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The threads for Amanda Murphy‘s debut Aurifil collections were selected to coincide with Sewing Room, her 4th Benartex collection which debuted at Bernina University this month as well as her Spring Market release, Feathers & Flourishes The large box features a variety of 50wt threads in addition to Aurifil’s clear monofilament thread, Amanda’s choices for both piecing and quilting. The small box features her top choices in both 12wt & 28wt, making it an excellent  sampler for anyone looking to try appliqué with heavier weight threads.

To learn more about Sewing Room over on Amanda’s blog, click here.

Amanda Murphy’s Piecing and Quilting Collection
100% Aurifil Cotton
50wt (1422yds each, 11 colors, Large Spools):
2250 – 5017 – 2886 – 1128 – 5006 – 5007 – 2440 – 2225 – 2785 – 2600 – 2021
Clear Monofilament (1094yds, Large Spool)


12wt (54yds each, 2 colors, Small Spools): 1114 – 2021
28wt (109yds each, 8 colors, Small Spools):
5005 – 2425 – 2225 – 2720 – 2250 – 5017 – 2620 – 2785


To view this info on our website, click the images above. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.


Amanda and her BERNINA Q24
Amanda and her BERNINA Q24

What first drew you to this fabulously creative world of textiles? 
I always loved both drawing and sewing so it was a natural fit. I also liked math in school and love the process of figuring out how to put challenging designs into repeat.

Do you remember the first quilt that you made and how you felt once it was complete? 
I made a tree skirt on pre-quilted fabric while in grade school. It had three dimensional angels on it. I decorated all of their faces using makeup and made their hair out of braided yarn. An art quilt – if we are being VERY generous!

What is your absolute favorite part about creating a quilt? 
I’m torn on this one. I really love figuring out the color variations that are possible using the computer, and then seeing the colors come together with fabric. But I ALSO love machine quilting. I am a spokesperson for the BERNINA Q Series and love to teach free motion quilting on these and other domestic BERNINAs at BERNINA dealerships throughout the country!

When did you first start writing patterns and how has that changed the creative process for you? 
I started both at around the same time so it hasn’t changed the process much.  I always have quilts in mind while designing and go back and forth between designing fabric and patterns so I can check the scale and color of the fabrics and test how they work together.  I like figuring out how to make what I draw so I enjoy pattern writing as well.  Switching from right to left brain and back again keeps things interesting!

How did you first connect with Benartex and what do you love most about fabric design? 
I’m extremely lucky to be working with Benartex because I just love the people – things naturally fell into place there through various contacts I had in the industry and just a gut feeling really.  And fabric design… well I love color obviously but I also love being able to see the ideas behind the prints come to life.  I guess my favorite part would be the the little surprises that happen during the creative process.  A collection never ever turns out exactly the way I envision it in the beginning but it is the little “mistakes” that happen along the way that you learn to go with because that is what makes the fabric come to life and it is also what gives it personality.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest collection? Do you have a favorite print? 
Sewing Room! It is a celebration of all things sewing!  Can I pick two prints?  It would have to be the sewing machines and Aurifil thread spools!

What is your favorite project made with the fabrics from this new line? 
Sewing Room Sampler is my favorite pattern I’ve ever done!  (It is releasing this coming week.)  It is a modern block-of-the-month with large buttons, scissors, and ironing board, a sewing machine – you get the idea!  It was so fun to piece!


A close second would be my S is for Sew pattern which features appliqué that is optionally done “in the hoop”.  It is also releasing this coming week.  I like to use 28 wt. Aurifil thread for my appliqué so my Aurifil Appliqué Collection is a perfect companion to it!

How did you first discover Aurifil and what do you love most about it?
I first discovered it a few years ago at Quilt Market.  I love its dependability and wide range of colors.  It runs through my machines beautifully with almost no lint build-up.

How did you go about selecting colors and weights for this collection? 
I selected Aurifil 50 wt. large spools of thread for the Piecing and Quilting Collection, plus one spool of monofilament.  I use Aurifil 50 wt. for piecing and quilting so I choose a range of colors that go with my collections.

Amanda Murphy’s Piecing and Quilting Collection

My Appliqué Collection is composed of eight smaller spools of 28 wt. thread that coordinate with my collections.  It allows you to try machine appliqué with thicker threads for a really reasonable price, even if your local shop doesn’t usually stock the full linethicker threads.  It also includes two 12 wt. threads that I use for stems on appliqué projects during a triple stitch on the machine. Beware applique-rs out there – you will become addicted like I did!

Amanda Murphy’s Applique Collection
Amanda’s mini-quilt “Flourishes”, from her Feathers & Flourishes collection for Benartex, featuring blanket stitches in 28 wt. thread and triple-stitch stems in 12 wt.
Amanda’s mini-quilt “Flourishes”, from her Feathers & Flourishes collection for Benartex, featuring blanket stitches in 28 wt. thread and triple-stitch stems in 12 wt.

The Piecing and Quilting Collection includes a spool of Aurifil Monofilment thread. Can you tell us a little more about why it was important to include it? 
It seems like I’m always quilting for a specific collection on a deadline – usually multiple quilts in the weeks leading up to Quilt Market or BERNINA University. I love quilting in Aurifiil 50 wt. cotton as well but Aurifil Monofilament is my “go-to” if I don’t have time to change colors.  It pairs perfectly with Aurifil 28 wt. in the bobbin on my BERNINA long arm, 580, and 780!  (Tip: I like to use a thread stand when working with monofilament on a domestic machine.)

Detail shots of “Sewing Room Sampler”, quilted with Aurifil monofilament with 50 wt. in the bobbin.

Do you have a favorite color weight? 
For quilting and piecing: 50 wt.
For applique: 28 wt.
For mimicking hand embroidery on my sewing machine: 12 wt.
Favorite color: 5006 Light Turquoise!!!

What advice would you give to a designer just starting out? 
To do what you love and don’t worry what other people are doing.  And to embrace your “creative mistakes” and see where they take you.  Enjoy the process!



Click here to enter-to-win 1 Large Piecing and Quilting Collection and one pattern bundle by Amanda Murphy Design (Including ‘S’ is for Sew!, Sewing Room Sampler &  Sewing Garden), or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Saturday, July 30! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Sunday, July 31. Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Laura Parsons!!

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Amanda and her BERNINA Q24
Amanda and her BERNINA Q24

Always attracted to color, texture, and pattern, Amanda Murphy has been designing, drawing, and sewing since she was a child. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a bachelor of fine arts degree and worked as a graphic designer and art director in Alexandria, Virginia, and New York City. After moving to North Carolina with her family Amanda discovered quilting, an art that marries her passion for design with her enthusiasm for handwork. As she gradually expanded her knowledge of sewing and quilting techniques and combined them with the ideas she had been sketching over the years, Amanda Murphy Design was born.

Amanda markets her own full-color pattern line under the Amanda Murphy Design label and has designed several fabric collections.  Her fourth collection with Benartex will debut in Summer 2016.

[For more, please visit Amanda’s website]

** Images and all biographical text are courtesy of Amanda Murphy.


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