Island Batik Week: Sand Dune & Tide Pools by Kathy Engle


We’ve arrived at our final day of Island Batik Week and today we introduce not just one, but two collections! Double the fun and double the giveaways;). We’ve loved every bit of this week and have learned so much about these remarkable designers. The gorgeous fabrics from Island Batik are incredibly versatile and have produced one stunning project after another. We hope you’ve drawn some inspiration from what you’ve seen and that you enjoy our final post today… all about the woman behind many of the successful collections at Island Batik, Kathy Engle.

7/18 – Introduction to Island Batik
7/19 – Seashore by Tammy Silvers
7/20 – Equinox by 4th & 6th Designs
7/21 – Surf Squirt by Claudia Pfeil
7/22 – Tide Pools & Sand Dune by Kathy Engle (Today)

To learn more about Island Batik and the batik process, please visit their website. For a peek at the full range of Spring/Summer releases, click here or on the image below to browse the catalog.


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Island Batik’s Kathy Engle has introduced two brand new collections, Tide Pools & Sand Dune. From vibrant periwinkles and seaweed greens to lively greens and sun-kissed oranges, these two collections offer a rich palette of colors on opposite ends of the spectrum. The coordinating Aurifil thread collections are available in two separate large boxes featuring our 40wt thread.


Peer just a little beyond the surface and you’ll find Kathy Engle’s palette paradise in this season’s Tide Pools collection. Vibrant periwinkles and seaweed greens only scratch the surface of this collection’s spectrum! Seashells, swirls, bubbles and netting all play amidst the flamingo pinks and sandcastle tans. Spy a sea urchin inspired purple fabric and bottle green sea foam fabric. Tide Pools will only leave you wanting to explore more!

Tide Pools
100% Aurifil Cotton
Large – 40wt, 1094yds each, 12 colors, Large Spools
1243 – 2145 – 2545 – 2562 – 2740 – 2850 -2884 – 2887 – 2915 – 4030 – 5003 – 5006


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Embark on a journey to Kathy Engle’s Sand Dune collection where a lush desert oasis is surrounded by lively greens and sun-kissed oranges. Tanned browns and sandy hues dance in the arid winds. You’ll be craving to see what other desert diamonds lay beyond this sand dune! An assortment of leaves hand-dyed on nutmeg, toasted marshmallow, and eggshell browns will only leave you serenaded in their shade.  Wild parakeet glitter amidst sage-brush greens in this hidden paradise. Take a peek at this collection and see what Sand Dune colors you fall in love with!

Tide Pools
100% Aurifil Cotton
Large – 40wt, 1094yds each, 12 colors, Large Spools
1133 – 1231 – 2310 – 2318 – 2350 – 2360 – 2600 – 2610 – 2886 – 2892 – 5009 – 5024


To view all thread collection info on our website, click the collection images above. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

How did you first get started in this wonderful world of textiles? 
From an early age I was very drawn to graphic art and textiles. I chose it as my career and I graduated from CSULB (California State University, Long Beach) in illustration and textile design.

Tide Pools Fabric & Thread
Tide Pools Fabric & Thread

Do you recall the first collection that you designed and what was that experience like for you?
For the first 10 years of designing fabric, it wasn’t by collection, but rather by individual hand painted tropical surf wear and action sports themed wear. It was from the next 13 years of transfering to the hot new up-and-coming quilting division that collections were inspired. Anything with nature has always been a favorite; but after 30 years I really dont have any favorites. My process moves on to the next, always moving forward. It’s never boring.

Whirlpool by Stitched Buy using fabrics from Tide Pools
Whirlpool by Stitched Buy using fabrics from Tide Pools

What first drew you to the business of fabric?
The fabric industry has made it possible to be an artist, designer, and business woman. It has given me opportuntites to teach, travel and continue to develop and learn with each new project. The love that people have for fabric is infectious!

Maze by Freemotion by the River using fabrics from Tide Pools
Maze by Freemotion by the River using fabrics from Tide Pools

How long have you been involved with Island Batik?
I have worked for Island Batik since 2008. The integrity, quality, and virtues that they have established have informed the success of their collections.

California Coastline by Purrfect Spots Designs using fabrics from Tide Pools

What do you love most about Batik fabrics?
I love the brilliance of the colors, the saturation of the dyes, the variety and diversity of the tjaps (chops). There is so much history to making batik. The whole process of manufacturing seems like magic.

