Seasonal Silhouettes by Edyta Sitar book review and giveaway!


Inspired by nature and seasonal changes, Edyta brings the ease of raw edge quilting into your hands to create one beautiful quilt block at a time, with no limits on the size of your completed project.  Edyta Sitar‘s newest book Seasonal Silhouettes from Landauer Publishing , features twelve inspirational quilts blocks, one for every month of the year, using raw edge applique with five different block settings for you to decide the final size of your quilt.

Edyta has put together a lovely video to show even more of what her book has to offer

Patriotic red, white and blue combined with a down home feel for July.

You can almost taste the sweet watermelon and strawberries in the June block.INT_SeasonalSilhouettes-June

The holly berries and skates make the January block a winter favorite.INT_SeasonalSilhouettes-January

This book is a fantastic choice for every level of sewer with useful information to walk you through the project from color choice to block setting. Edyta even provides many  suggestions in her personal choices of supplies taking the guesswork out of what makes the perfect quilt.


edyta1-1Edyta’s love for fabric began at a very young age – when she used her mother’s newly hung drapes to create her first fabric project! Fortunately for all of us, her mother recognized her passion for fabric and thus began the journey with fabric and sewing. Creating beautiful gowns ushered Edyta into creative textile design and established the building blocks which lead her into a quilting adventure.

Quilting has enabled Edyta to express herself; her designs are the avenue to release artistic passion! The combination of inspiration from nature, a love for fabric, a keen eye for color, and her family teachings blended into the recipe for developing a flourishing talent for designing quilts and quilting patterns.

“My children and my husband are my greatest motivation, providing the basis that you can accomplish anything you want if you just set your mind to it. Being able to do what I love and share this love with others is the greatest feeling and reward I could imagine! This is the Cinderella dream for me.”

As the owner and co-founder of her company, Laundry Basket Quilts, she has been published in magazines world-wide and her quilts have been honored through receiving numerous awards.

Edyta is proud to carry on her family tradition that fabrics and threads have seamlessly stitched together through the generations.

In addition to her many other endevors, Edyta has created three Aurifil thread collections, Quilters Essentials, Kit Art and Over the Rainbow.
Edita openB
To celebrate her new book with you, Edyta has supplied a copy of Seasonal Silhouettes to combine with an Aurifil Over the Rainbow collection for a fantastic giveaway and a great way to start your own quilt!

The collection case will include 12 colors of 100% 50wt cotton containing 1422 yds each

Colors included :

1130   2545   4030   4650   2780   1100   1114   2730    1133   2892   1125   1135

One winner will receive a copy of Edyta’s book Seasonal Silhouettes and one large spool collection of Over the Rainbow!
Thank you everyone for all of your comments!
This giveaway is closed and Congratulations to Susan!
Susan Entwistle
Submitted on 2013/06/14 at 6:36 pm

My favorite seasonal colors are shades of green. It’s the only color that transcends all seasons. I love the forest greens for winter, and sages for fall, the yellow greens for spring, and the limes and brights for summer. (Can you tell green is my favorite color?). Thanks for the fabulous prizes and a chance to win them.


  1. I really love the bright fall colors especially oranges, but spring brights are a large second on my list.

  2. It depends on the season. My favorite season is fall, so that would be the browns/golds/oranges/reds/deep greens.

  3. Ilove all of them but especially the bright summer shades of red, yellow, pinks, purples and greens

  4. Bright Spring colors are my favorite!! Everything comes to life starting with the multitude of greens and adding pinks, blues, oranges, purples, reds, yellows, etc.

  5. As I look out my window this morning the beautiful spring colors of my garden are jumping out at me. Purples of the Iris, Orange of the Poppies, Pinks and whites of the Peonies. Bright spring colors are my favorites

  6. Oh, I LOVE the beautiful jewel tones of Autumn! Thank you for this exciting opportunity 🙂 I adore the book, and of course, Aurifil!

