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Geeky, quirky, and off the beaten path projects are all offered in a new book Sew Adorkable by Samarra Khaja for C&T Publishing. From sock quilts to dinosaur art, this is not your average DIY book! Every page in this book is full of energy!  A book that guarantees energy boost for all ages filled with sewing fun and imaginative  illustrations, and Samarra’s fabulous sense of humor.


Want to see more about this brilliant book?  Samarra has created an enthusiastic video sharing more of her cleverness and spunk!

After reading the book, I had to ask Samarra the most important question,  “Can you share your Auriprojects from the book?”

She sent a list of her top three projects using Aurifil 12wt, 28 wt and Aurifloss. If you have never tried different thread weights, Samarra shares her suggested thread weights for a few different applications and why she preferred them.

“For my Odd Socks quilt, I used Aurifil Mako Ne 12/2 (#2311) for extra textural embellishments on the toes and it gave me the exact finished look I wanted!”

11114, Khaja, FA15
“Aurifil embroidery thread was used in both the Toothy the Tooth Fairy project and the Bees Knees and Knee-High-to-a-Grasshopper patches and it’s a real joy to stitch with because it’s so smooth and friendly to work with. I recently ran out of it in white, realizing how much of a staple it is in my supply kit, as it’s especially perfect for hand-stitching eye highlights on sewn creatures.”

11114, Khaja,FA15
“I quilted my 8-Bit Birds quilt with Mako Ne 28/2 (#2600) because the slightly thicker weight perfectly enhanced the pixelated look I wanted for the final look.”

11114, Khaja, FA15

Being a sewing machine lover, I had to ask about what machine she uses and her answer is perfection!
“Every project in the book was sewn on my trusty Singer One Plus (and hello, it’s so cute!); I’m a big believer in using whatever sewing machine works best for you, so well-known brand name or not, if it works and finishes the job the way you want it too, you’re golden!”

Be sure to follow Samarra on Instagram to get to know her better and share in her fun world!  She takes the ordinary and creates the extraordinary!  This photo is from Spring Market she did not attend but created her own fun memory of being there with her friends. You never know where she will turn up!


There will be no need to chop and crop herself into photos Fall Market. Samarra will be attending Quilt Market this weekend and she is presenting a School House and a C&T book signing!

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.48.06 AM

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Sew Adorkable Book


  1. This past year I starting drawing, cutting pictures and taking pictures of all the things that inspire me to want to make a quilt. It’s a new way to look at what catches ones eye.

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