Pat Sloan’s Mega Fun Book Tour!


Pat Sloan is truly an industry icon! She has written over 30 books, designed hundreds of quilts, designs fabric collections for Moda, curates thread collections for Aurifil, hosts a weekly podcast for American Patchwork & Quilting, organizes the Aurifil Designer of the Month program, and still manages to travel extensively for her lectures while peppering in fun events like The Splendid Sampler Sew Along and so very much more. She is a tireless crusader for quilting and sewing education and is generally seen as an inspiration to all;). So… we love Pat. Pat is just amazing.


We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of her Mega Fun Book Tour! If you’ve been following along, you’ve likely learned some fun things about Pat, grabbed some new quilting tips, checked out some seriously gorgeous quilts, and read all about her brand new book, Teach Me to Machine Quilt.


Pat is no stranger to the literary world. Yet with each new release, she somehow manages to share unique, helpful, intriguing and gorgeous content.  We are in awe!

Personal confession time… I’m a beginner quilter. I’ve been sewing for years, but have never actually made a quilt. I’ve made all sorts of other things, including writing simple patterns, but… no quilts. With that said, Teach Me To Machine Quilt speaks directly to me! Reading the intro feels a little like inviting Pat over to my house for a one-on-one lesson (my goodness, wouldn’t that be amazing!) She has amazing tips for quilt top assembly, ideas for quilt backings, easy info on batting and a terrific guide to basting a quilt. All that before even diving into the actual process of quilting! Pat covers everything that a beginner might need to know to make a successful first quilt (or second, third or 100th!)

And yes, I work with (and adore) Aurifil, so I may be a bit biased, but her section on thread weights and selection is absolutely perfect. She walks readers through 4 common thread weights, answers the spool vs. cone question, and gives wonderful suggestions for color selection, thread tension and what thread to use in the bobbin.

Whether you’re a beginner like me, or a seasoned expert, this book is an absolute gem and is sure to be your new go-to. To enter-to-win a copy of Teach Me To Machine Quilt, head on over to Pat’s blog!

THE THREAD (Oh the lovely thread!)
Once you have your copy and you’re ready to dive in, you’ll need some thread to get you started;). Thankfully, Pat also has two new curated collections: Perfect Box of Neutrals in 40wt, a large box of luscious threads that was released in August, and Let’s Go Sew, available in both Large & Small, featuring 50wt threads in colors that coordinate with Pat’s latest fabric collection with Moda, Sunday Drive, but also represents a range of fabulous stash builders. Today, we’re thrilled to share more info about Perfect Box of Neutrals and, of course, share a super fun giveaway!

But first… a few quick questions for Pat about her love of Aurifil!

Since you always ask the Aurifil Designer of the Month, what are your three favorite colors of Aurifil thread?
Oh the tables are turned!!! Of course Red 2260, Aqua 2830, and funky old gold 2920.

Do you have a favorite tip for thread storage?
I like to keep them in a box by color. I have a group of red boxes (of course!) and they hold all my thread.

If you were one spool of Aurifil thread, what would you be?
A CONE of Old Gold 2920!! It’s such a great blender color! Alex should send that to me… wink!


Perfect Box of Neutrals by Pat Sloan
12 Large Spools, 50wt thread
2390 – 2692 – 2312 – 2340 – 2370 – 2372
2360 – 2600 – 5021 – 5011 – 2610 – 1158

Click here to enter-to-win 1 Large Perfect Box of Neutrals thread collection, or simply click on the image above. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Sunday, December 4! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Monday, December 5. Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Carol Carnes! We can’t wait to send you a thread box:). 

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  1. My very first quilt was a quilt that my sister and I made from my mother’s scrap fabric (she was a seamstress) all sewn by hand. I don’t know what happen to that quilt.

  2. My first quilt was a quilt I made in 1994 for a friend’s wedding. The quilt has outlasted the marriage. He sent me a picture of the quilt not to long ago and it still looks good.

  3. My very first quilt was a Hunters Star Quilt in bright vibrant primary colors, it was for my son and daughter in law as a gift for the arrival of their first baby and my first grandbaby, and they were naming her Hunter. So I thought it was appropriate. I had never quilted and had no idea HOW to quilt, but I watched every video on the internet there is, and bought TONS of books and read THEM ALL. I practiced for weeks. And…i made an AMAZING QUILT. It still looks just as beautiful as my quilts as a seasoned quilted now, except the quilting, i have become much more advanced of course. I started quilting because i became ill with lupus and had to quit working as a nurse, and that was my very first quilt.