  7. I love the spring colors: yellow, pink, rose red, blue. Which is sweeter, Edyta or her artistry?

  8. I love each season, but I especially love the fresh new baby green when the leaves and grass are first coming out from their winter hideaway. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Hard to choose favorite seasonal color. My favorites are the warm fall tones with pastel spring colors a close second…or is it the other way around? 🙂 thanks for the chance to win.

  10. What color/season that God has created is not loved! What is special and loved is that God gave us Edyta to inspire us to see the colors and inspire us to be creative!

  11. This is hard to say, I like all the different seasons colors. I guess the vibrant colors of fall would be my favorite.

  12. This book looks fantastic. My favorite seasonal colors are the pinks and yellows of my spring flowers.

  13. I am all over the color wheel…I love pastels with some brights thrown in for accent, then I wander to the falls colors that are rich and warm and make me want to wrap up in them. There are just to many perfect colors to pick favorites! ♥

  14. I love the rich jewel tones that you find in the Fall, The combination of red, green, yellow & orange colors are inspiring!

  15. I love purple, so I would have to say fall colors with burgundy, orange and purple would be my choices..

  16. I love the colors of fall, oranges, reds, browns and green, but I find as each season rolls around I work in different color palettes. Thanks for the contest!

  17. My favorite colors are spring greens, lilac & daffodil yellow. Have been a fan of Edyta’s for quite a while… her work! Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I love the bright and rich jewel colours of summer. I look at the flowers in my garden and am always amazed at how vibrant they are. Love this time of year.

  19. Summery, beach-y, sun-shiny colors are my favorites. Would love to win one of these gifts!

  20. It is so hard to choose just one color but I must admit I do love the orange. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  21. I love the colors of fall: green, gold, rust, brown, with a splash of burgundy. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  22. I love fall colours – browns, rust, orange, green, burgundy, beige, gold and black. This looks like a great book and the work shown here is beautiful.

  23. The bright colors of violet and yellow in the Spring flowers inspire me to begin new projects. I love all of Edyta’s designs and welcome new ones when they arrive. My favorite projects of hers introduced me to the use of batiks and I am hooked. Thank you for the opportunity to express my creativity.

  24. I love all the bright spring season colors….so refreshing after long western NY winters. The bright pinks, purples, blues, & especially greens are so welcoming!

  25. My greatest love are the warm colors of Autum. But also find great joy in every other season. Would love to win this.

  26. I love the shaded oranges, reds, browns and golds of fall in the central states.

  27. My favorite seasonal colors are the colors of roses in bloom, the iris, the lilacs and the hollyhocks. The taste of summer in the red watermelon, strawberries and the citrus of the lemon and limes. Well, you can almost taste the colors of the fruit.

  28. Hands down, I love all the colors of fall. They are so rich and inviting. Edyta does several fall patterns that are just amazing. Give me orange, rust, brown, red any day. I love all her work and Aurifil is the best thread to use!

  29. I enjoy rich colors, not wild bright just rich in their own colors. I am working on a deep burgundy and variety of greens light background. Thank you in advance.

  30. I love them all, and especially the way colors seem to sparkle next to each other, but would probably choose fall with it’s rich russets, greens and golds.

  31. I’m already thinking of fall! I’m liking rich browns, dark greens, golds and red-orange. My favorites would have to be spring, and bright pastels, yellow, sky blue, apple green, bright pink. Love the patterns in the book, and your thread!

  32. I love bright colors. I also love to make beautiful picture scapes with my sewing.I enjoy hand stitching as much as I do sewing.

  33. I love the fall so yellows, oranges, reds tend to be favorites in all shades. Love this book.

  34. I would have to say shades of summer . That is all the colors of the rainbow right. Bright and beautiful

  35. Seems my favorites are Fall colors with Spring following close behind. Thank you for sponsoring this give-away.

  36. I want to say summer, my favorite time of the year, but I really love to sew with the spring pastels and greens. So hard to pick…

  37. I love the bright colors of Summer! Blues to beiges for the beach… Bright greens to browns for the forest and reds to purples for the flowers. (Can you tell, I adore color? 🙂

  38. My favorites are the greens that begin to show after the grey and white of winter. So refreshing to have color return to our world after a long cold winter.