Sand Dune Fabrics & Thread
Sand Dune Fabrics & Thread

Can you tell us a bit about the process of making a batik fabric and how that factors into the design process?
First, I create black and white designs in repeat for positve and negative images. The drawings are then sent to Bali. The chop, or stamp, is created by welding copper strips and pins together into an 8-1/2″ x 11″ design. The chop is dipped in melted wax and stamped directly on the fabric. The colors and textural pattern for the background are selected and then the colors for the forground are chosen. Fiber-reactive dyes  penetrate the cloth and are dried by the sun. The wax is removed with boiling water to reveal the pattern beneath. The process may be repeated to achieve the final result.

Spinning Geese by Cindi McCracken Designs using fabrics from Sand Dune
Spinning Geese by Cindi McCracken Designs using fabrics from Sand Dune

What inspired your latest collections and how did you translate that inspiration into the designs that we see in the collections?  
The inspiration for all four collections, Tide Pools, Surf Squirt (for Claudia Pfeil), Seashore (for Tammy Silvers) and Sand Dunes came from my love for the ocean coastline, where I live with my family. The commom elements used are all tied to the earth; as is with most of my designs. Fish scales, seahorses, seaweed, coral, waves and sand all relate to a summer vacation or just a walk along the beach. I describe my colors as sophisticated clean and muted tones, realistic to nature, one that has many values and color.

Falling Stars by Mountainpeek Creations using fabrics from Sand Dune
Falling Stars by Mountainpeek Creations using fabrics from Sand Dune

Do you have a favorite project that was made using the fabrics from these collections?
I am always amazed at the creative ways designers use my collections. The diversity of their creative spirits come together in so many different projects that I couldn’t begin to choose. I love them all!

Montana Wildflowers -Bitterroot by Ladybug's Cabin using fabric from Sand Dune
Montana Wildflowers -Bitterroot by Ladybug’s Cabin using fabric from Sand Dune

The prints showcase such a variety of rich and neutral colors. What is your process for selecting the colors for the coordinating thread collection?
I try to imagine how the quilter is going to use the thread. Do they want to make a bold quilting statement or a subtle one? Will they try to match the thread colors for piecing?  I want the quilter to be able to have some creative choices for their projects within the thread collection.

Copper Clockworks by Purrfect Spots Designs using fabrics from Sand Dune
Copper Clockworks by Purrfect Spots Designs using fabrics from Sand Dune

How did you first discover Aurifil threads?
I saw a project that one of our designers had made I was taken by the magic the thread brought to the quilt.

Is there something about Aurifil thread that you feel brings out the richness of the batik you design?
Aurifil thread has the same wonderful brilliance and saturation of color that is characteristic of our batik. I like the cotton on cotton combination with the thread and fabric. I think the two natural fibers work together to produce amazing results.


Click here to head to the Rafflecopter page to enter-to-win one of these two prizes:

— 1 Large Tide Pools Thread Collection and one Fat Quarter Bundle of Tide Pools fabrics from Island Batik
— 1 Large Sand Dune Thread Collection and one Fat Quarter Bundle of Sand Dune fabrics from Island Batik

You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Thursday, July 28! One winner will be randomly selected for each collection and announced here on Friday, July 29. Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Carol Nelms & Gillian Moore!!

KathyEngleKathy Brett Engle is the Vice President of Design at Island Batik. An established member of the textile industry for over 30 years, she brought her expertise of Batik design to Island Batik in 2008 to develop batik collections and products specifically designed for quilting related retailers.

Prior to Island Batik, Kathy worked for Hoffman of California. During the 23 years she was with the company, she designed fabrics for both sportswear and specialty manufacturing, and then the fabric retail division serving fabric stores and quilt shops as Design Director until 2007.

A native Californian and graduate of CSULB, Kathy is married, a mother to two grown sons, and grandmother. She lives and loves the Southern Californian coastal lifestyle!

Website — Blog — Facebook — Pinterest — Twitter — Instagram
Island Batik is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of cotton batik, rayon batik and hand-printed cotton from Indonesia. Originally established in 1997, Island Batik’s mission is to share the ancient cultural art of batik and hand-dyed fabric with our many valued customers around the world.


