Aurifil 2016 June Designer of the Month Jacquelynne Steves

Aurifil 2016 Design Team June Jacquelynne Steves collage

I’m Designer, Author, Radio show host Pat Sloan.. June is coming in with sunshine and flowers, which is a perfect fit for our June Designer Jacquelynne Steves She is a beautiful artist and very clever designer! You will want to go right to her website to join her Free Sew Along “Maggie’s First Dance”

I have talked with my friend Jacquelynne a few times on my talk show.. —> 4/20/15, 9/29/14, 3/4/13 and 12/10/12 CLICK to Listen or subscribe by Itunes

Let’s get to know Jacquelynne!


Where do you live and what is your favorite spot there?

I live in a 160 year old farmhouse in Southern New Jersey. It is quite rural- I know that surprises a lot of people! Lots of farms and cows. I just love being surrounded by the peace and quiet. We love going to the county fair in July- we have a really good fair! All kinds of livestock, games like skillet toss, tractor pull and pig scramble, and of course great fair food like corn dogs!

1c-Philadelphia-Jacquelynne Steves

I live just 5 minutes from a professional rodeo, but I’m still 40 minutes from Philadelphia- best of both worlds!


When was your FIRST quilt sighting? Did it inspire you to start quilting?

My mother and grandmother both sewed clothes. My grandmother was actually a professional seamstress in a garment factory. So, I grew up with sewing, but no one quilted, and we never had quilts in the house. We did have lots of crocheted afghans, though. If Grandmom or Great Grandmom made us a gift, it was always a crocheted afghan in your favorite color in either a Granny Square or chevron design.

My first quilt sighting was probably in a shop as an adult. I was out with a friend one day, and we both had pretty small kids at the time. We saw a sign in a little quilt shop for a beginner’s quilt class, and signed up on the spot. Mind you, I didn’t really sign up because I was that interested in the class- I just wanted an excuse to get out of the house once a week for the next 6 weeks!! But of course I fell in love with the fabric right away, and that was that.

The class was called One Big Star, and it was just what it sounds like- a bunch of large squares and HST’s (probably about 15” each) which formed a single star wall hanging. I also learned how to machine quilt (stipple) in that class. I don’t know if I still have that one- the cat pulled out all of my quilting stitches!

My second quilt was a Courthouse Steps quilt with prairie point edging. I also machine stippled that one.


Did you have a career prior this, what was it? 

I actually have a nursing degree, and worked as a nurse for just a year or two before my kids were born. I’ve always been interested in all kinds of creative hobbies and have probably tried most of them! Cross stitch, tole painting, sewing clothes for my kids, pottery.

3b-Strawberry Art- Jacquelynne Steves

I was even into making Russian Easter Eggs for a short time! Then I dabbled and taught myself watercolor painting. For me, the watercolor painting and quilting are the two things that have “stuck”- since I discovered those 2 things, I really haven’t dabbled anymore. I feel like I’ve found my creative “home.”


Have you had a ‘light bulb’ moment in making ?

One day I was too lazy to change out the walking foot which was already on my sewing machine to a regular foot. I found that it made my piecing much more accurate! So now I use my walking foot almost all the time!


What does your studio look like, and what would you change in it? 

I’m really lucky to have the studio space that I do- I love it! I work from our farmhouse, and my space has gradually taken over more and more space! I started with one room, then my stuff crept into the adjoining room. Then, a few years ago, my oldest daughter got married and moved out, so I took over HER old room!


On the first floor, I have a room where I have my “office” area- my computer, filing cabinets, etc. That room also has my painting table.


Also on the first floor, in the adjoining room, I have my sewing area- my sewing machine, cutting table, and cabinets of fabric and notions.


My daughter’s old room on the second floor serves as storage for more fabric, quilt and project samples, and an extra table for cutting. Since the table is white and the room has 3 windows, it’s perfect for photography.


Even though I have 3 rooms- I feel like I could always use more space (or maybe I should just get rid of a bunch of stuff??) It would be nice if everything was on the same floor, some days I feel like all I do is run up and down the stairs! But I’m not complaining, I really love where I work. All of the rooms have lots of windows so I can look outside at the neighboring fields and enjoy the seasons. I have a full studio tour (including video) on my website here


Do you have a GREAT storage, organization, or label making tip?

This is more of a tip for making easier cleanup- When I’m doing hand sewing, I put a looped piece of masking tape next to me on the chair arm. Then, I stick my little thread ends onto it as I snip them. It keeps them from going all over the floor. When it’s full, I throw it away and start with a new piece of tape.


What are your 3 favorite colors of Aurifil thread? 

My favorite color is red, but I also love a nice chartreuse-y green. And I’m starting to use yellow more and more, not really bright yellow, but a pretty buttery shade. So I find that I go to #2265, #1147, and #2130 over and over again.