  39. tough one to choose…But right now, coming out of the new spring, I’ll say the first, fresh spring GREENS! They are so bright, almost glowing and against that blue sky in the early spring morning… they just make my heart sing! 🙂

  40. I love the spring colors – so soft and calming and all of them promise a new beginning! Thanks for the chance to win the wonderful book and beautiful threads!

  41. Blues, greens, set off with yellows, golds, some reds, purples, well, you guessed it..all the colors of the rainbow. Even snow is not pure white but has shades of turquoise, blues and purples, pinks…to have the opportunity of choosing one of Mrs. Sitar’s quilts and work with the Aurifil thread would be an extraordinary experience. I really love Mrs. Sitar’s story of the origin of the name “Laundry Basket Quilts.”

  42. I love the bright colours that are signposts of changing seasons for me in Northern Ontario Canada. Bright blue sky, lime green leaves, glowing red, and the deep reds and golds of fall. thanks for the chance!

  43. What a beautiful book, I love the thread colors also. My favorite colors are the bright colors of spring and summer. Thanks for the incredible giveaway.

  44. i love all the seasonal colours…love the beige, brown, grey of early spring before the world turns green…love the first few saturated greens of the new leaves…love the lush over growth of early summer with bits of brillant colour thrown in, love the hazy, washed out colours of the summer, the golds and reds of fall are wonderfully warm, and then winter with a multitude of whites, blue whites, grey whites, warm sun washed whites…ah so many colour palettes

  45. It would be so hard to choose just one or two colors. I love spring for the “new” green colors and the brights of summer. Fall is just one of the best times of the year when we are all surprised by the changing colors of the trees. The kid in me loves Christmas colors for the excitement it all brings. I would LOVE any of the colors of Mrs. Sitar’s.

  46. Love the cozy feel of warm fall colors – browns, rust, goldenrod…makes me want to cuddle up. Also marks the end of the long hot Arizona summer 🙂

  47. I am definetly a spring color person, I love the color of fresh growth on the shrubs, that tender green, yellow of daffodils, the blush pink of geraniums, hot pink of azaleas, oh and the purple/blue of agapanthas that are in full bloom right now. Oh how I love spring/summer!

  48. I like to change out my quilts each season, but that said, my favorite ones are the Autumn/Fall colors.

  49. It is so hard to choose a favorite color. I love all the colors for all the seasons as long as they are grouped together by season!

  50. I am definitely a fall color person. I change my quilts out every other month:) so fun!

  51. I love the greens of summer but my favorites are the falls colors you find in fall fabrics (purples, oranges and greens). Thank you for the chance.

  52. I haven’t met a color I did not like! Even mousy browns and plain greys have a place in my quilts. As a quilt designer I try not to limit my options. I also love to challenge myself to use unusal colors together. Sometimes it works other times not so much!

  53. My favorites are the deep jewel tones probably associated with with late Winter (and moving into Spring)!

  54. My favorite colors are reds, blues and beige/taupes. My eyes are drawn to any combination of these colors. Having said that, I also like the warm colors of Autumn…gold, yellow, orange, rust, brown and even green thrown in for good measure.

    Edyta’s designs and fabrics are amongst my favorites, Thanks for the opportunity to enter this generous giveaway.

  55. My seasonal colors hard to say love all seasons and all colors, but for question I would say spring colors greens reds pinks as with new grass growing and flowers blooming

  56. Fall colors speak to me…they bring warmth, coziness, and a big “ahhhhhhh” right to my soul. Aurifil is the absolute best, hands down. Love the blog.

  57. I love cheerful colors in my quilts and often times will add a small amount of black for definition. I like most colors and see more reds and blues in my stash than other colors.

  58. It is hard to chose since I love all color combinations but I like the brightness of yellow, oranges and maybe a red thrown in the mix. Thank you for giving us a chance to win this wonderful give away.