  4. My first quilt is a revisible queen size. Rainbow Stars and Diamonds on one side and winter colors for the Tennessee Waltz on the other side. Quilted with a rainbow vine design, that looks like christmas lights on the winter side.

  5. I cannot wait to get my hands on Pat’s new book. I soooo want to improve my machine quilting skills! I do love Aurifil!

  6. My first quilt was a 16 x 16 square with little blocks where I hand quilted the outline of Mickey Mouse. Since I have collected him for over 50 years now, it was appropriate to use him in my quilt. I love that little quilt – it still makes me happy!

  7. My very first quilt was a baby quilt for my oldest daughter over 35 years ago. It had embroidered animal blocks with solid blocks in-between. Since I had no idea how to machine quilt, or any other kind of quilting, at the time, it was just tied. Needless to say, it didn’t hold up to the test of time. I do still have the embroidered blocks tucked away though. I’m sure this book could help me with my machine quilting skills!

  8. A sampler class back in the 80’s. Why do I find machine quilting so difficult?😐 Would love to just blame it on the machine but I know it’s probably lack of pratice. Keep trying. But my machine does love Aurifil!

  9. My first quilt was a scrappy hst and I hand quilted it, it’s still on my mothers couch she loves it.

  10. My first quilt was for my son. He was 7. He still has that quilt, it has seen a lot of moving, it is torn, and stained, and he will not get rid of it! I have asked him numerous times, he loves it, he sees it everyday and it reminds him of me. He is now in his 30’s and every June he requests a quilt, to be made by me I always seem to get it to him by Christmas. Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

  11. My first quilt was a log cabin made in greens. I made it in a class taught at my local Walmart about 25 years ago.

  12. My first quilt was an applique tree block one. The stores thought I was crazy for wanting to use different leaf fabrics for the trees. I am happy with how that quilt turned out and I am glad I stuck to my guns about my fabric choices.

  13. I started quilting 25 years ago. My first quilt was a log cabin, beautiful colors. Then I tried to machine quilt it, not horrible, but not great either.

  14. My first quilt was a flannel rag quilt. I didn’t have the rag scissors so it was a beast to snip around each square. The feeling eventually returned to my hand! I’d love to win this thread set!

  15. My first quilt was a simple 9patch (although not so simple at the time). My sister had to help me finish it.

  16. Guess I’d say I have 2 “First Quilts” – One was at a Charity Quilt Group and I was given an already pillowcased quilt and I put the finishing quilting on it. Just some straight stitching with a decorative stitch, But I did quilt it. The 2nd was one that I actually pieced and is still on my UFO pile. I attended a Mystery Quilt Retreat and ended up with a beautiful top that I would have never attempted if I had seen the pattern first. I have not discovered how I want it “quilted as desired,” so it hangs while I try to get the courage up to quilt it on my domestic machine.

  17. My first quilt was a scrappy one made during my teen years with the help of my mother who was an experienced quilter.

  18. My first quilt? Well, I had just joined a quilting class which turned out to be for returning students as the beginner class had been cancelled when not enough people signed up. So, the project we were given was a series of applique flower blocks alternating with quilted blocks. I jumped in and enjoyed the tasks but I’m sure my stitching was pretty bad. That reminds me to pull it out and look at it again.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway, I can put that thread to good use.

  19. My first quilt came along just a few years ago when I started making them! I love cats so it was my first theme. I gave it to my husband.

  20. My first quilt was taking a learn how to quilt class.. so a sampler all cut with scissors, machine pieced, and hand quilted. It was a 8 week class that got me going and now 30+ years later still going and getting better with each quilt.

  21. My first quilt was a triple rail. I took a class at a local sewing machine store with a couple of friends. Loved the process and I am happy to report that the 3 of us continue to make quilts.

  22. My very first quilt was a hand pieced and hand quilted wall hanging when I first started to learn. I made four different types of blocks. Then I moved up to lap quilt. I’ve kept them both, and keep the wall hanging on the wall of my sewing room.

