First Blush by Ruby Red Designs

First Blush by Ruby Red Designs for Windham Fabrics is a celebration of the first bloom of the season. Fresh pinks, aquas and reds bring new life to vintage-inspired prints. Striking ginghams and sunkist dot prints offer a gorgeous backdrop to the florals. The collection accompanies the First Blush Block of the Month by It’s Sew Emma Patterns, a modern 12 month BOM that uses the Starburst 30° Ruler from Creative Grids to create its unique pattern. The coordinating Aurifil Thread Collection showcases our 50wt in super sweet colors.

First Blush BOM - Finished Size 97.5" x 97.5"
First Blush BOM – Finished Size 97.5″ x 97.5″

First Blush

100% Aurifil Cotton
Large – 12 Colors, Large Spools, 1422yds each
1128 – 2805 – 5007 – 2423 – 2130 – 2135 – 2150 – 5002 – 2884 – 5017 – 2311 – 2024


Small – 10 Colors, Small Spools, 219yds each
1128 – 2805 – 2423 – 2130 – 2135 – 2150 – 5002 – 5017 – 2311 – 2024





The Fabric — First Blush by Ruby Red Designs for Windham Fabrics
The Thread — First Blush by Ruby Red Designs for Aurifil

The Book — First Blush Block of the Month
The Ruler —  Starburst 30° Ruler from Creative Grids



To enter-to-win, simply click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 11! Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Thursday, May 12th. Good luck!

Please Note: The book will ship after its release in Fall 2016.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Erin Montequin!


  1. This spring I am working to finish up several started project (3 down so far) and beginning a few others. Working this way makes me feel constructive AND creative!

  2. Spring brings such lovely colors, both in nature and in fabrics. Love them all. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  3. Such happy colors. A joy to view. The thing I like most about spring sewing is looking out my window and seeing what is happening with the plants as they emerge and change.

  4. Love the bright sunshine for light at my sewing table & working with a lighter color palette.

  5. So cheerful. Would absolutely love to win this bundle of fabric and box of thread. It would bright up things a lot. I tend to buy darker and toned fabrics so it would be a joy to work with these crisp colors.

  6. I love being able to sew late into the evening by natural light. What an indulgence.

  7. Love starting new spring sewing projects especially new dresses for my five grand-daughters.

  8. Spring sewing with bright vibrant colors, reminds me of what is to come when the flowers and trees are in full bloom.

  9. What I love most about spring sewing is being able to have windows open to let in a cool breeze and looking out at all of the green.

  10. I love the colors and the renewed energy that spring gives me to get back to work on my projects!

  11. I think what I like most about spring sewing, is starting new projects, finished with my winter work, bindings even done, so a fresh start.

  12. I love seeing the leaves growing on the trees outside my window and the thought that soon I will be able to sew with the door open.

  13. Usually spring sewing means less pressure since I’m not sewing for holiday/ birthday season (which in our family is Nov-Jan). However this year it means finishing a quilt for my daughter’s teacher before school ends in less than 3 weeks!!

  14. My favorite thing about spring sewing is all of the beautiful things outside that serve as inspiration. But the hardest part is finding time to see when all you want to do is enjoy the great outdoors with your family!

  15. Is Spring sewing different than other season’s sewing?? lol. I do enjoy using brighter fabrics and my stash of florals.

  16. Spring colours light up every aspect of our lives, after the dark of winter. This collection is filled with those wonderful luminous pops of colour.

  17. I love the pretty colors and the bright cheerful look of the quilt AND the thread.

  18. Sewing in the spring is amazing. What I love most about it is, getting to put flowers and butterflies on fabric to brighten up to winter months to come!

  19. I love the fresh greens of everything growing, and the sweet fresh colors of flowering trees and spring flowers. Working with Spring colored fabrics, makes me want to inhale all the flower perfumes and curl up to listen to the birds song .

