Sweetly Stitched by Amy Sinibaldi

We are thrilled to introduce Amy Sinibaldi of Nana Company, a new designer for Aurifil threads.  Her debut collection, Sweetly Stitched, is a gorgeous selection of colors inspired by her book of the same name and Playground, her next fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabrics. Amy features Aurifil 28wt & 50wt threads along with Aurifloss in her collection to accommodate all of her needs, whether she is working with appliqué, embroidery, quilting, or sewing bags and accessories. Sweetly Stitched is now available in both large and small boxes!


Sweetly Stitched
100% Aurifil Cotton
Large – 12 colors, Large Spools
50wt spools, 1422yds each: 2800 – 4129 – 2930 – 2479 – 2220 – 1310
28wt spools, 820yds each: 1285 – 2835 – 2415 – 2815 – 67302 – 4654


Small – 10 colors, Small Spools
50wt spools, 219yds each: 2800 – 4129 – 2930 – 2479 – 2220
28wt spool, 109 yds each: 2815 – 6730 – 4654
Aurifloss, 18yds each: 1285 – 2835


How did you first come into the world of sewing & quilting?
I started sewing felt play cookies by hand and then came up with the brilliant idea of getting a sewing machine.  I taught myself to use it.  I sewed little girl aprons.  And when those sold quickly on Etsy, I was encouraged to learn to sew more things, like pillows and blankets, and those sold quickly too.  So there was like a snowball effect, and before long I’d taught myself to sew very well and I’d built myself a name, of sorts.


What inspires you to create?
In general, it’s a detail that inspires me.  A color combination, or a combination of materials that looks great together.  I’m not much of a planner, so I tend to start with something small that I want to do, and then I build from there and hope I’m still in love with the project once it’s finished.

What do you love most about the business that you’ve built over the last 10 years?
I’ve never really thought of what I do as a business.  It’s been a really long, public, learning process and I’m nowhere near the end.


What is your favorite thing to sew?
My favorite things to sew are small and unplanned, and built on an organic process of putting fabrics and elements together that seem to go well as I go along.  So, in a way, you’re not making something, it’s making itself.

How did you first become interested in fabric design and what drew you to Art Gallery Fabrics?
After years of working with fabric, the idea of designing your own dream line of fabric is a natural progression, I think.  Actually doing it ~ starting with a completely blank canvas and creating that “dream” line is much harder than I thought it would be.  I was so excited to design with Art Gallery Fabrics because I’d always loved their beautiful LookBooks and how they’ve always understood that a fabric design house should be artistic and pay attention to detail in all that they do, not just in the fabric alone.


We are in love with your debut collection, Paperie, and were so thrilled to see that you have a new collection due out in July called Playground. What inspired the collection? Do you have a favorite print?
I love Playground so much because I feel the collection is quite cohesive.  It is inspired by my early early days spent at playgrounds before those massive elaborate “playscapes” hit the scene.  So there had to be a tire print, which is possibly my fave, and a hopscotch print, some jump rope, ring around the roses, and just lots of references to innocent “old school” playground days.  Think sunshine and daisy chains, the sandbox, and Fruit stripe gum.


Your debut Aurifil Thread Collection was released earlier this year and coordinates with the prints in Playground. What first drew you to Aurifil and how did you go about putting your collection together?
I love the beautiful spectrum of Aurifil colors and it was so much fun creating my own collection.  Actually, choosing the spools for my thread collection was the very last thing I did at Fall Quilt Market in Houston, 2015, before packing up my booth and heading home.  Pat brought me over to the Aurifil booth and I buzzed around choosing colors and we wrote the numbers down and I snapped a pic of the thread spools all together.  I used that pic as the wallpaper on my phone for the longest time, because I loved these colors so much and I knew I was going to use them as the basis for the color palette of my next collection, which is now Playground.

Amy Sinibaldi

What is your go-to thread weight and why?
I absolutely love using 28 wt thread for quilting and top-stitching.  I love how substantial it is and how it adds so much to a piece.



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Update (5/8): This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to BethAnne (@Amoseymom on Instagram)!