  23. My very first quilt has made in my first quilting class. The back is made up of scraps left over from the top, but 25 years later it is still waiting to be quilted. Just had no idea how to do that and haven’t gotten back to it yet! 😏

  24. First quilt was a log cabin and made in a class about 18 years ago. I was shocked to learn that taking a “quilting class” did not include learning to quilt it. Lol. That first one is still unfinished as are many others. I joined a new guild and committed This will be the year to do it.

  25. The first quilt I made was a king size Barn Raising pattern using Log Cabin blocks. I’d been a home sewist for years but had never made a quilt. A friend showed me a short cut for piecing the blocks and I was on my way. That was over 40 years ago and it has been an amazing quilting journey —

  26. My first quilt was a Quilt In A Day Log Cabin, made during a class in 1990 or so, and it was tied and actually finished in one day. I loved making it, and used it on my bed for many years. I’ve come a long way since.

  27. My first quilt was a table runner for our new house. It is kind of primitive, but it is still in use. I have developed my quilting skills a lot since then!

  28. my first quilt was actually a counted cross stitch baltimore album style framed design. it was also my last cross stitch project because i started quilting obsessively.

  29. I’m still learning to machine quilt, and I’ve found Aurifil threads makes a total difference. My first quilt was a medallion quilt in a quilt class that we hand quilted… that is, if you don’t count my sewing scraps together by hand when I was about 6 and trying to sell them as quilts to the neighbors for a nickle.

  30. Started machine quilting when I retired, still learning lots! My love is to make baby charity quilts for our local group. Thanks for your inspiration+a great giveaway!

  31. Made a simple squares quilt…and stitched in ditch…squares were polyester knits!!! Still have it!! Well loved too!! 🙂
    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way!!! 😀

  32. My first quilt was pastel squares – many different fabrics – for a friend’s baby.
    Made this back in the 1960s — did not know much about quilting — but just
    sewed the squares together and added a backing with no batting in between.
    It was very light weight — but pretty in the end.

  33. My first quilt was a twin sized quilt that I made for my first born. I had remembered a baby quilt that my mother had made me that had pictures embroidered in half the squares, and remembered looking at the pictures. So I decided to do the same but in a bigger size. The finished size of the squares in my quilt was 4 inches. I chose to use yellow and green for the squares, and I hand embroidered 114 little pictures on the green squares. My oldest is now 46 years old, but she used the quilt until she was married after graduating from college:)

  34. My first finished quilt was a Triple Irish Chain. After I finished it, we got a puppy. He chewed the corner, and I put the quilt away, so that there would be no further damage done, with the intent to repair it. After 13 years, puppy passed, and I could not bring myself to repair it as it is a memory of my soul dog.

  35. I’m amazed that this industry is so chock full of different walks of life! Not only quilters! Fantastic! I love the Aurifil Thread after winning a box from a blog hop. I choose it above all else. And I own Pat’s latest book, it is fabulous!

  36. My first quilt was a fleece two layer with tied fringe. I stitched around the designs printed on one of the fabrics. My goal is to complete a bed size quilt and I look forward to getting Pat’s book.

  37. My very first quilt turned out to not be my very first quilt! I started a quilt through a BOM, buying everything at once. I got several blocks done and then life happened. Several years later my daughter joined a Saturday Sampler group and encouraged me to do so also. I did (keeping in mind that I had an unfinished quilt already). I actually finished that quilt before I finished my “first” quilt. Both are done now and are in use. I am totally hooked on quilting now.

  38. I received my first quilt when I was a baby in 1962. It has scenes from Cinderella cross stitched around it and has pink binding. It was hand stitched and quilted by ladies at my grandmother’s church. The first quilt I made was in 2011. I used French General fabrics and gave it to my mom for her birthday. It turned out really great and I was hooked!

  39. I still love the first quilt item I made – the fabric, the colours, the techniques and the mistakes. Oh the mistakes were such excellent learning opportunities. One item I didn’t have and still need is the Aurifil threads. Here’s hoping for a very lucky pick 😉

  40. My first quilt was a Storm at Sea pattern, each piece cut with a template and scissors (before rotary cutting!). It took me 7 years to complete, all through college, graduate school, and getting married.

