Maribel by Annabel Wrigley


Maribel, Annabel Wrigley of Little Pincushion Studio’s debut collection for Windham Fabrics, was inspired by some of her strongest childhood memories of weekends and holidays spent with her family at a house in the country. It evokes the feeling of being surrounded by fabric, flowers and beautiful English vintage florals. Her coordinating Aurifil Thread Collection is a selection of bold and bright colors, perfect for piecing, showcasing and creating little works of art!

We love learning more about our designers and were thrilled to chat with Annabel about her craft, the business of teaching, and her brand new collections.

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100% Aurifil Cotton, 50wt
Large – 1422yds each, 12 colors, Large Spools
2784 – 5006 – 5005 – 5015 – 1104 – 2870 – 2225 – 2423 – 2530 – 2630 – 2600


For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how the Little Pincushion Studio came to be?
I started sewing around 16 years ago when my son was born. I really suddenly had this urge to learn to sew and make things for him. I started making baby hats  and then before long began to make them to sell. This was the start of my very small children’s label. Over a couple of years, the baby hat line expanded to include baby quilts, bags, bibs and some children’s clothing items. When our family moved to the States, I took some time off to raise the kiddos and stared sewing strictly for fun. It wasn’t until my daughter was around 6 and started showing interest in my sewing that I began throwing around the idea of teaching her how to sew. Before long I was teaching her and a few of her friends… Little Pincushion grew from there. I have been teaching now for more than 7 years and teach approximately 70 children per week.

What is your favorite thing about teaching sewing to kids? 
It has to be watching the progression of absolute beginners to confident and creative seamstresses! It happens without them ever really realizing. It is a great thing to watch! Kids also have a fearlessness when it comes to color and print, It’s quite inspirational.

Students at Little Pincushion Studio

What first inspired the mobile studio that you opened up last year and how do you find it to be different than operating your regular studio? 
It had always been a dream of mine, originally for use as a home studio space but then I thought it could be a great way to share sewing with kids who live further away. I use it mainly for birthday parties and sometimes for little beginner sewing classes with groups of friends. It has been such fun!

How did you end up connecting with Windham Fabrics to develop your first fabric collection and what has been your favorite part of the process?
I had been dreaming of creating a fabric collection for such a long time! After I was introduced to Mickey Kruger, I started to realize that this could actually be a possibility. When I was working on ideas for the collection, I always kept going back to the idea of florals. Floral prints seemed to surround me as I was growing up and creating a collection with both nostalgia and a modern twist was really important to me!


What is your favorite thing about Aurifil threads? Do you have a go-to color or thread weight? 
I absolutely love all of the colors in my thread box, my favorite is the Teal 1148 in 50wt. It is perfect for piecing and appliqué and honestly sews like a dream.

What is your favorite project made with fabrics and threads from Maribel?
I think my favorite is my quilt “bush walk” I did all of the appliqué and straight line quilting with Aurifil thread. Also the little wall flags are a definite favorite!



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UPDATE (5/7): This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Lacey Burns!!

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Annabel is an Aussie mum, author and designer living in rural Virginia. She owns Little Pincushion Studio, a sweet little space where she teaches many little sewing pixies everything they need to know to go forth and conquer the world of sewing and creating. When she is not teaching, she is busy coming up with a million and one projects for her “We Love to Sew” series of books published by C & T publishing.

[text adapted from Little Pincushion Studio, all images courtesy of Annabel Wrigley & Windham Fabrics]


  1. Same result here! Was there a limit on the number of entries accepted? Love the fabric :).

  2. Still says “giveaway now closed…” I’ll keep checking back, as I suspect it really means, “Not yet open!”

  3. I’ve been sewing for about 50 years! OMG! My mother and her dancing dresses inspired me. I got to create with the scraps.

    1. There was some sort of glitch within Rafflecopter… It was apparently only active for a short time and then completely disappeared. Everything should now be sorted and you should be able to enter:). Good luck!!

  4. Hmm…..’Giveaway Closed’?????
    I just received this blog post in my email and it’s dated today….That’s a super speedy giveaway!

    1. So sorry about that! There was a glitch with the Rafflecopter giveaway and the entire thing disappeared. We’ve reset and you should now be able to enter. Good luck!

