Quilt Local by Heather Jones { giveaway}

Ask a room of artists,  “Where do you find your inspiration?”  and most likely the answer will be “Everywhere!”

Artists and quilters find inspiration in bricks, walls, carpet and plants.  Their color palette is created from everyday life experiences to enhance the piece they are creating whether it is a painting, drawing, sculpture or a quilt. Art and quilts are everywhere!


Artist, quilter, and designer Heather Jones has taken the everyday inspirations and gathered them for her new book “Quilt Local.”   The book opens her vision of how everyone can explore and expand their creative spirit in what might seem ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. She takes the reader through the steps of seeing things that might become overlooked in today’s world of distraction. This book is about more than designs or sewing.  It is also a book of being.  Being in the moment.  Some of the most creative times are when we allow ourselves to just be.


Heather not only shares tips on finding inspiration but then guides you through the process of how to turn that awakening into your own piece of quilting art.  There are tips for everything from how to choose colors to how to care for your fabrics.  This book is appropriate for every level of sewer from beginner to expert.  There is something for everyone.  The quilt instructions are well written with supporting diagrams and the photographs are stunning!


I looked through my personal photos to see when and where I was inspired to stop. I found quite a few examples of when I found things around me that were more inspirational than everything else.  There were items and art that moved me enough to take notice.  None of these are particularly special in a grand sense but each of them is lovely in their own way.

Antique door hardware in Stillwater, Oklahoma

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 7.27.30 AM

Bridge in Pittsburgh, PA

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 7.28.22 AM

Street Art in New York City, New York

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 7.26.21 AM

Vintage thrift shop find in Fredericksburg, VA

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 7.28.47 AM

When reading Heather’s book, I was drawn to many of the techniques and quilts.  The simple elegance of her quilts is mesmerizing.  It is difficult to choose a favorite but she won my heart with the perfectly imperfect Franklin! It is a lovely traditional pieced block quilt with an added imperfect block.  It is truly wonderful!  Heather presents two versions.  Both are amazing.



For even more inspiration, STC Craft and Aurifil are hosting a giveaway for Heather’s four favorite 50wt threads!  These are #2253, #2225, #2132 and #2830 and a copy of Quilt Local to ONE lucky winner!

Heather Jones Thread

To enter for your chance to win the Giveaway please leave a comment on your favorite way to find inspiration!  This giveaway ends 17 Nov at 11:00 EST and a random winner will be announced on or around 19 Nov.  If you are a no reply blogger please leave your email in your comment. As always, this giveaway is open to all of our international friends!

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  1. I find ideas in nature and architecture and then look at other peoples quilts to find ways to bring it to fruition.

  2. I have found inspiration in some very unusual places but I seem to come back to nature and young children over and over.

  3. I find inspiration from nature. All the changing colors and plants. A different landscape every season.

  4. Inspiration comes from everything I look at, as long as I am being observant. My problem is how to translate it to fabric.

  5. I find inspiration from photographs and paintings. Sometimes I find it just in coming across a beautiful piece of fabric and wanting to showcase it in a quilt. My youngest daughter, who is 4, actually helped me pick out the fabric and design the quilt I made for her. Without her determination to have certain fabrics in her quilt, I would never have paired them together and it turned out amazing. So my children also inspire me!

  6. This book looks wonderful, I too find inspiration in the oddest places; for example the ladies room at Disney Animal Kingdom has a wonderful tiled floor that would make a great quilt 🙂

  7. I find inspiration when I’m walking around my yard or around the neighborhood – mostly from the little creatures. Moles, lizards, spiderwebs, birds, moths …, just about any living thing that we share this world with inspires me.

  8. I find a lot inspiration all over the place. Nature, the Amish areas, etc. My eyes are always open for patterns that stand out

  9. Inspiration is everywhere, oftentimes in the least expected. I find the carpeting in the Nashville Airport to be quite inspiring. I have taken several pictures of it during my travels.

  10. I see inspiration everywhere. I love to look at the blogs for inspiration, especially for fabric choices. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  11. I notice patterns and color everywhere I go, whether I am walking or driving or in my own home. I think I find the most direct inspiration from looking through quilting books and magazines. I very often do not make any of the patterns I see, but when I’m reading during my down time, that seems to be when the ideas start swirling!