  41. My first quilt was one I did with my Mom. We took a white sheet, ironed on State flowers and embroidered them, then put them back together. My dad built us stand so we could quilt it and roll it up as we finished an area. I had forgot about that till now. It has long since gone the way of the dodo bird, but I can remember how sore my fingers were. Wish I still had it though.

  42. My first quilt was a simple four patch I made in high school. I didn’t realize at the time that I was making a quilt. I thought I was making a “comforter” to use on my bed in college. Now I know better.

  43. My very first quilt, Boston Commons and was made in a class in the late 1970s. I learned very quickly that a rotary cutter (mat and ruler) were going to be my very best resources for making future quilts. I have not regretted learning this craft.

  44. My first quilt was a Sun Bonnet Sue. My grandmother taught me how to applique and to hand quilt on it. I still have it and the wooden hoop she used to quilt it. It is one of my greatest treasures.

  45. My first quilts were for my first and second child. The quilt had nursery story embroidered pictures with multi colored strips around each block. These quilts were used and carried/dragged around until it they wore out. The my son insisted that his dog loved to sleep on it. My second son said the same thing with his cat. They were finally retired when it was in tatters and could not be washed again. My sons are now 46 and 43 of age. What great memories quilting make.

  46. My first quilt was all flannel fabrics in a simple pattern. We use it when we go camping or sitting outside on a cool night.

  47. I’ve never finished my first quilt! I bit off a bit more than I could chew! Someday I’ll finish it.

  48. My first quilt was for first child. From actually ugly scraps and tied. But it was a quilt❣️❣️Not much money in those days at all. Lol

  49. Guess I was supposed to comment on my first quilt–guess it would be putting together a family quilt for our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

  50. I made my first quilt when I was 14. My favorite teacher was adopting a baby so my friends and I decided to make a quilt for the baby. We had no idea what we were doing and no one to help us. So we cut up squares of flannel and sewed them together. We didn’t know about batting, so I cut up a blanket and sewed that to the back of the quilt top. I am sure the whole thing looked bad, but our teacher was very gracious and thanked us for the quilt.

  51. I use Aurifil thread a lot, makes for great piecing and quilting. Just need a motivator to do the quilting!

  52. My first quilt was made out of 2000 millennium fabrics. I created it without a pattern and finished the top on New Years Eve.

  53. My very first quilt was made probably about 28 yrs ago. It was scrappy, left over squares all cut the same size and randomly sewed together and then tied with yarn. Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. My first quilt was maybe the size of a big table topper. I took a class. I did finish it at home a machine stitched it. It was bad at all. Other than quilting a few baby quilts, I only hand quilted one for my Mom. I have lots of tops.

  55. My first quilt was a Trip Around the World that we still use in our guest room. I call it “A Dear Friend Came Calling”. One of my favorite things about it is that one of my best friends from high school helped teach me how to make it–very patiently, in a hotel room while her husband attended a business meeting in a town near my home. Such a fun memory.

  56. I took a class @1987 and still haven’t finished the piece….it was to be hand quilted and is still languishing on the shelf!

  57. It was so long ago, I can hardly remember (67 years young)! It was a simple nine-patch and I was about 12 years old. Pieced it on my grandmother’s treadle sewing machine, with her help, using scraps from the school clothes she had made for me. Loved every minute of it.

  58. My first quilt was a log cabin. I bought the book by Eleanor Burns, Log Cabin Quilt in a Day, and talked my Cousin into trying it with me. She had just gotten a new sewing machine. I made a king size waterbed quilt and she went on making log cabin quilts for every bed in her house and gifts for others. We had a blast! I still have my quilt but not the bed. I bet she also has hers. Plus she learned to use her new machine.

  59. My very first quilt was a rag quilt that I made for my daughter when she headed off to college. That was the beginning for my quilting passion.

  60. My first quilt was made for my mom about 35 years ago. It was a Christmas gift….log cabin pattern. After finishing, I turned around and made one for my sister, knowing that she would want one, too!.

  61. My very first quilt was a baby quilt that I cut with scissors, hand pieced, and hand quilted. It took 3 months to finish and it was for my first grand baby who wasn’t even expected. I used Winnie the Pooh fabrics and designed it myself. I made it 7 years ago in February, 2009 and my granddaughter was born December 27, 2009. 😊 I love your thread.

