Valori Wells Aurifil and Robert Kaufman Giveaway second round


We are unhappy to discover that the Rafflecopter for the giveaway on ended up 24 hours before the expected announced giveaway time posted.

In order to let all of our friends enjoy the game, we are reopening a new giveaway where we will offer two thread collections (two winners, one collection each). So feel free to enter the fun from this new post. Entries accepted until Wednesday, July 30 at midnight EST. Winner will be announced on or about , July 31.



To enter this giveaway , please answer the question ” How many spools of thread do you own?”






    1. I have 23 spools and 5 are the Aurifil variegated thread that makes FMQ pop with color.

      1. I have more than 60 and less than 100 spools of thread. I love variety of wts. And colors.

    2. I have only 3 aurifil spools but 50 variate ones. But I am in love witch the aurifil ones.

    3. I only have cheap spools from Hobby lobby, I am wanting to expand my collection to using better quality threads.

  1. I own at least 50 spools of thread, all different kinds. I really love Aurifil Thread the most! I go through a lot of thread making my quilts so I would love to win this!

  2. I have 13 spools, mostly cream and gray. I would love to win a variety. Also I enjoyed your visit to Quilters Square in KY. I really learned a lot.

  3. Yikes–too many to count! I have threads for piecing, embroidering, and quilting, so I am guessing between 100-150 spools.

  4. I have about 20 spools. I would love to win more beautiful Aurifil!!! Thanks for the chance.

  5. Since I’ve only recently started quilting I have about 6 large spools and 10 small spools. Thanks for the chance to win more 🙂

  6. I have over 400. Most of it rayon embroidery tread. I only have 12 Aurifil 5 for quilting.

  7. I’m a newbie to quilting, and just finished my first quilt last week. Sadly, that means I only have one spool of delicious Aurifil thread. Hopefully, that’s about to change! Thank you!

  8. Wow! Probably more than 200. Comes with sewing everything. Quilting, piecing, clothing, embroidery…love the Aurifil for my quilting and don’t have near enough for doing those projects.

  9. uhhhhhh are we supposed to count them??? ROFLOL let’s see where did I stash them??? and where else, oh and there are some over there!! Hahahahaha ohhhhh wellllll 30 + or – a couple 🙂 I love love love Aurifil

  10. Have sewn forever…newer to quilting tho! lol Must have just over 100 spools of thread…at least! Soooo wonder why I never seem to have “The” shade I need? giggle…

  11. I would say I own about l00 but different types and brands. Why is it I never have the color I need for the project I am working on.

  12. hmmm…I wish you hadn’t made me think about this. I easily have more than 100 spools of thread! Different weights, fibers and colors. (Have you any suggestions for running Aurifil on a Gammil Charm? That’s their 18″ sit down machine much like their Vision I believe.)

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love Aurifil thread. You guys do a great job!

  13. Well it depends do you mean cotton or rayon and basically tons I love to embroider and love colors and feel like a new spool is a great treat on a bad day😜

  14. I probably own about 75 spools of thread. Not enough Aurifil thread though. Would love your collection.

  15. I have about 30 spools of thread, but lately I use mostly Aurifil, I have about 10 of those.

  16. I have over 100 spools but I just switch brands to aurifil so not many of them. I would say about 15 spools of them and running out of some. Great thread works well in my machine.

  17. I own several hundred spools of thread. It is my goal to have all of the different Aurifil colors.

  18. About 410 Total, not counting Serger Thread (150 for sewing, 250 for Machine Embroidery, 10 for machine quilting). Still never seem to have the right color.

  19. I own many 100’s of spools of thread, perhaps thousands.. I can’t count that high. You can’t just have 10 or 20 spools of Aurifil, with 50, 40, 28, and 12 weight, solids and variagated, cotton and wool ! All those luscious colors! You gotta have a thread stash, and Aurifil needs to play a big part of that thread stash.

  20. OM, I need to count then all? …In a cases I have 20, in my bag I have 4, in a jar I have 35, in desk drawers 7, a box with 65, in little bin I have 28, with ongoing projects I have 8. …write I have a lot of thread 167 spools of thread. I would live to win the Auifil because I hear it is fantastic and my machine will live me if I switch to such fine thread.