  20. What I love most about spring sewing is that it’s warmer in my basement sewing room and I don’t have to wear a down jacket to sew! 🙂

  21. Spring sewing is a happy place and just loving the fabrics and especially thread of your giveaway. This would make wonderful memories of this time and happiness.

  22. Spring sewing is when you really enjoy getting into those bright, cheery fabrics and threads to create something beautiful!

  23. I love the view and all the spring colors that I can see since my sewing machine sits in front of a large window.

  24. I love all the fresh, springtime colors! And I lover all of Allison Harris’s designs…her quilts are some of my favorites!

  25. There is so much to love about spring sewing….having my sewing room window open to fresh breezes, the bright colors of fabric and thread and having a whole new outlook on my passion after a dreary, cold winter.

  26. I love that everything seems fresh and new. There is new life springing up all over and that really rejuvenates my mind to start thinking new colors and new designs.

  27. Love the fresh renewing that comes from Spring sewing! The fun Happy fabrics..colors & prints are Bright & Sunshiney! Makes my Heart smile BIG!! As I Spring Clean the house…and sew pretty things to brighten up for Summer days ahead…everyone else notices & Smiles too! 🙂

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way!! 😀

  28. What I love the most about spring sewing are the colors and all the wonderful floral patterns. Spring colors make me happy 😍!

  29. The thing I love most most about spring sewing is opening the windows and smelling the lilacs outside my sewing room window. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome fabric and thread!

  30. Spring sewing feels so fresh and bright . I love these happy fabrics and those threads would be so wonderful to work with!

  31. Springtime fabrics and colors make me happy. I love sewing dresses for the girls!

  32. Spring makes me want to get out happy fabric! Love this line and especially the Aurifil thread to match!

  33. I love sewing in Spring as I love sewing every day. Beautiful colours in this set.

  34. What a delightful collection! Bright and cheery. Lots of goodies and I will keep my fingers crossed.

  35. I love all the bright colors, prints and designs. Every time I start a project with bright, spring like fabrics it acts as a reminder summer is be far away! My bright fabrics have made all of these dull rainy days brighter!

  36. I love that Springtime gives us more daylight hours to sew in. All the natural light brings out the vibrancy of the quilts.

  37. Spring seems like a great time to start new projects for Christmas. It’s a long time until Christmas so no close deadline to meet. I love sewing Christmas items in the spring.

  38. I love all the bright, happy colors of spring threads and fabrics! They lift my spirits after a long, dreary winter!!

  39. What I love most about Spring sewing is being able to sew in front of an open window on a warm day while listening to the birds.

  40. Spring brings the chance to work with lovely bright colors, like this collection! Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  41. I love sewing with all the trees in leaf and baby birds right outside my sewing room window.

  42. WOW! What a wonderful giveaway! I’m very excited about the opportunity to win all the goodies. My fav thing about spring quilting is all the bright happy colors. Of course, those are always my fav colors.

  43. I love the great natural light coming in my window and all of the pretty floral fabrics to sew with.

  44. Beautiful colours! My Beloved just built a studio for me. I love puttering around with the windows open. It’s lovely!

  45. Spinning pinwheels and a new ruler to play with, My idea of fun.I live in Southern California so I don’t care if it is spring sewing. It’s just sewing.

  46. Spring quilting always seems to bring new energy and creativity. The bright colors are so inspiring.

  47. I love that I have more time to sew after work because it’s lighter longer!

  48. Spring sewing means that the semester is nearly over and soon I will have lots of time to sew and play in my sewing room…

  49. I enjoy working with bright and beautiful fabrics in Spring colors!

  50. Wow, what a great start to a beautiful day! Love the colors. Thanks for your generous giveaway. I see a bright, cheerful, spring flowers appliquéd on a table topper or wall hanging, or sunshine on a cloudy day via a lap quilt.