  12. I tend to find color inspiration from nature, and design inspiration from looking at blogs and antique quilts.

  13. I find inspiration in things my children are doing, things they are playing with or what they are drawing.

  14. I find inspiration by going to the beach. Here in Northern California the waves come in and crash against the cliffs. I never tire of seeing that.

  15. Inspiration is found in the darnedest thigs…large & small. Can be the shades in a fallen leaf, colors in the sky…a building, even an outfit someone is wearing at the store!! 🙂

  16. My inspiration is awakened by the world around me. If my mind is open at the right time and place I can find a pattern that I would love to recreate.

  17. Sometimes other Quilters ideas, but usually from Nature; I form my quilting ideas! Thank You for a neat Thread Giveaway!

  18. There’s so much inspiration everywhere but lately I’ve been mostly inspired by new friends on Instagram!

  19. Not to be morbid, but the monuments in older sections of cemeteries often have the most gorgeous carvings, many of which translate to great machine quilting designs.

  20. Inspiration is everywhere! I get inspired by fabric collections or patterns, or colors of thread, and just being out in nature.

  21. I find inspiration in nature but I do have to slow myself down & clear my head to see the details & not blow past them!

  22. My favorite inspiration ideas come the fabrics themselves. Some just seem to ask to be used in certain ways.

  23. There’s an entry way on my way to work with a tile floor and I’m always thinking this would make a great quilt! But normally I found inspiration by patterns from others and then change them to make them my own way:-)

  24. I find my inspiration in my kids. My oldest son is adopted from Ethiopia and I wanted him to always feel close to home so I made a quilt with some fabric from East Africa and made it all the colors if the Ethiopian flag. He loves it!

  25. Inspiration comes from all directions! Sometimes a fabric will do it, sometimes another quilt, sometimes something someone says – just gotta keep an open mind! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  26. I think looking at quilts really inspires me. The range of subjects displayed in the recent Quilt Festival really opened up the possibilities and that encourages me to try something new.

  27. I would have to say, my favorite way to find inspiration is online. I love seeing all the amazing quilts, & other items, created by quilters all over the world.

  28. I’m inspired when I read quilting blogs and from other internet sites like Pinterest. I don’t like to copy but have adapted a few ideas from them into my own quilts, and, of course, nature is inspiring.

  29. My favorite moments of inspiration occur when I’m not looking for them. Like when I saw a really cool pattern on the back of a tortoise at the zoo. What geometry! Or on a recent walk with my kids, I loved the regular squares of the sidewalk that were interrupted by the delicate footprints of a bird that walked through the wet cement when it was poured. I can really see it becoming a quilt top with appliqué footprints.

  30. I find inspiration through looking at things which I find visually appealing– everything from works of art, high fashion, in nature and just outside my door in my garden. I think if we take the time to really notice all the details around us, inspiration flows so much more freely!

  31. I find inspiration in floors, buildings, dishes, backsplashes, to name a few. I also have the same problem as an earlier respondent — how to convert what I see into a quilt.

  32. I’m greatly influenced by the mood colour can set. combined with the right piecing, it can be so inspiring.

  33. I often find inspiration in my kids’ artworks. They use such great color combinations and they do it so intuitively – without getting caught up in what will go with what or thinking about what the “right” choice is – that they often end up with really beautiful vibrant artworks.

  34. From car headlights to a breathtakingly yellow ginko tree… pattern and color is everywhere as long as we take time to look!

  35. The four seasons always bring me fresh inspiration. Once I tire of one, another brings new perspective.

  36. I love finding inspiration from other quilters, so many people think entirely differently then I do, also from books and nature

  37. I love finding inspiration in the historical sites in Virginia. Many are a short drive from my house. There are gardens, brick walkways, cool architecture; always something to see.

  38. Inspiration is everywhere. My favorite place is in the fabrics themselves. Often I will find several pieces that go well together and they will spark the perfect pattern.

  39. I am slowly finding my way back to creative, a thing I haven’t been since I was a young child. And as I explore and learn and discover this new path, I find that inspiration comes when I’m not looking for it, but during moments of peace in between the busy. It can be from a meal I’m preparing, something my children have created, the view out my window while I’m driving from one event to another, or on the walk to the shed to feed the goats and chickens. It comes in snaps and snippets and in small bites, which is just perfect for this fledgling creative.