  59. Greens are my Favorites! Spring green, Christmas green, Summer grass green…I could go on! Edyta’s designs are wonderful and her new book would be great to have in my Library. Judy R from Buffalo

  60. I love the Spring colors from my garden, sky blue, lilac and iris, pink and yellow roses, and the fresh greens after the rain. I love Edyta’s collections! Thanks.

  61. I can’t get enough of the fall colors, oranges, yellows. I always seem to be making something new for fall.

  62. My favorite seasonal colors are a wonderful pumpkin orange (which means various shades of orange, in a clear palette) and a lovely, rich teal!! And they go together so well!! then again, I also love orange and purple and green together: it’s hard to pick out just one!! Thanks for the chance to win such loveliness!! 🙂

  63. Hello, Thank-you for such an awesome giveaway! To win this giveaway, would send me “over the rainbow”. Seasonal Silhouettes & lg. spool collection of Over the Rainbow ! Aurifil & Edyta Sitar, what a beautiful combination! My favorite seasonal colors are of Summer blues, greens & yellow. I love all colors. Thank-you~

  64. I am definitely a blue person. As for seasons, my favorite is fall, so there is definitely a place for all of those too. Win or loose, im getting this book, it looks fantastic, and who doesnt want Aurifil!

    Penny colbert

  65. I think it’s hard not to love the intensely saturated colors of fall. Leaves of different shades bending in the breeze, the dark green of grass before it goes dormant for the winter and the crisp blue of the afternoon sky!

  66. I love blue in all its variations. I also love the iris (on the book cover) and would love to make that first.

  67. My current favorite colors are green and red. I ran across a picture of Miss Rosie’s Toulouse and fell in love with it. I couldn’t find a pattern but loved it so much that I just started cutting fabric and have been winging it! I would really like to win a copy of Seasonal Silhouettes. Edyta has really created some really beautiful blocks!

  68. I love spring – fresh green, hyacinth purple, crocus red and yellow, snowdrop blue, bright white

  69. I love the colors of spring and early summer, especially the silvery and sage greens, pinks and lavenders of my herb garden.

  70. I love the colors of summer with the blues for the skys, green of the leaves and all the pretty colors of the flowers in bloom.

  71. I love the blues and dark jewel tones. They are seasonally related to fall, but they can be added to summer and all the other seasons. I have been waiting for this book to be released!!!

  72. Mis colores preferidos son todos los tonos tierra ocres, marrones, rojizos y amarillos. También me gustan los azules intensos y los rojos son mi pasión. Blanco, gris y negro son estupendos y los rosas y lilas estarán en la cola de mi lista pero están.
    Felicidades por este hermoso libro.

  73. I love spring colors, especially in the 4 to 6 pm as they are most intense then….. the greens, blues, reds, yellows.

  74. That is easy, the bright greens and clear colours of spring!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  75. I love color….For summer I love hot pink , lime green & turquoise. For Christmas I love Aquas. pastel pinks and pastel greens. For fall give me Mustards, Oragnes and Greys and for Spring give me pastels lavender, pastel pink, limes and fushia and yellow. Those blocks in her new book look amazeing. Would love to wnd up the winner of this..And gorgeous Aurifil threads too what a wining combnation. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  76. the oranges and browns of fall, the pale blues and whites of winter, the pastels of spring are all good, but my favorites are the summer colors of my potted annuals–deep purples, bright oranges, pale yellows, and pieces of white!

  77. Colors reminiscent of the Caribbean: turquoise, hot yellow, orange, lime green and hot pink!

  78. I love everything she does. I am about half way done with Spring Bouquet quilt of hers and I love it. Can hardly wait to try the seasonal silhouettes. So beautiful

  79. My favourites really do change with the seasons…lilacs and greens for Spring; yellow and turquoise for Summer; golds and earthy browns for Autumn and white with grey and light blue for Winter. I know Aurifil can offer all these changes for me!!