Amy Sinibaldi lives in a small house near the ocean in Los Angeles with her four children and sweet husband. She sees a lot of beauty in her “everyday” and she loves sharing that as she designs, creates and sews.Always writing and drawing since she could hold a pencil, Amy didn’t begin sewing until Father’s Day 2006. That day she was at Target and convinced her husband to buy her a sewing machine. They bought the second cheapest machine available that day ~ a Shark (it was sooo loud!) that she used until Christmas 2011, when she switched to a Singer.

In 2007, she launched nanaCompany on Etsy and it tickles her that people sometimes call her Nana. Back then, her daughters Olivia and Mia were not yet born and she decided on the name “nana” Company as an acronym…

“N” is for Nick, her husband
“A” is for Amy
“N” is for Nicholas, her son
“A” is for Anne, her oldest daughter.

Completely self-taught in everything, Amy is a “see it – do it” kind of girl. She loves trying new techniques and still feels that she is finding her style.

[text adapted from nanaCompany, all images courtesy of Amy Sinibaldi]


  1. My favourite thing to stitch is a lap quilt. They sew up quickly, and I get to practice my free-motion quilting without having to handle a large size quilt.

  2. I love to stitch Baby quilts & Throw-size,,plus small gifts..pillows, potholders & trim dishtowels to match, and Totes! 🙂

    thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  3. My favorite thing to stitch is small projects such as home dec, covered books, pouches, But I also love to sew bags, quilts and table runners.

  4. My favorite thing to work on is quilts, wall hanging size. But that bag is pretty cool! Paperie is one of my favorite fabric groups. Love that it will coordinate with Playground. Thanks for this interview with Amy and the opportunity to win.

  5. I love to stitch hexies and I love hand quilting! Paperie is just beautiful. I love it,I have some I’m saving for a special gift.

  6. I love the fabric collection. I like quick little projects too, but also do a lot of quilts.

  7. I love making table runners. Even tiny pieces give me great joy! They add pops of color all over the house!

  8. I’ve stitched a few different things in the last year since I’ve picked up sewing again – big quilts, mini quilts, a tote bag and a sailor top! Hard to pick, but I think my favourite was sewing the top. Nice work, Amy!

  9. I love making large-size lap quilts that can be a twin-bed topper, especially when it includes some hand embroidery. I love reading Amy’s blog and admire all her cute projects. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  10. My favorite thing to stitch is quilt patterns! I enjoy seeing new fabrics and new patterns using the fabrics. I tend to purchase “kits” or designated fabric and patterns. Looking forward to the Playground fabric.

  11. I love to make bags,zip pouches and mini quilts.i love big quilts too,but it’s nice to finish up Ina smaller lock of time.

  12. I love to stitch everything on my machine with Aurifil 50. I’m getting a bit better with machine quilting too.

  13. Thank you for this fun give away! My favorite things to stitch are star quilt blocks. I also like making totes!

  14. I make kid quilts and lap quilts mostly. I’m trying to do more small projects, like table runners and toppers, so I actually get something finished.

  15. My favorite things to stitch are quilts, especially as gifts–be they quits for babies, dogs, friends, aunties, or my sweetheart. Every now and then I make a quilt just for me, and that’s a special kind of joy to stitch as well.

  16. Small quilt projects are my favorite. They can be pieced, appliqued, or hand embroidery. Enjoy them all.

  17. My favorite thing to stitch is a sampler quilt, a BOM. I like doing little by little each month, so it doesn’t feel like I’m taking on too much:)

  18. I’ve been following Amy on Flickr, now Instagram and her blog for a long time. I love her style. I really love embroidery.

  19. Lately, it has been small quilts as gifts. However, a new granddaughter has me itching to sew up some smocked dresses, so everything she wears is not a hand-me-down that was her mama’s.

  20. I love the way sewing entered your life and the acquisition of a sewing machine was more a necessity than the primary goal. I don’t do much embroidery these days because it hurts the hands. Binding quilts is pretty much it. But I have done some buttonhole applique over the past 6 months. Slow work but keeps my hands busy.

  21. I love hand stitching anything and I have been a follower of amy’s for awhile. Her designs are beautiful! I have been wanting to try some aurifil thread; I like that there is a specific collection by Amy!!

  22. Great giveaway! I mainly make quilts, but I want to get back into making clothes and bags. 😊

  23. I have been using my Amy box for a little while now and it’s just perfect! I love the variety of weights and the colors are just perfect! Love the interview!