  21. I think around 25 not counting hand-quilting thread. Whenever I see neutral threads on sale, I try to buy a few extras to have on hand.

  22. Not positve but at least 200 plus. Thanks for sharing. I would love to add these to the mix..

  23. Haven’t counted, but I would guess about 120 to 150. I also sew clothing, so those need matching threads! =)

  24. LOL Too many to count. I do longarming for people and have an embroidery machine. I would say I am nearing the 500 mark! 🙂

  25. I would have to count, but I am guessing around 50. I even have a few Aurifil. You can’t buy the where I live. We only have Walmart!

  26. I currently own about 60 spools. I use Aurifil for piecing and own several spools of cream and mocha, always have at least one black, white and grey. I also have several spools in assorted colors for bobbins when machine quilting and for top stitching, machine quilting and hand binding! I LOVE my Aurilfil threads!!!!

  27. I have lots of off brand spools, but don’t use them anymore, so don’t know how many there are packed away. I have about 28 Aurifil spools….not enough as that is all I use anymore.

  28. Well, I’m almost ashamed to say this, but I have 534 spools of thread, and I’ll bet I missed some… all different sizes of spools, including polyester, cotton, various metallics, and embroidery. Out of all of that, 64 spools are Aurifil!! There is a reason I call myself a thread junky…

  29. Over 400, but I inherited my husbands’ embroidery threads when his machine died. I have no Aurifil yet, but hear really good things about it. I’ve been using a lot of Essential brand for my quilting & going through a lot of it!! One day, I’ll get to try Aurifil. Thank you for the chance!

  30. Lots but only just found aurofil. I have about 15 of those to quilt my next piece

  31. A collection accumulated over generations of sewers. I have to remind myself to test threads before I use them. It’s a thrill to find a wooden spool now and then.

  32. I do a fair amount of garment sewing for my little girl, so I probably have 30 or so spools. Thanks for sharing!!

  33. I have 26 spools of Aurifil. All are neutrals. I haven’t started machine quilting yet but when I do I will be adding colors.

  34. I counted 116, but I am sure I have some packed away with future projects:) Most are from my clothing making days and are not aurofil. Now I am slowly building a stash of aurofil as I make more and more quilts.

  35. Probably well over 100, mostly embroidery thread, but I always need more Aurifil for quilting!

  36. Since I have been quilting/sewing for years, I have many spools of thread (at least 100) from several manufacturers. Once I tried Aurifil thread, I haven’t used anything else. My Aurifil collection now numbers fifteen and I will definitely be adding to it.

  37. I have about a dozen, neutral colors, and would love to have more Aurifil thread.

  38. I have about 30 spools of thread but I get a bit weird about having exactly the right color!

  39. Over 100 for sure…too many to count!! But I just recently began buying Aurifil threads so I would love to add to the colors I have in Aurifil as I’ve only purchased neutral shades so far

  40. I think I have around 50 spools of all varieties. Except for piecing, I ‘need’ to buy a new spool for every project – have to have just the right color for quilting, embellishing, etc., don’t you know!

  41. Hehe too many! But one needs the absolute perfect shade right? Oh easily over 50 (this does not include embroidery threads 😌).

  42. I have 16 spools of thread of which 4 are the aurifil which I use for special projects and for placemats, potholders, etc I use the cheaper threads. Would love to own more of the Aurifil

  43. I hope I am registered for the giveaway! Couldn’t tell…am I?

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  44. I have 25 spools. Mostly neutrals in large spools and colors in smaller spools since I like to match per projects. Thanks for being so generous with this giveaway!

  45. I have approximately 30 spools of thread… mostly Aurifil which is my favorite thread for piecing and quilting my quilts. 🙂

  46. Seams like I collect thread like I do fabric. Too many to count, but definitely over 200. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  47. Too many to count, as I’ve just inherited some, all the colours in different jars. They look beautiful but are so old they break when I use them – I need this prize!

  48. I counted 117 spools of thread in my sewing studio. About half of those are Aurifil thread. Thank you for another giveaway. 🙂

  49. I probalby have around 30 spools of unknown content, polyester and a cotton blend that I inherited from my mother. I have 10 spools of good quilting thread.