  80. I love the bright colors of summer, the warm colors of autumn/fall and the pretty pastel colors of spring!

  81. Gorgeous giveaway with those threads! I love the Rainbow of colors that remind me of Hot summer days. Love Edyta’s style and designs, they are always incredible.

  82. I love the fall colors. The richness of a brown or rusts and golds, with different greens and burgundies is such a warm combination, I can’t resist it.

  83. What an awesome giveaway! The book and the thread are beautiful. Thanks for the chance! I love the greens and blues of summer.

  84. Wow, that is an awesome give away! I love the crisp blues and icy whites of winter, with a little silver thrown in. 🙂

  85. I love the Christmas season and the combination of beautiful reds and greens.
    wlinda_ca at

  86. I love the bright yellows, reds, blues, and greens of summer. Thanks for the chance to win such great products.

  87. I never met a color I DIDN’T like … today the lush greens and clear blue skies of summer appeal. I love Edyta’s work and would love to win a copy of her new book. What a great give-away.

  88. I love spring colors. The beautiful colors that bring life back to my surroundings and bring me out of hibernation.

  89. I love the soft colors of spring, the red, whites and blues of summer, the oranges and golds of fall. To be truthful I like all colors but during different seasons.

  90. My favorite seasonal colors come from Fall. The rich tones remind me of the leaves and the crisp fresh fall days. 🙂

  91. I love to wear the fall colors, but my favorite color for sewing is blue or teal mixed with white!

  92. I love the reds, oranges, golds, rusts, and browns of Autumn. Quilting has given me a new appreciation for color.

  93. I love the greens, which vary with the seasons ……from the spring green to grass green to olive green to the blue greens of winter evergreens.

  94. My favotite colors are the warm, rich colors of Fall…gold, rust, copper, dark green, deep browns, butter yellows!

  95. The colors are beautiful. This book looks like it has many amazing Ideas in it. Lovely !

  96. I love Spring colors, pinks, greens, yellow, and blue. Great giveaway. Love Edyta and her quilts.

  97. My eyes always go to greens and browns, but I also love reds and blacks. Not solids but batiks, tone on tone or blenders.

  98. Every season is beautiful in Wisconsin and I love the colors that are associated with each! But…if I had to pick, the fall colors of gold, red, green, and brown are my favorite 🙂

  99. My favorite seasonal colors are the fall colors of the turning leaves – golds and deep reds. Love Edyta’s book – especially the July block

  100. I love all the different shades of green you can see in the spring, from the brightest lime green to deep green, and they all look great together!

  101. I enjoy the bright colors of summer & spring as everything starts to wake up from the winter months. Edyta’s book is a real inspiration!

  102. When I think of the seasons, fall is my favorite, so I’ll say that the colors of trees in the fall are my favorite ones.

  103. My favorite seasonal colors are those that remind of the flowers blooming at Easter – purples, golds, blues and deep pinks.

  104. Absolutely love the book and can’t wait to start a project using it, Favorite colors are blues, purples and greens–can’t decide which

  105. My favorite seasonal colors vary by the season but if I have to pick just one it would be autumn with it’s warm golds, greens, oranges and burgandy.

  106. I love the bright colors of summer – they seem more “happy.” I’m especially fond of purples,pinks,royal blue, but enjoy using the rainbow spectrum together..

  107. I love the fresh vibrant colors of spring and summer but also the rich deep colors of fall and winter! In other words, I love them all! Edyta’s new book is very inspirational. Can’t wait to get one.

  108. My favorite color is cobalt blue, but I just love the “old fashioned” Christmas colors–burgundy, forest green, ecru!

  109. My favorite seasonal colors are greens. Then the reds and yellows of spring tulips and daffodils.

  110. I guess Summer colors with all the brights of the rainbow!!! Awesome new book, Congratulations Edyta

  111. Seems odd, since my favorite season is spring, but my favorite seasonal colors are found in autumn–pumpkin, dark red, olive green, and brown.

  112. Fall’s colors have always been my favorite, but I’m beginning to use brighter colors in my quilts. This book and thread giveaway is fantastic!