  62. I couldn’t wait to win the book drawing so I’ve ordered mine and I’m waiting for my beloved UPS driver to arrive! Squeeeee! How nice this collection would be to go with it.

  63. Growing up I had made many miniature quilts for my dolls but my first actual quilt I did was for the arrival of my niece and it was all hand stitched.

  64. My daughter asked me to make her a quilt. I’d sewn for years, but I had never quilted. That was two years ago, and now I’m all about piecing quilts.

  65. My first quilt was a mess! This was a very long time ago and quilting had not experienced its renaissance yet! I used 1/8 seams and assorted cottons and a bunch of polyester fabrics. It was four inch squares sewn together and then tied with navy blue thread. Haha!

  66. My first quilt was made in 1980. My mother passed away while I was pregnant with my daughter and left me some machine appliquéd animal blocks. I didn’t know how to make a quilt but I did sew so I stitched the blocks together with white muslin in between (and a 5/8 seam allowance), stitched around 3 sides like a pillowcase, laid some batting inside, tied it with yarn and then stitched the top closed. It was pretty awful but my baby girl loved it and I loved that she had a part of my mom.

  67. My first quilt was a puff patch quilt I wanted a quilt for my bed at college. My dad helped me shop for fabric, and this was in the earlier 70’s, so not easy, not much to pick from, but did find enough. the squares were sewn, tucks made, and then stuffed with batting, and then sewn together. Sure wish I still had it, but it was well loved. 2nd quilt I made was in 80’s-a sampler made all by hand (pre rotary cutters) Hand pieced, appliqued and quilted. Do still have this quilt, a great reminder of how far quilting has come! And I still think everyone should at least try hand piecing.

  68. My first quilt was a t-shirt quilt for my son–I gave it to him when he graduated from high school. It was full of junior high and high school memories. He has it on his bed at college. My daughter graduates from high school in June and wants one too!

  69. My first quilt was an original design twist and turn t-shirt quilt with 18″ blocks that I pieces on a Brother Project Runway machine for my oldest child’s college graduation in 2015. I’m am officially addicted to quilting of all kinds.

  70. My very first quilt was for my son, then 10, and it was a block called “moon over the mountain”, all done with templates and cutting by scissors. Yes, it was a while ago. It was in a yellow/gold, red, black and grey, which I hand quilted – only took me just under two years to quilt …. was very slow at hand quilting. Of course done in polyester fabrics (didn’t know the difference and money was hard to come by then). That was over 30 years ago!!

  71. Great interview. I so enjoyed reading about each of the featured artist. My very first quilt (by myself) was a baby quilt for my son (now 45). I embroidered a bunch of blocks and pieced them together with yellow sashing and border. Then tied the quilt. That’s a long time ago.

  72. I’ve been making kennel quilts for shelters and rescue groups for years but my first “REAL” quilt was made only two years ago!

  73. My first quilt was a double-bed size with 12 applique and pieced blocks done in browns and golds . (It was a long time ago). My friend and I signed up for a sampler quilt at our local quilt shop and just jumped right in.

  74. I would love to win the the box of thread, when I make my quilts I have to adjust them to make them large enough to hand down some on my king size bed and my daughter and her husband has a king size too. So my quilts are quite big.

  75. My first quilt was a patriotic rag quilt for my daughter. I just wish I had made it bigger. Aurifil all the way!

  76. My very first quilt was a braid runner by GE Designs done with quilt-as-you-go techniques. It’s on my table now and I can see a lot of things I would do differently now. My first bed-size quilt was a twin made from the local guild’s Block of the Month. I really liked it when it was done but at the time was not very sure of what to pick for light, medium and dark.

  77. My first quilt was started in a hand-quilting class, and has yet to be finished. My second quilt was done in a machine quilting class and was a sampler that was completed! I would love to win the Aurifil neutrals thread set… I just bought some black today!

  78. I made my first quilt while pregnant with my first. It was a baby quilt for the under the sea themed nursery. I also made coordinating curtains, crib skirt, and paintings.

  79. I made my first quilt for my best friend’s baby. Cut out squares with cardboard templates because that’s what you did in 1981. Tied it. Pretty poorly done but thankfully, my skills have improved since then!