  50. Too many to count! But probably fewer than 50 are really suitable to be used anymore.

  51. About 38 spools, not counting ones that are pretty, but so old they can’t be sewn with, and only displayed.

  52. I’m embarrassed to say! I hoard spools like an addict. I have some displayed but the others remain hidden in secret places… So I’ll just count the displayed ones: 36

  53. at least 300, but I use different kinds for embroidery, applique, EPP, quilting, piecing and sewing.

  54. I have probably 40, 20 of which are from a sampler that I bought a couple of years ago. I’ve never seen Aurifil in person, as it isn’t carried by any one in my area. I would love to win!

  55. I’m guessing at 50+. Mostly Aurifil. They are like an artists palette – so lovely to look at!

  56. Packed away in too many places to count since we moved in 2010; but I’m sure I have a couple hundred with all those accumulated from garment sewing since a child, now some from deceased m-i-l’s sewing room disbursement, some for serger, some for embroidery, etc., etc., etc.

  57. I try not to notice.but at least 60 or 65…..

    Looking forward to visiting the Aurifil booth at the UK Festival of Quilts in a couple of weeks.

  58. Oh heavens!! Way too many to count! I’m going to give a rough estimate and say three or four hundred, and I must say the Aurifil is by far the favorite. A lot of it is from my clothing making days, way before I had ever heard of your company.

  59. I have six Aurifill spools of neutrals for piecing. I just started quilting this year. I am doing free motion quilting and bought a set of 12 Isacord spools too, as well as a few Coats and Clarks when I first started out! I bought a couple of Guterman, but I think I like Aurifil better and am planning on buying a set or two in the future!

  60. Only 3 that I consider good enough quality for quilting – the rest are polyester sewing threads

  61. Hundreds — but many of these are very old, and only a few are Aurifil, so I need more!

  62. Hmm, mine are packed. I would guess around 60. I have several duplicates of white, off white and black as those are common colors that I use all the time.

  63. I would guess I have more than 50 large spools of thread, and in addition I have lots of small ones.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. Hmmmmm…. I only buy thread as I require… Unless there is a good sale then I will buy a few extra!

  65. 78 – some new, some old, some never used! I still don’t have the right colour for my current project!

  66. I have about 32 spools of thread and a few small ones. Thank you so very much for the giveaway!!!

  67. I think the number is beetween250and 300, but many of them are used only for piecing — horrible colors!

  68. Probably about 100, but this includes many old, old ones wound on wooden spools. They were inherited from former sewists, and are kept in an old apothecary jar. I have about 20 spools of contemporary threads, and Aurifil is my favorite.

  69. I have 25 Aurifill and 250 other plus varieties. Lots on hand for various garments but never the right color and slowly switching over to Aurifill

  70. I have 5 Aurifil along with many others of varying degrees of quality from all my years of sewing. I knew that there was better thread out there somewhere, but just didn’t know about Aurifil until about a year ago.

  71. 10 Aurifil all in grey, cream and white for piecing. I have a variety of other threads for top stitching. Aurifil is my fave.

  72. I have about 20 spools of aurifil – need many more! I also have over 100 spools of embroidery thread and probably a dozen large cones for the serger. Never enough thread and I love aurifil.

  73. I have over 200 spools, mostly Aurifil. I need to get more 40wt, and want large cones of some colors. Thanks for doing this again. Awesome company!

  74. Not as many as I would like! 🙂 I would estimate that I have 50 spools of thread in all shades of the rainbow.

  75. More than 200. most aurifil but also rayon for embroidery. metallic in multiple colors, heavy 12 wt in aurifil and sulky for hand stitching.

  76. I own 18 spools of Aurifil, and about 55 other spools. Some I inherited from my mother-in-law when she gave me her crafty/sewing stuff last year. You have the most awesome giveaways! Thank you Alex and Aurifil for giving us a chance to win the most awesome thread out there!!! 🙂

  77. I have about 15 spools of Aurifil and about 50 other threads. However, since discovering Aurifil I mostly use the other ones for tacking and such things. Thank you for a fabulous giveaway!

  78. I’ve got close to 200 spools! Why with this amount of thread, does it seem I’m always out of the color I need?!!! Time to do some cleaning I think!