  24. I absolutely love Aurifil thread! I use it all the time when I make quilts. Hope I win!

  25. I love hand stitching the binding on a quilt. It’s lovely to way to spend the last few hours with a treasured project before sending it off to someone special.

  26. I love to stitch hexies. that way I can use all my precious scraps, and make a blanket out of them.

  27. My favorite thing to stitch is something I’m making as a gift. I have a hard time making things for myself but I love being able to give out of my skills to sew.

  28. Lap quilts are my favorite things to stitch. The best part is when I get to hand-stitch the binding and relax under the new quilt.

  29. I’ve been loving making lap quilts lately to give as gifts. It’s like sending a hug.

  30. I love sewing small items like bags, pouches and needle books. I also love sewing doll clothing.

  31. Love all Amy’s creations. She is very talanted. I’d like to stitch a baby size quilt for my child.

  32. I like to stitch all kinds of things like quilts, ziper bags, purses and so on….

  33. I love sewing small projects…zipper pouches, mug rugs, hexies….that I can finish in one sitting.

  34. I would have said quilts, but lately it seems to be smaller things like pouches etc. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  35. I am new to quilting but have embroidered for many years. I also sew some clothes for myself and my grandson (when he makes a request!), which I enjoy. I’ve read Amy’s blog for quite some time and am glad to have found auribuzz now!

  36. Lately I have been stitching baby quilts. I embroider the newborns name on them and it becomes a keepsake

  37. My favorite thing to stitch is scrappy pieced quilts. I love using Aurifil 50 wt Mako because it is so fine & helps me sew a perfect 1/4 seam allowance, and all the colors are so delicious!

  38. I love making all things but right now it’s especially pouches and mini quilts!

  39. I’ve never thought what my favourite thing to stitch is, but I seem to make a lot of little bags and zippy pouches, so I guess that’s my answer!

  40. My favourite stitching is making quilts and also embroidery of any type. But I just love to stitch many things! ♡

  41. I love making placemats when I’m quilting, they make such great gifts! The other thing is wall hangings. I am a very new quilter, so have not made a large size quilt yet, but I am about to start. And I love these colours, wonderful.

  42. I love to quilt. I want to try quilting with 28 wt thread now. I have 40 wt and 50 wt. I use some 12 wt for embroidery but have not quilted with it. I don’t own any 28 wt thread … yet.

  43. I love making quilts of all kinds but right now I am obsessed with making cushions. I am combining embroidery and patchwork with quilting using big stitch quilting stitches. Enjoying it so much. I am influenced by Amy’s attention to detail and am really enjoying making really pretty things.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com


  45. I would love her small box, because I do a variety of different things, from piecing to FMQ to hand quilting doing a little of each.

  46. I adore Amy’s Sweetly Stitched line. I made a project bag with it and am coveting the rest to use on a special project. Would love to have the matching thread, makes everything so much easier.

  47. I love piecing with 50 wt Aurifil, and now am learning applique, had class today!

  48. My favorite thing to stitch is a small project that I can finish quickly – a mini quilt, a tote bag, a fabric wreath, etc.

  49. anything for my family! I used to do heirloom sewing for my granddaughters. But now I am sticking to quilts. So far I have made baby quilts and twin-sized quilts for all 10 of our grandchildren. Right now I am making a wall quilt for our oldest granddaughter who is a junior at the University of Alabama. The quilt features a red elephant on a gray background. Next I have to do a wall quilt for her sister who is a sophomore at Murray State in Kentucky.

  50. I’ll stitch a lot: traditional, cross stitching, broderie glazig. Sometimes I’m not sure what it’ll become at the end, often it’s for homedecor, sometimes bags or just a beautiful wall hanging.

  51. I love to make miniature quilts! I love the precision of the piecing and sometimes it can take a song to make a mini as it does to make a bed sized quilt. I love to look for fabrics that have teeny tiny prints since the scale of the print works well with the small size of the quilt.

  52. I love that your collection includes the 28 wt. threads. I really think the colors of the threads we use for quilting and embellishment are far more important than the thread colors we use for piecing. Quality is important all of the time, though!! Would love to win this collection. So cheerful and happy.

  53. I love smaller quilts and minis but I see no use for them, so even if it takes me a lot longer and be a little bit harder for me I try to make at least a single size quilts. I live in a house full of boys (4) so even if sometimes want something a little bit girlish, i tend to gravitate to something neutral.