  113. I love the brighter colors! As far as a favorite color – I do not have one. Brighter colors add a lot to quilts and/or appliques. And I LOVE all of Edyta’s work. I am anxious to get my hands of her new book!! I have all of her books. The book and thread giveaway is awesome!

  114. Reds, blues are favorites, but many others colors are also enjoyable. The book looks like fun with endless possibilities. Thanks for sharing.

  115. I love every season of the year but my favorite times are Spring and Fall. I love all the bright colors!

  116. Cranberry first came to my mind, it’s a Fall tone, warm Winter welcome, Spring’s cherry tree buds and finally a refreshing Summer drink.

  117. Love all the seasons, but if asked to choose I would go with the rich colors of fall. Love Edita and her fabulous books. Just bought Scrappy Fireworks. Did I mention that I am addicted to Aurifil thread. Once you try it you will never go back….

  118. I love the purples, pinks, bright greens, yellows, and oranges of spring and summer because they are bright, cheerful, and full of life.

  119. I love the yellows, pinks, greens, purples, blues, browns…..ok, so I love them all! 🙂 You can get inspiration from all the different colors.

  120. I love the bright fall colors of orange, brown, lime green and grape purple together. Wait for it….before you know it, it’s autumn! Woohoo!

  121. I really love the designs that were shown from the book. My favorite colors are nice bright summer colors.

  122. I prefer the deep rich colors of Autumn – gold, burgundy, subtle orange, dark red, olive green. The book looks lovely. swalker287 (at) aol (dot) com.

  123. Oh this looks like a wonderful book..I would love to win it. My favorite season for color would be fall….I just love the browns, oranges, yellows, reddish colors almost like tuscany colors…yum.

  124. I love purples. Most of the flowers in my garden are purple or shades of purple. Love the book and the colors of thread.

  125. I love the colors of spring – the yellows, reds, pinks, orange, and purples. The earth tones of greens and browns. Would love to win her beautiful book and threads!

  126. I love living in the Midwest where each season has its own colors and brings on the excitement of that season. I enjoy each one of them, but do love the colors of autumn the best

  127. i love the autumn colors the reds oranges browns I tend to go for the darker end of the spectrum

  128. I love the greens, reds and golds of fall. The whites and blues and silvers of winter are so pretty too! Then there are the greens, pinks, whites and purples of spring that I like too…

  129. Oh, I do love Fall with the oranges and browns, but I also love the red, white and blues of the summer holidays.

  130. I love the soft blurs and aquas, with a hint if lavender. Soft and soothing like the water.

  131. I am a lover of earthy colors. As well as reds, and rusts, and golds, and deep purples, and any colors that looks warm and well……..any color actually. I love color.

  132. I adore Cobalt Blue at the moment….It goes so wonderfully with the wintery weather here in Australia at the moment!

  133. I love many seasonal colors, but my favorite has to be the fresh green and pinks of spring. Thanks for the chance to win!

  134. I love the fall colors. The oranges, yellows, reds, browns and a hint of green. They make me feel warm inside and even though I know the cold winter is on the way a quilt made from fall colors is a way to use that warm feeling to keep me from the winter cold.

  135. Orange and pretty much anything! Orange with lime for Spring, with yellow for Summer and with brown for Fall! I stand with tradition for Winter, tho – red with any shade of green!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize!

  136. I love the cool watery blues and greens of summer but my very favotite seasonal colors are the pinks, reds and oranges of autumn’s leaves.

  137. My favorite seasonal colors are the vivid purples, pinks and yellows of Spring….especially this year as today I try to prepare myself for my baby sisters funeral. She was a Master Gardenier. We spent many happy hours in family flower beds together. Thanks for the chance to win.

  138. I love all bright colours (I am canadian – I spell colours with a “U”), but I have a soft spot for fall colours. Not so much the browns, but the yellows, orange and reds

  139. Love ALL the colors — so hard to pick, but seasonally, I adore Autumn, so I’ll pick the yellow to gold and orange to red of Fall.