  79. I’ve been quilting a long time, so I have far too many to count. But since I’ve discovered Aurifil, it’s all I want to use! And you can NEVER have enough Aurifil!!!

  80. Don’t know exactly over 100 for sure, even “antiques” from My great grandmother. Thanks for a chance to win these gorgeous colors

  81. I have about 30 spools of thread, yet never have a white/neutral when I run out 🙂

  82. 75 to 100 spools and (horrors!!) not all Aurifil! In my defense, most of the “other” thread predates Aurifil 🙂

  83. 15 spools of thread ~ not counting thread put on extra bobbins. so love Aurifil thread.
    the best thread.

  84. I know for sure that I just added 27 Aurifil spools to my collection – my machine and I love them! I’ll estimate that I have about 150+ various spools, a few are even on “olden days” wood spools.

  85. I would say I have about 60-75 spools. However it’s like floss, you never have the right color so you buy more!!

  86. I have probably 40 spools of thread. My Aurafil is used for all my hand and machine sewing now and I use my other spools for basting my quilts.

  87. This is a estimate, I would say about 100, of those 25 or more of Aurifil, I have been sewing and quilting for many years. I am so glad I discovered Aurifil, I really prefer Aurifil.

  88. What a fun question! I have so many I can’t count them all — I would say close to 200 spools (woot woot). I’ve been collecting Aurifil threads for about a year now and I have nearly 100 spools of your wonderful threads in all weights including the floss! Love Aurifil Threads!

  89. I have over 100 spools of thread. Aurifil is one of the better threads that I own.

  90. I don’t have that many spools of thread to my name. I wish that I had a lot of different colors to choose from but right now it looks like I have 3 whites, one blue and one yellow. I love Aurifil Threads and maybe I will now be able to start a Aurifil collection for myself. Thank you for the chance to become a lucky winner.

    Sandi Timmons

  91. I’d say about 50. About half of them are cotton quilting thread (the rest are polyesters for sewing knits), primarily Aurifil 50 wt, but there are a few Aurifil 30 wts in there as well, in a number of very pretty colours purchased for specific projects. For the most part, though, I use one of three Aurifil cones (white, grey, and beige) for piecing and often for quilting.

  92. I currently have 65 spools on my thread rack, but most of them are spools with very little thread left on them and were colors for specific projects, especially garment sewing. I use those small amounts for sewing hexies!

  93. I own about 45, 6 being Aurifil. I was convinced to try it after hearing the raves of the staff at Sew Deja Vu, my favorite quilt shop, in Stow, Ohio. With a Microtex sharp 70 or 80, it goes through the fabric like butter! I’ve bought no other brand since and will and do tell anyone who will listen about this fab thread. I so want to win!

  94. Eeeek….. I have TOO many to count. I have embroidery thread, cotton, polyester blends maiko, sashiko, perle. and then threads for cross stitch. I love buying new colour ways for machine quilting ~ so there are a tin full of special variegated threads just for that. Do I need to count them?

  95. About 100, but only 10 Aurifil… far! My machine and I just love this thread.

  96. I think maybe 30 spools. I have never tried “Aurifil”, so it is added to my quilt store road trip this week to look for.

  97. EEEEEHIII Lets see.. I have to admit this eh?? I probably have at least 200. The one thing I like about quilting is I can use different colours thread to sew the blocks together.. So my stash is dwindling! I actually bought green for an applique x-mas quilt I am doing. Been a long time since I shopped for more thread. I do love the colours in your gift kit. Very bright and vibrant!

  98. HI, About 60 Spools of thread.
    Some of it is not too great, so I’m slowly replacing it with Aurifil !
    Thanks for sharing

  99. 200 plus, mostly rayon embroidery thread that i have had for about 15 years.. I very rarely use the embroidery feature of my machine. Quilting has now become my passion, but I have less than 10 quilting threads.

  100. Probably a couple hundred or more, but some of them are my collection of old boil fast cotton threads on wooden spools and the like. Never will sew with these unless absolutely desperate. Then there are all of the “junk” threads I got from my sister — the 10 for a dollar type back in the day. Need to do a cleanout.

  101. Question: not an entry. Your time stamp on my comment shows five hours ahead of my time. Is that what messed up the timing on the giveaway? I really wanted those bundles.