  54. My favorite thing to stitch is a baby quilt. I love to add hand or machine embroidery to them for an extra special touch. A small quilt doesn’t seem so overwhelming when I have so many other things to do.

  55. I love hand quilting everything from coasters to runners, to baby quilts to lap quilts!!

  56. Love doing table runners – semi-instant gratification, quick little gifts, and you can change up the look of the room quickly.

  57. Lovely interview! I love stitching quilts and cushion covers, and adding hand stitched details. I have never tried Aurifil threads. The variegated thread looks amazing.

  58. I love seeing everything. I love a quick finish from a pouch or pillow but I also love satisfaction of wearing clothes I’ve made myself or finishing a large scale project like a quilt

  59. Wall quilts with some embellishment and embroidery are my favorite things to sew.
    I used to make clothes and may go back to that again using some designs that I
    have used in quilts.

  60. I love hand quilting, and adding charming little details to my projects give them that truly personal touch!

  61. My favorite things to stitch are baby quilts and lap quilts. I’ve been following Amy for a few years, I love her creativity.

  62. My favorite sewing is English Paper Piecing, hexagon and diamond shape quilts, table runners and pin cushions.

  63. I love sewing small things and also using my needle and thread in embroidery! Read and follow Amy all the time. I truly love her style.

  64. I just made 50+ quilted bookmarks for Mother’s Day. I like using raw edge applique to make small gifts.

  65. Sewing anything for babies or toddlers gives me the greatest joy. Knowing that the items I make and give will be loved and used makes me so happy!

  66. I like to make quilts. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful box of Aurifil thread.

  67. My favorite thing to stitch is a lap quilt. I love choosing fabric and patternh for that special person to receive the gift.

  68. I love quilting the most. Size does matter, when it gets large it’s hard to handle so Lapto Twin is perfect for me.

  69. I am so excited for Playground! I love stitching up quilts and bags and pretty much anything that involves me sewing. It is my stress reliever!

  70. I love each and every step in the quilt making process. Like shopping for fabrics, piecing, quilting, binding and sewing on the binding but the best part is the look on their face when you give them that labor of love.

  71. My favorite thing to stitch would be a lap quilt, with a specific person or occasion in mind. I love being able to envision how and who will use it. That inspires the color and design.

  72. I have followed Nana Company for quite a while. I am “sew” inspired by her work. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  73. I love to make everything that brings a smile, from small dolls, home decorations and even tiny monsters! 🙂

  74. I like to sew baby and kids clothes. They are fast and easy to stitch, and the finished project is always cute even if you make mistakes due to the tiny size. Thank you for the giveaway.

  75. my favorite thing to stitch… anything, really. it’s the stitching that counts! But if I’d have to choose: clothes for my baby girl.

  76. My favorite thing to stitch will be a hand embroidered map of our zoo for my son. It’s a idea in progress so far. He loves the paper maps they provide but because they’re paper they start wearing down so fast.
    Other than that I would have to say any quilting that needs to be done or top stitching, I’m not sure why but any top stitching on a bag or clothing makes me happy.

  77. I really enjoy hand stitching hexies together. I’ve recently started playing with FMQ. I don’t always enjoy it right now, but surely with practice I’ll love it!

  78. It’s funny, but my favorite thing to stitch is whatever I am currently working on!! 🙂 Could be a quilt, a quilt, a quilt, a little outfit for my granddaughter, a homemade teddy bear, a mini album page, or a card.
    So funny to have so many favorites!! <3

  79. I just like to sew – quilts, garments, home decor, etc! Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful threads.

  80. I use to be a huge garment sewer, but now I am loving totes and small projects. Getting interested in quilting also!

  81. It brings me great joy to make quilts for the people I love, but I will try to sew anything! Right now I’m sewing a card stock “curtain” for the photo booth at my daughter’s wedding next month…. and of course I’m using Aurifil thread!

  82. My favorite thing to stitch is whatever I am currently working on! Quilts, totes, mug rugs, doll clothes, people clothes!

  83. The Sweetly Stitched Aurifil threads are all of my favorite colors to use in quilts! I am lately obsessed with making baby quilts for my beautiful granddaughters, plus there’s a baby boom in these parts and quilts and bibs are always appreciated.

  84. I’ve started stitching aprons, and love it! But really, I just love to stitch little gifts for people – zipper bags, etc. I’m in love with fabrics and color and can’t get enough.