Anything else you’d like to share?

My Free Block of the Month, called Maggie’s First Dance, has just begun- but you have plenty of time to jump in!


We are having blog hops with great prizes, a Sew Along Day, and lots of fun.


The free block patterns have options for piecing only, applique, and embroidery, so you can choose your favorite method. There’s a little something for everyone. For the sample, the fabric I used is Hometown Girl by Pat Sloan for Moda Fabrics. Here is a block machine appliqued with Aurifil 50 wt thread:


And here is a block that I am working on using Aurifloss embroidery floss:

You can find all the information about the Free Block of the Month here


What is blue that inspires you? 

I will admit that I never really thought of myself as a “blue person”- I don’t wear a lot of blue and I don’t find myself drawn to it in other areas like home decor. But over the last few years, we have been to the Netherlands twice, and this past time in April 2016 we visited Delft. We even took a tour of the famous Delft pottery factory- that was really inspirational! The Delft blue is such a pretty shade. My daughter and I even got to paint some Delft pottery (which is black when you paint it on, but then turns blue when it is fired.) So lately, I’ve been attracted to that shade. Recently, I have also found myself drawn to water-y blues like aqua and turquoise- to me they are very calming and energizing at the same time. So I guess I really am a “blue person” after all…

9b-Aurifil Embroidery Thread- Jacquelynne Steves

I named my block Modern Delft because I was inspired by those colors. The color of Delft pottery has been around for centuries but it’s still so easily recognizable. I created an embroidery pattern which reminds me of the intricately hand painted patterns on Delftware.


Then, after I made that block, I was thinking about the windmills in Holland (and because I am a first-born, Type A, overachiever type…) so I decided to make another block, called Modern Delft II. It’s the same basic block, except I replaced the embroidered center square with a pinwheel reminiscent of the windmills:



DOWNLOAD Modern Delft Quilt Block



And a few on the light side!

  • Right handed or left handed.. and can you use the other at all? Totally right handed!

  • What is your Favorite childhood TV show? Lots of shows from the 70’s- The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, Little House on the Prairie…

  • Are you a Dog or Cat person? I have one of each, but I admit to being a dog person. Our Chihuahua Alfie is so spoiled! Photo 10a

  • The snack you crave Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate.

  • The Color you have always LOVED….. RED!

Cozy Afternoon Quilt- Jacquelynne Steves

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pat sloan aurifil 2016 dom block 6 peek

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  1. Love your creativity! My BFF is from Holland and her Aunt was an Artist that painted for Delft. Hendrika owns many pieces (beautiful Holland Girls) that her Aunt painted. I have collected (both old and new) Delft for many years.

  2. I love this block! Blue and white together are just so crisp and cool for summer. I have a set of dishes like the saucer in the picture with the windmill block. My favorite dishes ever! I always enjoy seeing them in photos. They are named Royal Danish, but are very similar to blue and white Delft pottery. Thanks for the great block.

  3. Jacquelynne, I actually found you through Pat Sloan at the very beginning of the “Splendid Sampler” and was delighted when your block was released. I love the style that you and Pat embrace. a bit of a clean line approach with a sprinkle of Surprise and a Dash of Splash, Quilting couldn’t be more fun! One of the other things that has made me a die hard fan, the easy smiles that seem to never leave your and Pat’s faces. I doesn’t matter what kind of day I’ve had, it can be the worse of the worse, and as soon as I see a posting, or peek into your respective Online Quilting Homes, I begin to smile, the tension fades and with a Colour infusion and a pep talk of on sort or the other, all the ills of the day have vanished. The Block you Designed is perfect. Just like Cindy Teta, the Creations of Royal Delft and Royal Copenhagen, in the crisp white and blue pallet are long standing favorites and for me, a connection to my Grandfather and my Heritage which has strong roots in Denmark. I enjoyed getting to know more about you and just love your studios. Not that you need it, but look and the “Climbing of the Thousand Steps” as keeping you prime Quilting form, and allowing you to have that bit of chocolate, guilt free! I envy all your wonderful Natural Light!! But, I think what I love the most, is the openness, what I call “The Room to Breathe” factor! All your spaces appear large and open, even if they are not. Big spaces Big Designs, and not just physically large, but an openness that allows creative juices to produce those Big Designs, full of elements that beg your eyes to follow and enjoy the Quilting Journey! More than enough said, lol. There is a stack of Blue and White Fat Quarters just waiting for a new and permanent Home!!

  4. Your block looks great and I like that there are 2 options. The tip about the tape is one to put in the mental file for need to do!

  5. What a beautiful block and I love your embroidery! Thank you so much for sharing your talents and wonderful block. I can’t wait to start making it.

  6. So is the Aurifil Designer of the Month done with June for this year? The other years seem to continue on with a new block through the end of the year…

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