  102. At least 50 or 60. But only two Aurifil Boo-Hoo! Hope I win some. Thanks for the 2nd chance.

  103. I have probably 40 to 50 spools, and a dozen or so cones. I’ve been using Aurifil to quilt and I love it. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  104. I have about 22 spools of thread – obviously not enough for a beginner quilter – thanks for the chance to increase my spool stash by another 12 fabulous aurifil threads !

  105. I haven’t a clue as to how many spools I have. I know that it’s not enough, because I will always need another color! LOL

  106. Between my sewing machines, serger, embroidery machines, and long arm quilter…over 100! But a girl can always use more!!

  107. I’m embarrassed to say that I only have three spools of thread. Thank you for the chance

  108. After sewing for more than 40 years I have fa too many spools of thread to count! Sadly only about a dozen of them are Aurifil because they are a fairly recent, (and delightful) discovery for me.

  109. that’s an impossible question for me to answer. I’ve been collecting them for so long But I’m grateful for the chance to win more!

  110. I have about 25 spools that I use for piecing and quilting. I like the 1200 yard size, they last a long time for lots of fun FMQ. I still want to try some Aurifil so I hope I can win.

  111. I own 137 between my sew and quilting threads, most is aurifil- can get enough of it. Pick me please lol

  112. Count them OMG that will take forever!!!! I have 9 Aurifil which I have only started using plus lots and lots of other makes.

  113. Well, I have 35 but some of that is just cheapo thread that I use for basting EPP and white doesn’t count, right?

  114. I have 31 Aurifil spools, including a fantastic collection from Sheena Norquay…use these for my FMQ. Then I also got about a 100 different coloured spools of different thread and weights still from the time when I was trying to figure out which was the best thread to use. Happy to say that this has now stopped…I think that Aurifil is the best thread …just love it!

  115. I have about 70 spools of thread and quite often do not have the color that I want!

  116. Too many! But not enough aurifil, which is all I use now since discovering it 3 years ago.

  117. I probably own about 50, and 49 of them are probably many years old. Inevitably, I can never find the black, white or cream! :o)

  118. I have 5 spools and have heard great things about Aurfil and looking forward to trying it

  119. I only have about 6 Aurifil since I just started quilting this year, but I imagine I have 75 other thread

  120. 246 spools… mostly embroidery thread! lots of nice colors. Just got them all organized too! Would love for them to all be Aurifil……..

  121. I love looking at the colors as they are all lined up…just as amazing as looking at fabric all line up…or jars of jelly beans lined up! But I have to admit, I have2 drawers, one for poly thread and one for cotton threads and there are about 20 polys and 40 cottons…and out of all that… this week I needed 2 colors that I didn’t have! Thanks for the giveaway!
    fabricandmemories at yahoo dot com

  122. 30-40, mostly acquired for top stitching purposes when you need a color to match. Most of my “hidden seam sewing” is done in boring old white!

  123. Oh my, you didn’t ask an easy question. I looked in my all my storage boxes and on the shelves and I am a little embarrassed to admit but I have 157. I love thread. A girl just can never have too much thread. You never know when you need that right color of tangerine orange or candy apple red or passionate pink.

  124. Probably about 30, but some were given to me a long time ago and are very old-they break easily and hang up in my machine sometimes.

  125. I think I only have about 3 spools of Aurifil…that was before I learned about Aurifil and used it! Now all my other spools are being slowly replaced by color and I’m handing it to my girls who are just getting into projects… when they fall in love, THEN I’ll tell them about Aurifil! Otherwise I would have to guard my own stash! haha! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  126. I probably have 100 spools of thread, most of them inherited from my mother on small wooden spools. I love them! But my new thread love is Aurifil! I have 5 cones of that lovely stuff!

  127. Roughly 150, and I haven’t even learned to use the serger sitting in the box for almost 2 years. I love thread colors.

  128. I think I have about 75 spools, but only two of Aurifil. They are my absolute favorite!

  129. I probably have about 50 spools of regular sewing thread and 12 or so of machine quilting thread; but I don’t have any Aurifil! I’d love to be the winner so I could try it out!