  140. For fabric I like deeply saturated colors – bold is the word. For thread I use more orange and red than anything else just lately; they seem to go with nearly everything!

  141. I love turn-of-the-season combinations. The rusty reds, burnt oranges and goldenrod yellows of fall backed up with the deep greens of a late summer pine forest just make my head spin with joy.

  142. First of all, thanks so much for the awesome giveaway. I love all colors, but I especially love the fall colors, yello, orange, brown, green…Good Luck to all who enter!

  143. I love purple. I enjoy making things for my daughters. One loves things in black and white and the other black and yellow. I like to think outside the box and if I find something I like, i try using those colors.

  144. I love fall colors, Reds, oranges, golds, yellows.Reminds me of trees turning their leaves in the fall.

  145. I love most colors, but to pick my favs, I’d have to say the spring greens, yellow and orange!

  146. My favorite seasonal colors are mostly fall colors like rust, green, gold, brown, and reds–but I love all colors. It just depends on what project I’m working on at the time.

  147. My heart does a happy dance for all Fall and earthy colors! All colors are beautiful, put I particularly like the look of those Fall colors grouped together, along with various shades of earthy browns.

  148. I love the bright, cheery colors of summer. I love the warm colors of fall. I love the cool colors of winter. I love the refreshing colors of spring. 🙂 My favorite colors are bright rainbow!

  149. The colors of summer are amazing – vivid pinks, purples, blues and yellows. Nature is a feast for sore eyes, and it’s great fun to recreate it with fabric and thread. And what a fun book Edyta has compiled – definitely on my Bucket List.

  150. Navy blue is my favorite color, closely followed by pink, grey and limey green. I would have to say that Fall is my favorite season for the beautiful spectrum of colors it represents.

  151. I love pink, so I guess I loveSpring, but nothing beats the fiery reds and oranges of Fall. My fav block is the cowboy boot and flag. i’m a vet and my first duty station was in Kingsville TX.

  152. I would be hard pressed to find a favorite out of that collection, they are all gorgeous. It is so much fun to have a variety of bright colors to work with in any project and they fit the bill. I am more partial to warm colors but the cool colors are fabulous and i can always find a way to use those. Thanks for the opportunity to try for these threads.

  153. I can’t say I have a real favourite colour, I love them all, my daughter collects anything with figure skates, she even has a Christmas tree that is totally decorated with skating things and of course Mom being a quilter has to make her anything with skates on it that she finds. Would totally love to do the Christmas block for her. Thanks for the chance to enter and maybe win your awesome thread and Edyita’s book

  154. I love pink and green together for a spring or summer palette. The designs in Edyta’s new book look amazing. Looking forward to making the blocks!

  155. my fav seasonal colors are shades of yellow orange and red – it really gets hot down here in the South

  156. Each season calls to me as they do change her in northern Michigan. Favorite color spectrum is that of summer with all hues of green as background to the lovely colors of the wildflowers.

  157. For Winter I love Icey blues and whites along with Christmas reds and green.
    For Spring I love all the bright pinks ,oranges ,yellows ,reds and greens , the same colors for summer and Fall My favorite season is the golds, browns, oranges,reds and yellows.
    Thank you for the chance to win, I love Aurifil threads and would love the book too.

  158. favorite seasonal colors are the greens of spring and summer the clear golds of fall and that peculiar intense blue you only see in the deepest snows of winter

  159. I love bright blues and sun shinny yellows for the summer. All the colors very are nice. LOVE the book. Thanks for the giveaway

  160. Love pastels for spring and reds & greens for xmas. There are just so many beautiful colors I just want to use them all.

  161. I love the colors of Autumn, from the orange of pumpkins and bittersweet to the many shades of brown.

  162. I love the jewels tones of summer. A lush green, vibrant gold and jubilant pink always make me smile.

  163. Since I live in Wisconsin, my favorite seasonal colors are the shades of green in Spring – new leaves, new grass. I also love the different shades of lavender and purples of the lilacs.