    Thank you for this contest, I appreciate the opportunity!

  85. My favourite things to stitch are quilts including full size quilts and wall hangings.

  86. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I go back and forth between quilting and garment sewing. I love using aurifil thread for all and I think this collection is adorable.

  87. My favorite things to stitch are small quilts, gifts , aprons and home Dec projects. I enjoy planning and starting each new project. Finishing is always a good feeling. I have only used Aurifil 50 wt thread an love it. Thank you for the opportunities to try new weights and colors!

  88. Hand quilting and embroidery are may favorites. Nothing like slow stitching to soothe your soul.

  89. My favorite things to stitch include quilts and embroidery pieces. This lovely thread would go beautifully with my chosen hobbies. Thank you for offering the giveaway. I’m looking forward to seeing your playground fabric at my favorite quilt shop.

  90. I have made the cutest things from your book Sweetly Stitched Handmades and of course I hand quilt them with the 12 weight aurifil. My favorite project this year has been the Mouse House doll quilt

  91. I love making quilt tops! It’s never hard for me to make a new quilt top, however, it takes me awhile to put the whole quilt together! 😉

  92. I love to stitch ornaments and needle books! But really anything 🙂 Awesome giveaway, thank you for the chance!

  93. I’ve been following Amy for a long time. I love her fresh clean approach! I love to stitch, period. I enjoy the quilt making process, putting bags of all kinds together, a pillow here and ther, hexies, simple Applique………

  94. I’m making a quilt right now with embroidery so I’m getting double fun with stitching, I love quilting and embroidery, equally!!!

  95. I really don’t have a favorite thing to stitch. I go in my sewing room and I’m in my own
    world. I just do whatever appeaces me. I just LOVE it all.

  96. I love stitching by hand…little projects for my kiddos or hand quilting a larger project

  97. My favorite thing to stitch is sampler quilts. I love doing BOM’s because of the variety and that they sometimes push me beyond my comfort zone.

  98. Oh I just love stitching so if I’m doing that then I’m happy. Be it a quilt, bag or clothes 😊

  99. I’m currently enjoying making Itty Bitty quilts, like potholder size, but more decorative and tedious. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  100. My favorite is making smaller, quick projects like zip pouches or pillows but love making all kinds of things.

  101. Scrappy projects are my favourite projects to stitch – from potholders to quilts!

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Love Amy’s designs and Aurifil is my favourite thread.

  102. I love stitching by hand, it can be anything – felt animals, cross stitch, embroidery, quilting. I especially love hand stitching the binding on a quilt – you know it’s almost finished at that point. 🙂

  103. My favorite thing to stitch is quilts, but I pretty much love anything that involves stitches. Embroidery, cross stitch, pouches, softies. LOVE, love Amy’s thread collection! Thank you for the chance to win.

  104. I love many types of needle play, like counted cross stitch, quilting, and embroidery so have different thread weights for different steps within those projects.
    Thanks aurifil for supplying a go to for my passions. This NANA collection is sweet and I’d love to see in person.

  105. Since I am still learning, I love stitching small baby quilts, wall quilts, mug rugs, etc. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  106. I absolutely love to make flannel rag quilts. I have made one for every member of my family and they are a hug from me every time they cover up with them! Thanks!

  107. My favorite thing to stitch at the moment are little things for my kids or other kids as gifts. I love giving something very personal and handmade to my family and others.

  108. How could I pick 1 thing? At the moment I am in love with anything foundation pieced!

  109. I love to stitch any kind of quilt…throw, bed, baby…especially if it is for my family!

  110. My favorite thing to stitch is doll clothing, but I also like small quilting projects, especially with applique.

  111. Right now I am stitching some traditional sashiko patterns on small mug rug size blocks. When I get better at this I want to make a set of placemats. I have been thinking that Aurifil 28wt would make a good thread for sashiko designs, so I’m going to give it a try.

  112. I make quilts and bags mostly. Right now I’m in a table runner phase which is super fun. Love Aurifil threads the best!

  113. When I am relaxing in the evening I love to embroider. As for sewing projects I’m putting together dining room decor such as table runners and napkins!