  130. I have over 50 spools of thread. Eight of those spools are Aurifil … I recently started buying one spool of Aurifil each month so I can add to my Aurifil collection. Winning this giveaway would help to add more Aurifil colors to my collection. Thank you for the chance to win.

  131. I tend to stick to big spools of neutrals, so I think I have 10, with a few random bobins of special colors. Thanks!

  132. OMG! I have never counted, but as an avid machine embroidery fanatic I probably have 100 of machine embroidery thread and about 100 spools of other threads. One cannot have enough good quality thread!!!

  133. I have many, many spools (probably 50+) from many years of sewing projects. I think it’s time to weed out the old ones! Many thanks!

  134. I didn’t count them, but I probably have around 200. I use some for making garments and projects, some for embroidery, and some for quilting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  135. Not enough! I haven’t counted in a while, but probably around 75. Still, I’m always in search of new great colors. Much like buying an outfit to match a great pair of shoes, I’ve been known to start with a great thread color and then create the project.

  136. I have about 30 spools. I have them in an organizer, but I know there are some spools stuck away with UFOs. Everyone has UFOs!

  137. At least 100 but now I buy big spools. I’ve learned what brands I like. Aurifil is wonderful.

  138. Too many and not enough!!! I have a lot of old thread from my grandma, but my machine only uses Aurifil so even though I have a lot of thread, my actual usable thread is minimal. I LOBE LOVE LOVE Aurifil!

  139. Great question. Wonder how many I do own?? If I were to guess I would have to say maybe about 75 spools of thread are in my drawer. Thanks for the great giveaway. I have been wanting to try this thread for a long time.

  140. I have several about 100 as I enjoy machine embroidery. Would love some more tho, thanks for the competition in which to participate.

  141. Since I just recently lost all my stuff in a flood, and am now having to rebuild, I bought one white thread at the store, so that is all I presently have at the moment. I am just about ready to restart building my stash and thread, so looking forward to begin again. I did buy some old wooden thread on ebay that I will use for decoration, but not for sewing, so I am not counting those. Thanks for the giveaway, and definitely look forward to winning one of these sets.

  142. OMG! Thats like asking our age!
    Big spools or little spools? All weights? hmmmm I honestly do not know. 🙂 But I do know I need more LOL!

  143. Goodness gracious, it would take longer than this giveaway is running to count them all! ☺ Life is good! Thanks a bunch for the chance to win!!!

    my nana maree @ yahoo . com

  144. I have 125 spools of thread because I inherited my mother’s thread collection with most of them on wooden spools. I love the prices that are still on some of them!

  145. I have well over two hundred spools, different brands, weights, colors and purposes. I still always buy more when i see something new, special, different. It is a fun collection!

  146. The only thread that counts is Aurifil, right? I have two regular sized spools and a small variegated spool. I’m looking forward to adding to this count, though.

  147. 5 Aurifil small spools and 3 large spools of neutral colors for qulting but I’m curious about using more colors in the quilting. Thanks for the chance to win some of Valori’s colors

  148. I have about 20 spools. 5 of them are Aurifil. I have only used 2 of them so far but I love it much. My machine does, too.

  149. I only have about 30 spools of sewing thread but I also have about another 30 spools of machine embroidery thread. I would love to have a better range and in particular some Aurifil would be wonderful

  150. I have around 60 spools of thread. I live aways from a quilt store so I want to have lots of colors on hand when I get the urge to quilt.

  151. I only have 1 spool of Aurifil (I just recently found out about it), but I have over a hundred other spools If I count my specialty threads.

  152. I don’t want to say…my husband might be reading this 🙂 I think thread is like fabric…never enough!

  153. 178 but still seem to need more colours or the colour in a different thread type, only pockets are not deep enough to get them all

  154. I own four Auriful big boxes of thread–some truly delicious colors from Camille Roskelly and Color my World. No other thread compares! mommajaehn @ gmail dot com

  155. I own about 100 spools of thread. Most of them are for my FMQ. Thank you for the chance to win some of your wonderful thread. Take care and God bless, Cory

  156. I have about 50 — most of them are Aurifil of course! I would live to win more! I love the variety.

  157. The count is high.. the drawer is full and had leaked over to a second drawer now.. but it’s never enough! New to quilting, I never used so much thread for any project!