  164. I just love your patterns. I’m just finishing up Sprouts. And Aurifil is the thread!! Would love to have all those beautiful colors

  165. For summer, red and fuchsia with white and cream / spring light pink, blues, med greens, white
    Fall reds with orange and dark green / winter, blues, with greens

  166. My favorite colors would fall into the fall colors. As a fan of 1800 fabrics, these threads will add a great depth to any quilt, especially mine.

  167. The brown, golds, and reds of autumn are my favorite seasonal colors. Adding orange, purple and green to these send them over the top. Thanks for a chance to win.

  168. I am in love with the the various blues. Blue is probably the color I tend to use most in all my projects.

  169. My favorite color is Green(s)- and they are seasonal too…..All Seasons. You find green in the dead of winter and at the height of summer… the lightest shades in spring…. and elusive shades in the fall. I would love to have one of every color of the aurifil threads from any season!!!

  170. I love the fall colors of reds, browns, yellow, green and orange. Blues are also big with my stash colors. I use a lot of red and blue. I love color in general.

  171. I love the blues, yellows and greens. I have never tried aurifil . Their colors look great and will have to check them out for sure!!

  172. I have to say the yellow, orange, pink and, light green are my favorite. They remind me of the beautiful flowers and trees I have in my yard! 🙂 What a great combonation of threads in one package, thank you for the great giveaway! 🙂

  173. My favourite season is Summer … deep, rich greens, gorgeous blue skies and beautiful sunsets in shades of orange, yellow, pinks and purples. Even the stormy grey clouds of a good thunderstorm are beautiful.

  174. Blue all the way! I incorporate blue into every season and have the most blue fabric in my stash

  175. Fall colors are by far my favorite. I have more fall themed quilts than any other.

  176. I love the deep blue afternoon sky against the reds, oranges, and yellows of Fall leaves.

  177. I love the colors of every season Right now I’m partial to the colors of the sky at dawn, The pale yellows, the soft oranges and rose hues , fading ever so gently into the blues . Yummy!

  178. I especially love all the spring type colors as they appear so vivid after a long gloomy winter.

  179. It’s too hard to decide! I normally love purples but the green colors of the threads look stunning. Edyta spoke at our quilt guild banquet – fabulous speaker and teacher!

  180. Gotta have those bright, cheerful pinks/turquoise/greens for spring and summer! Nothing better.

  181. I love the thread colors. They are the bright colors that I love working with. Thanks for such a great contest.

  182. even though I am not a “green” person, I am always amazed in the springtime at the unbelieveable number of shades of green there are but I really love the snow with its white and silver sparkle and the sharp contrast of grays and blacks of the trees in winter too

  183. Oh…. I LOVE color! I love BRIGHT colors! Greens, blues, pinks, reds, yellows, oranges, purples…… yep– I love all colors! 😀

  184. The seasonal colors for summer are the bright pinks on the azaleas, the peach of my Gerber Daisy and the periwinkle of my hydrangea. We had rain this summer so the colors are amazing!

  185. I love summer brights like aqua, lime and teal. My color preferences tend to be in sync with the seasons! Excited to try some of these blocks!

  186. so hard to pick, but I really love sunny yellows with bright pinks they just scream spring to me!!!!

  187. The seasonal colors of spring would be bright colors like sky blues, vibrant greens and bursts of colors from flowers in bloom.

  188. I love all the warm colors of flowers in the spring. After a dark, cold winter, these reds, oranges, yellows brighten up the surrounding and me.

  189. Primary colors, complementary colors, winter/spring/summer/fall colors, rainbow colors, neutral colors, all colors… I love them all.

  190. I love the many different shades of green that are seen when spring leaves first make their appearance. After the black and white landscape of our new england winter…. the many shades are just a feast for the eyes.

  191. i love the colors of sring the bright beauitful colors of flowers r awesome and the colors of fall r awesome with the bright beauitful orange, yellow, and the awesome reds its hard to choice 🙂