  114. Quilts are probably my favorite thing to stitch. I love making them, especially for others. Makes me happy knowing they’re wrapped in something I made just for them 🙂

  115. I love making pincushions most. I like pillows , too, though…which are really just giant pincushions!

  116. My favourite thing to stitch is anything with wool felt or Liberty fabric or both! Especially pin cushions, mini quilts and pretty little pieces. And I love the look on the recipients face when I give them something homemade! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a lovely giveaway. We’re so lucky!

  117. My favourite thing to sew is gifts for my friends and family. It’s my birthday on May 8 too, what an amazing gift this would be!

  118. I love to sew baby quilts and zipper pouches. They are fast to put together and are great gifts. Aurifil is one of the few threads my machine likes, so I use it all the time! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  119. I am having fun sewjng bags and totesnow. I have a collection of “Paperie” that will be my next tote and bag combo, I can not wait to get started!

  120. I love to sew anything – quilts, bags, crafts, clothes, home decor, etc. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  121. I have many projects on the table all the time (why don’t I finish them before starting a new) but I think that bags or purses are some of my favorites.

  122. I am a quilter, but I don’t think that limits me. There are all sorts of things to play with in quilts – color, design, texture, shape, size, contrast… A great way to work with color and texture would be to incorporate larger threads, like the 28 wt that Amy recommends, into my quilting. PS – Thanks for an insightful and inspiring interview!

  123. Always have a few things going. Now going to quilt a throw for my granddaughter. Thanks for the chance for more Aurifil thread….

  124. Fabric baskets are my favorite things to sew/quilt. The scrappier the better. The more Aurifil variegated thread used, the prettier they get.

  125. Currently addicted to mini quilts. Love that I can get a project done in 1-2 weeks.

  126. My favorite things to sew are Quilts! They are a lot of work and take a lot of time, but it is worth it!

  127. I love everything about sewing a quilt! I love working with beautiful fabric but also the repetitive process of cutting and piecing. And, of course, I love the final product! I a new fan of Aurifil thread and would love to have all the colors to match Amy’s beautiful fabric!

  128. The colors of your Aurifil collection are an exquisite addition to your beautiful fabric. The thread is perfectly suited for the smaller projects I enjoy making (wallhangings, table mats, etc). Thank you for the great giveaway opportunity.

  129. I love Amy’s work. My favorite thing to stitch is anything for my grandchildren or children. They are my life.

  130. I love to sew complicated patterns, friends say I’m a gluten for trouble. I like lots of points and beautiful fabric! It’s always easier with quality thread.

  131. I love to stitch cowls, English paper piecing quilts, and anything knitted!

  132. I love sewing things for and with my kids–dolls, doll clothes, kid clothes. More recently I’ve fallen in love with quilting. And I love the Paperie collection–especially the quotes from some of my favorite books! The Playground collection looks just as lovely.

  133. Lately my favorite projects have been bags, pouches, and baskets. Fun, fairly quick projects that make nice little gifts.

  134. Right now, my favorite thing to stitch are clothes for my little girl. So many bright colors and ways to embellish!

  135. My favorite thing to stitch is quilts and my close second favorite it baskets or bags!

  136. I like to stitch portable projects. I spend my days at my machines, and like to have small projects that I can work on when I’m out and about!

  137. Useful things to use! Especially to see them around the house everyday

  138. I love to make quilts, but also enjoy making little gifts for people – kitchen towels, luggage tags, potholders, hot/cold aromatherapy bags. Thanks for the giveaway! Your fabrics are beautiful and I love the colors of thread that go with them. I LOVE Aurifil thread – my favorite!

  139. I love the colors of the collection. My favorite thing to sew changes all the time. Quick projects and pretty fabric inspire me. Plus sewing for granddaughters is always fun!

  140. I like to sew smaller projects that can be completed quickly. I love to hand-sew binding : ) Amy’s cute projects have been an inspiration!

  141. My favourite things to stitch are anything by hand- binding, hexes, embroidery- I get list in another world while hand stitching- I can daydream without any danger.

  142. My favorite thing to stitch is a quilt although I also enjoy making bags and embroidering.

  143. In an attempt Tha Amy Sinibaldi will see this, could you please contact me, at Janetward@Dnet.net. As I ordered your sewing tote bag thru PayPal, and was never sent a link to download the pattern. I have made several attempts to contact you to no avail, and would appreciate it if you would. Thank you
    My Cell number is 828-735-0658

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