  158. Too many…but never the perfect one for what I need it for! No such thing as too much thread!

  159. I own a variety of threads, quilting, embroidery and threads for my George. Not sure how many but on the plus side of 100 for sure all combined. I own 24 Aurifil threads and since some of them are almost all used up, these would be great to add to my collection. thanks for the great give away.

  160. I only own about 6 spools of Aurifil, but it was on my Christmas gift last year and will be again this year. I just started quilting last fall, so haven’t needed a lot, and have two of the same neutral (I got one for Christmas last year).

  161. I probably have over 100 if you count the thread for hand applique, the thread for my domestic machine and the thread for my longarm. However, I now use Aurifil for all 3 purposes.

  162. As an accomplished beginner quilter, I have amassed a small army of various colors of many types of thread. In the past year I discovered aurofil and now am the proud owner of 8 spools of this wonderful thread! I would so LOVE to win more! Thanks for the chance to win!

  163. I didn’t actually count, but I have around 75-100 spools. Since I do some machine embroidery I have a lot of colors for that. I sure would love to add some beautiful Aurifil colors! Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂

  164. I have 4 spools of Aurifil thread and I have become addicted. Just started quilting and I am afraid I see an intervention in the future! I expect to buy many more in the future and the gorgeous colors in the collection would continue to feed my soul. Thank you for the opportunity to win them!

  165. I own 7 spools of aurifil…and about 15 spools of random thread. I am relatively new to aurifil – only using it on the last two of my quilts. But I have already purchased more for two new/future quilts! Thanks so much for the chance to win some of your beautiful thread!

  166. I have never counted my spools of thread..probably 200 spools of embroidery thread and maybe 25 spools of cotton thread.

  167. Ooooh, this question forces me to admit: I AM A THREAD ADDICT! 😀 All tallied, the collection is 200+ spools, yikes! This includes cottons, silks, machine embroidery, rayons, serging polys, metallics & specialty threads used in the bobbin. A girl can never have too much thread!!

  168. Not enough spools! I probably have 175 spools that I’ve been collecting for decades. I have them all in neat boxes by color and love looking at them almost as much as my fabric stash. Shhh! Thanks for the giveaway! Love Aurifil thread!

  169. I must also be a thread addict altho no Aurfil thread at this time must have 200+ of various types and colors

  170. I have about 30 spools of thread. Just starting to enlarge my stash and have been using neutrals to machine piece. I am now gaining confidence to start machine quilting. This give away collection would help me on my way.

  171. I have never tried Aurfil thread, this is the first time I have heard of your thread and would love to try it. I have 30 spools of various treads

  172. I have over 400 spools of various threads and not a single Aurifil. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while but can’t find it at my local shops. So I hope I win this contest 🙂

  173. I have 38 spools of thread. Eight spools of Aurfil threads in neutrals that I use for machine piecing. I discovered Aurfil thread a few years ago and it immediately became my favorite thread. I hope to collect more colors over time. Thank you Aurfil for giving a lucky person the best thread out there.

  174. I love Aurfil -have about 20 spools and use about 1-2 a month . the other treads I own are about 100-150 which i do not use much of .

  175. I have about 150 spools of thread as I inherited some from my mother that she no longer wanted. Am looking forward to quilting with your threads.

  176. I have about 50 spools, maybe more…please don’t make me dig through my craft closet to count!

  177. There is no way I could tell you exactly how many spools of thread I have because it would take me all day and plus another day. Have spools of crochet thread, I have spools of embroidery thread, I have spools of multi-purpose thread, i have spools of serger thread, and I have spools of cotton thread. However, if you asked me how many spools of Aurifil thread I have 1 it is a white one and I just found a local store that sells it. However, I have not tried it yet because I got it for a special project that I have not been able to start yet because I promised myself I would finish up the 10 projects I have going first.

  178. Counting only quilting thread, I own 67 spools of Aurifil…not too shabby. One day I hope to have every color 🙂 Thanks for the second chance! Love my Aurifil!

  179. I’m a fairly new quilter so I only have 7. Only 1 of which is Aurifil. My dog ate my first Aurifil thread so even dachshunds love Aurifil.