  40. I love to look for inspiration in the buildings around me when I take a walk at lunchtime. If I go in one direction, I am in the hub of the city, another takes me in to neighborhoods of old large houses and another takes me to the newer subdivisions with the more modern houses.

  41. My inspiration comes from heirloom quilts. I look at them and try to imagine making them more modern. I like the combination of modern and traditional together.

  42. Inspiration – Learning that inspiration is hiding in plain sight – just need to be more open to color and design!!!

  43. For quilting inspiration, I get it from a variety of sources, but one of my favorite ways is looking at architecture.

  44. One of the ways I find inspiration is quilting with my friends. We encourage each other to try new techniques and patterns.

    wlinda_ca at yahoo dot com

  45. I love finding inspiration from older buildings, churches, iron fences. Once you start looking, inspiration is everywhere!

  46. I get inspiration from walking my dogs at night and looking at woods, fields, and farms. I have more quilts in my head than I will ever be able to make in my lifetime. I’m really intrigued by this book! Thanks for the chance to win the book and these luscious threads.

  47. I love color and pattern, so I find that I get a lot of inspiration from fabric itself. Sometimes it just speaks to me and I know what I want to make! I also find a lot of inspiration in my surroundings. Architecture, gardens, modern art, graffiti… I’m learning to keep my eyes open because you never know where inspiration will strike 🙂

  48. I find inspiration in nature often, but mainly in pics of quilts that I love and want to replicate.
    Thank you.

  49. When I walk, I find myself looking down. Tile floors, leaf-strewn pathways, dirt roads with pine needles ground in deep–all kinds of things under my feet send me straight to the sewing machine.

  50. I think it can come from anywhere. Birds, flowers, bugs, tiles at the hardware store, blogs, trees. When I was cooking the other day and I saw the butter swirl I though oh that would be a great start for a quilt. Just look around you.

  51. I get my inspiration from all the wonderful bloggers and quilters. I’ve learned so very much through them!

  52. I find inspiration in the work of other quilters, in architecture, in photography, and in stories. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  53. I find inspiration from books, magazines, blogs, visiting friends, speaking to like minded people and shopping x

  54. Oh inspiration is everywhere – – – looking closely at nature – leaves and flowers and tree bark. Also love Islamic art – tiles, floors and walls. My quilt group – so imaginative and full of inspiration to pass on themselves so I can manipulate the idea and get to one of my own.

  55. When I lived in the country, I saw inspiration in the chsnging weather, the farm fields, and the old barns and outbuildings. When I moved to a loft in town, I saw it in the rooftops of the buildings nearby, the treetops where magpies slept near my balcony, and the cobblestones below. Inspiration is all around, but what you see may be different in different situations.

  56. I find much of my inspiration in nature. The beauty that surrounds us in nature is the springboard for so many things that shape our lives.

  57. I love examining nature close up. Just recently saw our first snowfall and there were tiny crystals of snow caught in the middle of individual clumps of wild grass. Beautiful and unexpected.

  58. Inspiration really is everywhere! I tend to notice patterns, or disruptions in patterns. These can be seen in nature or man-made objects. Lines or strong contrast also jump out to me.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. Professional bicycle racing, abstract art, and interior design are my main inspirations, but inspiration is everywhere!

  60. I find inspiration on instagram, through old design books my late uncle left me, in nature, walking down the street, airforce musem in dayton, ohio, talking to someone, old textiles, thrift store and the internet 😉 and OH so many more places! TOO many to name!

  61. Inspiration comes from Oh so many different avenues, a certain fabric, the old buildings, floors, ceilings, trees, children, a tea towel… A pile of fabric or the way books are stacked.

  62. Kimono and Japanese woodblock prints: the colors, asymmetry, odd numbers, flow of movement, essence and quintessence. It’s deceptively simple, and my soul responds to the achingly beautiful aesthetic.

  63. I find inspiration in art and architecture. But I also love rummaging through vintage and thrift stores for inspiration. It’s thrilling to find something old and make it new again.

  64. I am inspired by my wonderful quilting friends who are creative and incredibly productive. Sharing ideas and seeing their work is artistically energizing!