  5. Yes, it’s closed for me also. I thought it was because I’m using my iPad but looks like there’s a glitch!?

    1. So sorry about that! There was a glitch with the Rafflecopter giveaway and the entire thing disappeared. We’ve reset and you should now be able to enter. Good luck!

    1. So sorry about that! There was a glitch with the Rafflecopter giveaway and the entire thing disappeared. We’ve reset and you should now be able to enter. Good luck!

  6. Hi. Error in the Rafflecopter code, says “giveaway now closed” Boohoo! Great colors.

    1. So sorry about that! There was a glitch with the Rafflecopter giveaway and the entire thing disappeared. We’ve reset and you should now be able to enter. Good luck!

    2. Thanks for fixing the link. I started sewing when I was 4, got my first full size machine at 7, and just haven’t stopped. Sometimes I’m inspired by the pattern, or the fabric, or nature. It’s just fun!

  7. Still says it’s closed! There must be a glitch because you say entries are accepted through May 5th.

  8. I refreshed the screen and now it’s working!! yay!!

    The inspiration for my first quilt came from my mother. She loves crossword puzzles and when she was diagnosed with lung cancer and had to go through chemo & radiation I thought she would like a blanket for comfort. I designed a ‘crossword puzzle’ inspired quilt using black & white 5″ squares and she loved it <3

  9. Love the little vintage trailer studio! And the “bush walk” quilt is adorable. What a great giveaway!

  10. My mom and grandma were a great inspiration to me. They could sew anything from clothing to crafts.

  11. I was inspired to sew when my daughter was pregnant with my first grandchild and I wanted to make her a blanket.

  12. My husband and I went to the Ozarks on our honeymoon 40 years ago. I saw the most beautiful quilts I had ever seen in my life for sale in the shops in Branson. I had never seen anything like them before. I told my new husband, I am going to learn to sew, and make those beautiful things. He bought me a sewing machine for our first Christmas together, and I have seen sewing ever since.

  13. Beautiful fabrics and ideas! I love going to quilting classes and meeting quilters to see what everyone is working on!

  14. The first thing I can remember sewing was doll clothes so I guess that was my inspiration. I don’t really know; I was so young! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Love the mobile studio, awesome to reach to many and teach another generation of quilters/sewers/crafters. We can lean so much from them 🙂

    Love the fabric! Aurifil is wonderful!

  16. My Grandmother got me started quilting when I was a little itty bitty child. That was a very long time ago.

  17. I began sewing as a child in order to make clothes for my barbies. I gradually left sewing, but returned to make a quilt for my nephew in my late teens, I then left it again and came back when I had my own child and I’ve been sewing steadily for the last 6 years!

  18. My grandmother was a quilter, and it gave her a lot of joy. She’s my best and first inspiration!

  19. I was inspired to start sewing by my grandmother. She sewed clothing and quilts for my Barbie doll and I wanted to do the same! I made some crude attempts when I was in elementary school. My mom saw my interest and signed me up for sewing lessons. I’ve been sewing ever since!

  20. I have been inspired recently to start sewing again….love fat quarters as you get so much variety in a psck and it all coordinates…..sewing is on the up!!! Loving patchwork….my Aunt used to make a lot if hand sewn English Paper Piecing….then just known as patchwork in a hexagon shape. Live that patchwork now takes on so many guises….templates or free hand. Loving sewing so much that I bought a new machine….the gorgeous threads and fabulous fabrics in the draw would be a terrific win… much scope!!!

  21. I was inspired to start sewing by my grandmother. Then the hubby bought be a machine. It sadly sat in the box for 3 years while we had baby #3 and moved 4 times. Once things settled, I finally forced my self to take it out of the box and get started last summer. It has been absolutely wonderful. I am in love with sewing and don’t plan to stop any time soon.

  22. My Mom taught me to see when I was in my 30s, but it wasn’t until 7 years ago that I started quilting. I love every part of quilting and enjoy hand and machine work.

  23. I so love that you are teaching little kids to sew (hope there are some boys, too). Your traveling studio is awesome and is surely a great alternative to a bouncy house for birthday parties!!!!

  24. My grandmother first inspired me to start sewing 12 years ago! We made a quilt together for me and I’ve been seeing ever since!! I would love to win the giveaway with her!

  25. I have been quilting for over 25+ years. Before that I use to sew little projects then I got the quilting bug! I started quilting because I loved the look and feel of fabric, and you can create anything you dream up. Thank you for the inspiration and a beautiful giveaway.