  180. I haven’t counted recently, but my guess is close to 150 spools because I use it for sewing, quilting, serging and machine embroidery.

  181. I am counting and counting. I have many for all projects. I would guess over 100.
    Happy Quilting

  182. I am guessing about 100, I used to have an embroidery machine so I have a lot of that, not too much machine quilting thread for piecing and such. My machine is very picky! Thanks for the second chance at the give away!

  183. I have approx 100 but only 3 of those are Aurifil, which as I use them I replace them. The other are ther for color only.

  184. Too many! Or not enough? I’d say a good 300+ as I am an embroiderer. Sadly I only have 18 Aurifil spools, which I’ve recently discovered. It is now my go-to piecing thread.

  185. Around 30 but not all are as nice as my stash of Aurifil (approx 8-9). Thanks! notwendy gmail

  186. A very rough estimate would be about 150 … a combination of variegated, metallic, poly, and my favorite Aurifil quilting threads in neutral colors. I would love to break away and play with Aurifil colors!

  187. Too many that aren’t AURIFIL!!! As a recent convert I’m just beginning my collection of Aurifil colors ….

  188. I just counted and I have 39 spools of thread. This includes some yucky ones that came free with the sewing machine and have never been used!!!

  189. I have about 85, mainly small spools but my favorites are the 5 Aurifils I have. I would absolutely love to have more without a doubt!

  190. I only have 4 Aurifil spools as I started testing the thread in April….I am HOOKED!

  191. I purchased about 100 second hand online when I started quilting last year and didn’t realize the difference in quality between brands. I threw them all away because they were breaking on my machine and now only use Aurifil. I now have 23 spools of beautiful Aurifil.

  192. I would guess about 80 spools, probably 30 polyester, 40 cotton and 10 or more specialty like metallic, invisible, heavy duty jean, and what not. Could definitely use more, especially the high quality of aurifil. I think I only have 2 neutrals for hand applique.

  193. I think I own about 85 to 100 spools of thread! I’m fairly new, but thread has been almost as addicting as fabric! I love thread, especially Aurifil, I can definitely tell a difference in quality if I use anything else, which now I don’t. Thanks for the giveaway!

  194. I have 73 spools, only 10 of which are Aurifil. I need more Aurifil, especially this beautiful collection.

  195. I have around 60reels but only 7 Aurifil so would love to own a box full, seventh heaven 🙂

  196. I probably have over 100 spools of thread. I’m a recent convert to Aurifil thread and only have 2 spools so far but I know my collection is going to grow!.

  197. Probably 75 or so, some of them quite old that I keep because of the wooden spools. I dont think I have any Aurifil, but would sure like to try it.

  198. I probably only have about 10 spools of thread. I tend to sew with a lot of basic thread colors. I would love to win this. 🙂


  199. I have 28, but none of them are as beautiful as those in the giveaway!! Thanks for a chance to win!

  200. This is like asking my bra size; when I first started wearing one (buying) it was a thing of pride, now its something I hide from my husbahd so he doesnt know how much things have gotten out of hand. lol I only have 13 but I though it was too funny to pass up.You cant beat a well balanced Aurifil thread collection box plus some extra white thread for a rainy day. Blessings to you all.

  201. Too many but not enough! I think I must have around 70 spools but never seem to have the right colour!

  202. Hmm, I’m saying about 140 spools for garments and 50 or so in different thicknesses of quilting thread. mmm thread! Thank you for the giveaway!

  203. Wellllllll, if I had to guess I’d say about 75, many different colors and brands. Love aurofil

  204. I’ll have to make a guess on this, but I would say… A hundred? There’s bobbin thread, embroidery thread, quilting thread, piecing thread, appliqué thread, top stitching thread, invisible thread…
    Nothing like a good thread!

  205. Over 100 for the different kind of sewing I do. Aurifil is my go-to thread for piecing, can’t imagine accurate work without it!

  206. If I start to count, my husband will ask me what I’m doing and then just shake his head so my GUESS would be around 30 reels……. and hoping to increase that soon! Quilting specific, I only have 8 isochord spools which is probably a giveaway that I am still a beginner quilter. My developing love is for FMQ which I intend to spend my retirement doing.