  65. I am fortunate to live in Charleston SC and am inspired by the beautiful coastline and architectural gems around me.

  66. lately I’ve been finding inspiration at the playground! So many patterns, crazy shapes, gorgeous plants.

  67. Life in general is inspirational. Just look around you and enjoy what you have. I am inspired all the time from people, places and this amazing planet we live on.

  68. I save so many images from Facebook and when I’m out and about I take pictures of nature or street grates. Yesterday I took pictures in the hospital of patterns on the walls made from the sun coming through some beautiful windows.

  69. The last two times I have flown I have found inspiration in the design on the paper napkins, the latest being less than a week ago. It gave me an idea for a very modern style quilt that I think would work great with precuts, I just have to work out how to do the negative spaces.

  70. what inspires me … patterns… from tile floors to childrens playgrounds…. this is also where I get ideas but I also find them in all the photo’s I see on the net in catalog’s and old books…. my latest was a tile floor that inspired me, I set 12″ blocks in a pattern with 6″ offset blocks to repeat the tile floor and I love it!

  71. Patterns are everywhere when you start to quilt. Lately I find my mind wondering when reading picture books with my granddaughter

  72. I go to visit museums and there is always something beautiful that attracts the eye.

  73. I like to take walks in my neighborhood and take pictures with a pocket camera, which I often use as inspiration for quilts. I also follow some talented photographers and love to browse picture books and quilt books.

  74. I find tiles and floor patterns to be very interesting. As I am walking I try to figure out how I can make the patterns out of fabric for quilts.
    Love aurifil thread!

  75. Your book looks very interesting. And, I love Aurifil threads. My husband and I both quilt but I think our ideas come from quite different places. It is great fun to share space and do some things together.

  76. Favorite place for inspiration -everywhere!! From a walk in the park until to the architecture at my child’s school – pretty much the whole world is a quilt!!

  77. I notice patterns and designs everywhere–in the upholstery on the chair at the dentist office, on the floor of the grocery store, ….

  78. Inspiration just seems to pop into my mind when I’m not directly looking for it! It might be a casserole dish, the colors in a flower garden, the window on someone’s front door or the city skyline I see from sailing on the ocean.Inspiration is literally everywhere, you just ave to let your mind see it! Your new book looks great and of course Aurifil thread is always consistantly great!!

  79. Besides everwhere…….which is so true, if it’s a gift, the person’s surrounding, personality or interest. Sometimes it’s just an idea that pop’s into my head!

  80. Nature walks are my primary source of inspiration and I don’t leave my house without my camera as there is a wonderful image just about anywhere I walk.

  81. I find inspiration in geometry and nature. Sometimes I find it when I pull a bunch fabrics together and I see how they play together. Sometimes it is in the shapes of my scraps. Inspiration is all around

  82. I look at the world around me, both indoor and outdoor – inspiration can come from a carpet pattern or from a winter sunrise.

  83. Oh, my goodness, this book looks fabulous! I must confess, I find my inspiration mostly from other people’s creations, seldom do I think out of the box like that! This book goes all the way to the top of my wish list (Santa, are you listening?).

  84. My favorite way to find inspiration is online – mostly through looking at blogs, especially blog hops, and Pinterest. There are so many beautiful designs and patterns out there, and it helps to see the variety of ways that people can interpret the same pattern.

  85. My favorite way to find inspiration is online – mostly through looking at blogs, especially blog hops, and Pinterest. There are so many beautiful designs and patterns out there, and it helps to see the variety of ways that people can interpret the same pattern.

    Will you please delete my previous comment? My blog link is incorrect on that one.

  86. I attend a lot of conferences and often find the carpets in the ballrooms incredibly inspiring. I take photos and try to make quilt patterns from them.

  87. My inspiration comes from nature, or pretty patterns I see in architecture or tile, or sometimes from a pattern of colors I see somewhere. Only inspiration is sometimes slow to come, so I’m hoping this book will help with that!

  88. I find inspiration in the fabric design, moving it around in my stash to see what it will play well with then add more color.

  89. Tiled walls and bathrooms in museums. They have the best patterns, colors. Once I took a bundle of fat quarters, tossed ’em on the floor and just took a few random pics. Best table runner ever created by me!
    Thank you.

  90. Usually I find it on Instagram, or in buildings- that’s what happens when you have an architect for a husband!

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