  1. Absolutely love the beautiful colors. They remind me of sand and water. Ahhhh.

  2. Love how each piece is so unique and transformable. One piece can take on many properties depending on the coordination of colors.

  3. I love the watercolor look and saturated colors in batik fabrics. Tide Pool combines my favorite colors — blues, greens, and purples.

  4. I was instantly drawn to batiks-the colors, the designs-looking through fabric, batiks just stand out! I am working on my collection & one day the perfect quilt for them will also draw my attention!

  5. Besides the colors and feel of the fabric, I love that you can use Batiks in traditional or Modern quilting. Dress it up or down…It all works!

  6. I just love the colors and designs in the batiks. I also like the way they sew up so nicely. These batiks are gorgeous!

  7. The batik design process through finished fabric has always held a huge fascination for mek. I am drawn to the colors, “layers”, textures and prints–to be a designer. .. dream job!!! The Aurifil thread colors are like icing and sprinkles on the batik quilt frosting. Yummmm…

  8. I love the colors, patterns and versatility of batiks…can’t get enough of the beautiful fabrics!!

  9. I love Batiks for the saturation, everywhere and regardless of how I cut my pieces or piece my pieces its never a boring layout /design. Thank you Kathy for all you insight and I truly enjoyed reading about chops and sun drying.

  10. I don’t work a lot with batiks, but these are absolutely wonderful. Would love to get started on a project!

  11. The Colors! Batiks are just so pretty, I have only a few in my stash, I buy them and use them!

  12. I love how batiks have a variety of hues and tones that can blend and match so well that get your creative juices flowing!

  13. I love the range of colors of batik fabrics. And it seems that each fabric can work well with each other which makes it easy to select fabrics for a project.

  14. Batik colors are so alive! They’re never static – and – they’re beautiful on each side!

  15. Batik fabrics are wonderful, the large variety of colors and patterns are so easy to integrate. Batik fabrics always make any project look crisp and brillant.

  16. I love the batiks and the richness and depth of color they bring to a project. The video showing how batiks are made should be watched by everyone who uses the fabric…it is very labor intensive. We couldn’t have such lovely projects without the love that goes into making this fabric.

  17. I have several batiks in my stash and love them all! What I like best about them is the variety of patterns, colors and the ability to mix and match them so easily. There is no wrong way to coordinate them!

  18. They are both so pretty! But my favorite today is Tide Pools. I love purple, blue and aqua together. I love the amazing color saturation and subtle printing of batiks–the artistry is wonderful. I just finished cutting pieces for my first quilt featuring Island Batiks–they cut like butter, are sturdy and strong with little running, and feel amazing. Can’t wait to get sewing!

  19. The watercolor look of batiks is very appealing to me — as well as the feel of the
    fabric and the ease of working with them. Great giveaway — thank you for
    the opportunity.

  20. I have always been drawn to batiks. They are the fabric that got me interested in quilting in the first place. I think both of today’s groups are particularly gorgeous and Tide Pools is my absolute favorite.

  21. The colors of Batiks and the feel of the fabric draws me in everytime. That blue and purple has me drooling.

  22. I love the colors and the subtle shades of the blenders, and finding the little designs from the “chop”. Island Batik had gorgeous paisleys and pineapples and animals. It’s just so fun.

  23. I haven’t worked much with batiks but I love the range of colors and hues you can get in one piece. And the motifs on them are so much fun to look at!

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  29. I love the batik fabrics for applique they do not fray. I also love that you can use either side for a more muted quilt.

  30. I love how batiks create a “mood”. They can go from fire to ice to serene to happy…sometimes within the same collection.

  31. LOOOOVE how they are different, and still go together! So pretty…shadings & prints are amazing! & the colors are AWESOME!

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  32. I love the “island” look that so many of the brighter colors have. I also love that they don’t fray like some of the regular quilting cottons.

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  36. I love the color saturation in batiks and the interesting patterns which add so much vitality to quilts. I particularly love batiks with bright clear colors for quilts and other more subtle tones for realistic landscape quilts. Thanks to the artists and artisans who create these lovely fabrics.

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  39. I love the color variations within a fabric, and the uniqueness of each piece of batik fabric.

  40. What do I love the most about Batiks? Vibrancy of the colors and the fact that no piece is identical. It is like a unique quilt every time you work with Batiks!

  41. What I love most about batiks is how they blend so well with almost any fabric combination!

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