  26. My Gram taught me to sew at a very young age. The trailer is a great idea for teavjing! Wonderful colors in this group!

  27. My grandma sewed little quilted potholders with me when I was about 8 years old. When I graduated from college I got depressed and bored so I decided to start quilting again. I thought it would be a great thing to do with my grandma.

  28. My mom and her projects inspired me to start sewing. I’ve been sewing for over six years and can’t get enough!

  29. My mom making me doll clothes for my sister’s and my dolls. Then my home ec teacher told me I did a good job on a dress I made.

  30. I wanted to make clothes for my children. So I jumped in and taught myself.

  31. As a very young child, watching my mother sew was fascinating to me. I begged her to let me use the sewing machine but she made me wait until I was big enough to reach the foot pedal.

  32. My mother never sewed, but grandma did. I just liked to make things like “clothes” for dolls and such

  33. I had to take a Home Ec class in hight school (remember those classes?). I had to sneak my sewing home so my mother could help me. I hated the class but liked sewing. I was a craftsy kid anyway, always working on something or other. I did not try quilting till I was about 40 though. What took me so long?

  34. I love to read blogs and magazines and find inspiration about patterns. When I love one, I’m inspired to sew! First, I discovered quilting in Hawaii and French Polynesia, which these gorgeous tifaifai and quilts, and they gave me curiosity to find more about how to make them.

  35. I started sewing when I was 11 yrs, just got tired of settling on things the way they were made. So I babysat all Summer until I had enough money to buy my first sewing machine, would by fabrics and patterns then change them or mix them until I was happy with what I was making, I’m 55 now and still love sewing and quilting.

  36. My mother started me with embroidery and when i was big enough to use the sewing machine I found i could make my own doll wardrobe!

  37. I started seeing by making clothes for my dolls around 7 yrs old. I made my first quilt when I was 16 yrs old.

  38. I started quilting as a way to relax in the evenings…now it’s a “must do” for me 🙂

  39. My grandmother sewed. When her granddaughters had taken a home economy class to learn the basics, then grandma would take each of us for a week in the summer and she would help us make an item of clothing for ourselves. That’s what got me interested in sewing.

  40. I was first inspired as a pre-teen when my mom and sisters spent hours sewing. I loved the idea of choosing fabric and patterns and making something totally unique!

  41. I remember watching my grandmother sew doll clothes for me when I was little, it started the spark that is now a roaring fire as I spend most of my non-work time sewing quilts and other gifts

  42. What a wonderful thing to teach so many children to sew! I learned as a child and would love to live closer to teach my grand daughters.

  43. My Grandmother inspired me. She always made us amazing things as kids, for our homes, and our babies. And I really wanted to be able to do that. I’m Hooked!

  44. I started to sew with my mum as a kid, making little items she still have 30 years later! She inspired me, and I love to make quilts for her

  45. I started sewing when I was about seven. I think it was from watching my mom, but I caught the sewing bug! I began making quilts when I was in high school. I love turning fabric into something new and exciting!

  46. My aunts would make the coolest looking clothes for my cousins. Unfortunately my own mother did not sew. Instead she sent me to get sewing lessons when I was in 7th grade. I have been hooked ever since.

  47. I started sewing when I was 9 years old on my moms 316g Singer
    I am :::coughcough::::: 61 now
    I cant stop making stuff

  48. I watched my mother sew , sitting in her lap at her old Singer, til I grew too big! She made our clothes, doll clothes, Halloween costumes…everything!
    She taught me first to embroider. I was 6, I think!

  49. I loved being creative in school in sewing class, was the best time in school ever. Then I didn’t sew for several years, until my dad got very sick with cancer and I needed something to take my mind off reality. It helped, although it didn’t help him and he passed away, but I’ve not stopped sewing since.

  50. I first started “sewing” with tissues and tape, making clothes for my Barbie doll at about the age of four. I remember at that same age being allowed (after begging) to iron squares for quilts and laundered hankies. My mother moved from a treadle to an electric machine shortly before I started school which really motivated me to want to learn. I do remember my mother being rather reluctant to let me;because she had sewn through her finger a couple of times while learning to use the machine. I really started learning to sew by machine at about nine, when I joined 4-H. I’d tried embroidery and making doll clothes by hand before that time.

