

  90. I got this colection for christmas and have used all of the colors the ecru is gone!! and there is very little of the white left. I love your thread.

  91. i LOVE light beige, i always keep w/ a pale tan, cream color & only use white when stitching with white fabric. love that this thread is thin so the bobbin has a ton more on it, thus requiring fewer refills…love!

  92. My favourite is called neutral and the number is 2000 (I think) I hope it is in the basics collection as I would love a whole box of basics.

  93. I am just finishing my third spool of white so that would be my choice right now. However, I love all the colors and would love to have those choices on hand.

  94. The silvery gray color, since I am going to be starting a gray and white chevron quilt for my daughters new home.

  95. I actually bought that lightest grey and its been the most useful colour I’ve ever had, its perfect! However, I’ve got quite a few darker fabric projects lined up so that black would no doubt be most handy 😉

  96. I mainly use the grey and white… and I have also already liked Aurafil thread face book page…

  97. I love Aurafil thread! And, I’m already a follower on Facebook. I do love your frequent posts. Every day when I come to check on my Facebook friends, I have quilting inspiration waiting for me, too. Keep my newsfeed busy!

  98. Already an Aurifil and FB fan.
    I use the light silver gray probably the most.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. I think I’d use the linen/lt beige color the most. I’m sewing with a ton of linen these days!

  100. I use a lot of blacks, but with all those choices who knows? I might venture into more grays than usual.