  51. Spring sewing means inspiration from those wonderful fabrics in the colors of the spring flowers!

  52. I love all the colors and freshness spring brings. The renewal of all things. Bright and happy days.

  53. I love the fresh, soft colors in spring. Makes me want to be creating something new!
    Thank you.

  54. Spring sewing is always light colors and floral fabrics. Thanks for the great giveaway..

  55. I enjoy the changing of the color pallet with each season. Thank you for a terrific giveaway. janie(dot)mccombs(at)yahoo(dot)com

  56. Spring brings new energy and freshness which I think enhances my quilting projects. Thanks for the chance to win this great prize

  57. I love the pretty sunny spring days with the sun shining through the window by my sewing machine….and of course spring fabrics and matching aurifil threads!

  58. I love spring sewing as I have more energy as the weather warms up and I am not weighed done with warm clothes. I also love the change to pretty, fresh colours for spring.

  59. My favorite thing about spring sewing is the longer days the flowers blooming the birds singing and more energy.

  60. My favorite thing about spring sewing is all the new fabric collections and the gorgeous, happy colors. First Blush definitely fills the bill!

  61. There’s just something about Earth waking up that brings out creativity! The colors, the sounds, the fragrances on the breeze…all spark happy, lively colors and designs!

  62. What fun, cheerful fabrics! They are the kind that make me sing as I sew, and dance to the ironing board.

  63. I love spring sewing because of the flowers, fruit, and colors. I love working them into my quilting.

  64. Love the rebirth of colorful plants and trees after a cold and dreary SW PA winter! Love this giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. I love spring with the longer hours of light I get to sew more, I can’t sew when it is dark outside so I don’t get much sewing done during the winter, love it when Spring comes!

  66. I love being able to see the birds and greenery out my basement window while I sew!

  67. There is such positive energy during the spring, giving you the idea that you can accomplish so many things. There is so much going on outside, there is sun shining, flowers blooming, birds nesting. The possibilities are limitless.

  68. The thing I love most about sewing in spring is how the warmth, sunshine, and beautiful blooms reawaken my creative soul. Thank you for this great giveaway!

  69. Spring sewing means brighter, lighter sewing… Also the days are longer so much more sewing gets done! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  70. Such bright, happy colors! I could really use some of this after so many weeks of rain! 😚

  71. I love being able to sew with better natural light in Spring! I also love the Spring colours, so pretty and cheerful!

  72. After long, dark and snowy Finnish winter, I look forward to light and colors spring brings!

  73. Spring sewing means light in my sewing room and birds making a racket. Bright colors and lots of Aurifil thread. Thanks.

  74. Spring sewing is so bright and fresh. The colors are lighter and happier. I can open my window, listen to the kids playing in the yard and enjoy my favorite thing to do!

  75. I love sewing in Spring because it feels like a new start of everything! My creativity is inspired with all sorts of new ideas!

  76. I love working with flowery fabrics in the spring and sewing with the back door open and a breeze blowing in making everything smell fresh!

  77. Spring inspires my sewing year-round. It’s my favorite time of year. The buds on trees, tulips popping up, birds chirping and bees buzzing around make you forget that you have been snowed in for the past few months. 🙂

  78. Since my name is Spring, I have always loved the season and the colors it brings with an added amount of enthusiasm! These colors exude all that! 💗

  79. There is so much that I love about Spring sewing – the colour inspiration in all the fresh new growth, the warmer days allow me to start bringing sewing outdoors again and the longer evenings make evening sewing much more pleasurable

  80. I love using the light and cheerful colors of spring after a long Minnesota winter–it makes me happy!

  81. Love Spring sewing because the natural light is around for longer in my sewing room. I can feel like I see nature and get some sewing done!

  82. I love to see all the beautiful spring fabrics that come out! What a lovely fabric and thread collection!

  83. Spring sewing brings out fresh colours and longer daylight hours. I like bringing it outdoors too.

  84. Love the beautiful colors-they remind me of Spring! Time for some new fresh fabric!

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