  51. I’ve sewn off and on since high school (a LONG time ago!) but started quilting when my youngest was about 5. I really don’t know how I got interested though! LOL!

  52. I began sewing when my kids were little. I got into Quilting in the last 10 years or so.

  53. I was inspired by my mom, and my sisters to learn to sew. But today I impaired by the beautiful selections of fabrics that are available and the wonderful designers that create gorgeous patterns!

  54. I started sewing in gradeschool home ec, and loved it so much I borrowed my mom’s machine to make all sorts of things. When I became pregnant with my first born I really started quilting away, and loved it even more!

  55. My mother taught me to sew when I was 10, then 25 years ago my best friends mother got me addicted to quilting!

  56. My great-grandmother inspired me to sew. Her wonderful hand made aprons, had me wanting my own, so that’s the first thing she taught me to sew.

  57. I absolutely LOVE your sewing studio trailer!
    Until four years ago most of my sewing had been for home dec and repairs. I don’t remember a specific inspiration. It was likely wanting something I couldn’t afford, but thought I could make. I’d been taught that “must do is a good master”, so I’ve become quite the do-it-yourself kind of person.

  58. I’ve sewn off and on since I was a kid, but only in the last few years has it really become a passion. My main inspiration to start sewing again was the birth of my nephew. When my sister was pregnant, she hinted at how nice it would be to have a handmade quilt for the baby. So I gave it a try, and I was hooked!

  59. I couldn’t think of a good gift for my brother for Christmas. I know that he loves homemade items. I decided to make him a quilt. It only took me five years to finish. lol. Probably not the best project to learn to the sew (first time really sewing anything at all) and quilt on at the same time. I had never even properly learned to cut fabric. It was a crazy mess!

  60. My daughter is in love with your books. We are planning many of your projects for our summer:) She was just reading about what “fat quarters” are, and would love to win this!!! Thank you!!

  61. I am self-taught. Learned to sew because I love making things. My daughter is a maker too. Loves crafts of all type. She wanted to learn to sew. I taught her the basics, then enrolled her in a local sewing class. She loved it. Bought her a new machine, and she has been sewing ever since. That was 3 years ago. She is now 13, and she has inspired me back into sewing.

  62. I started quilting clothes for my dolls at age 8. I fell in love with everything fabric very quickly.

  63. I loved seeing from the first time I tried it and then later on my neighbor inspired me to try quilting. Now I’m inspired every day by people on Instagram!

  64. I first started sewing my own duvet covers & sheets when I was 12 because I couldn’t find the right lime green I wanted. I just love instagram & all it’s inspirational people. Fantastic giveaway!

  65. I started quilting only because I needed something to do – I was in a difficult waiting season of my life and needed a hobby to help pass the time. What I found in quilting was a way to create beautiful things – an artistic outlet I’ve never had in my life, and THAT is what keeps me going now.

  66. SO ADORABLE!!! Love your collection!! Thank you so much for a chance to win!!

  67. I started sewing because I like to create and I tried many different ways of creating and it has always been my favorite!

  68. My Grandmother was a seamstress and inspired me. Her entire wardrobe was handmade.

  69. I love these! I started sewing when I was really young. At least by age 8, when I went to a 4-H summer camp. I had already been sewing by then though, because my mom taught me.

  70. My mom taught me when I was little but several years ago a friend introduced me to quilting and the bug bit and know I love to sew all kind of fun and cute stuff. Of course that isn’t too difficult lol

  71. My mom taught me to sew when I was little – can’t remember how old I was, but I was in 4-H sewing before junior high school. My mom sewed mostly clothes, and I did too when I discovered quilting in my 20’s. That was 40 years ago and I am still completely hooked. The fabrics, threads and methods have gotten exponentially better over the years. I love your fabric and the Aurifil threads that go with it. Such beautiful colors – and that’s what it’s all about for me – COLOR!

  72. My friend enticed me to join her making n easy, scrappy quilt top using an on-line tutorial about 5 years ago. I have made more than 50 quilt tops since then and she has made just the one!!

  73. I started sewing at age 12 on a Singer sewing machine with my Mom helping make simple garments for 4-H. Made with LOVE- 9 grandchildren to sew for now. That helps diminish the fabric stash.

  74. my grandma taught me, I don’t remember what inspired me to have her teach me. but knowing that i have always wanted to be like her, i probably was wanting to try ti because she was sewing.

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