  80. I’ve loved and used Aurifil thread for years, this set would be wonderful to win, thanks for the giveaway!

  81. My very first quilt was made with scraps from my clothes sewing while I was in high school! Still have it although it is very tattered and torn but still reminds me of all the sewing I did!!!

  82. My first quilt was a simple log cabin quilt in autumn colors of orange, gold, and brown. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  83. My very first quilt was the Craftsy block of the month sampler quilt in 2012. That was what got me started, and there is no looking back now!

  84. My first quilt was made with pre-cut hexes and Muslin. I still have it, on my antique daybed! Thank you.

  85. I think my very first quilt was actually a group of quilts. I decided to make lap quilts for each member of my family for Christmas one year. I would use panels and add borders to make them large enough. I mis-figured what I would need, but they actually came out pretty good. Considering that I serged the borders on, and quilted with decorative stitches along the seams.

  86. My very first quilt is an attic window wall hanging with cloud fabric in the “window”. The sewing isn’t very straight and there are puckers in the seams, but I still love it. Thanks!

  87. My very first quilt was a baby quilt for my first born son. It was a rocking horse quilt. He turned 40 this year! can’t believe i’ve been sewing and quilting that long! thanks.

  88. My first quilt was a Rail Fence made for my Mother. Was made using cereal box templates. Not knowing much about quilting I tied the layers together using knitting yarn. Have come along way.

  89. My first quilt went to my daughter’s penpal in England for a wedding present. I didn’t even do the binding the right way!

  90. My first quilt was Eleanor Burn’s Log Cabin Quilt in a day. Obviously, I never did any quilt in a day. ha. Love this first quilt.

  91. I made my first quilt when I was 13. It was a log cabin made with scraps left over from my mom making my clothes, and included corduroy, polyester blends, and cotton shirting. I loved that quilt and used it until it fell apart!

  92. My very first quilt was made with squares of corduroy, backed with a bedsheet, and tied with yarn. Decades later, my dog is still enjoying it.

  93. First quilt was a baby tumbling block, using cardboard templates. Self taught, so just winged it. “Modern” quilting in ’79!

  94. My first quilt was a small tabletop that my Grandmother taught me how to piece and handquilt. It is gone now and I regret that so much….

  95. My first quilt was a doll baby quilt I made out of squares and sewn on my mother’s Singer Featherweight. That was a very long time ago, fifty plus years ago!

  96. My first quilt is a Variable Stars. It was started in 1999 and is still in the UFO stage because I hadn’t yet learned the importance of the quarter inch seam and I need to go back and make some repairs before I can finish quilting it. My husband’s 92-year-old grandmother had helped me to pin baste it and showed me how to hand quilt it, so it WILL be finished.

  97. My first quilt was throw sized Trip Around the World from the Quilt in a Day series. It was supposed to be Christmas present for my then mother-in-law. I didn’t get it finished for Christmas so gave it unfinished but took it back. I finished it and kept it for myself. That was over 20 years ago!

  98. Just sewing one now. I had some Christmas fabric I wanted to use for s small table runner, so my daughter is teaching me.

  99. Ha – my first quilt is forever a WIP. It’s a sampler quilt that I left behind at some time. My first FINISHED quilt is a little Americana log cabin wallhanging that I still display in my living room.

  100. My first quilt was a panel with added borders. I hand quilted the center and tried to machine quilt
    the borders. Not too bad as I still use it in the guest room sometimes. That was prior to Y2K.

  101. My first quilt was a wall hanging. It was a tree… brown trunk, green blob on top with appliqued red leaves… fun for a 3 year old’s bedroom but the irregular shape made it very difficult to hang.

  102. My very first quilt I made almost a year ago for my mom. I had done some sewing but no quilting before. My parents moved out of state and were sad to leave my sister and I and my three children so I wanted to make her something she could remember us by. I decided on a memory quilt and got to work. It turned out beautiful even with all its flaws since I had no idea what I was doing. There’s a row for my parents, me and my sister, for my husband and oldest son and then for my two youngest. Each row is split in half and has picture blocks, handprints, embroidered quotes and fabrics specific for that person. She cried when she saw it. It has so many errors but I love it. I fell so in love with the entire process and have been hooked ever since.

  103. My first quilt was for my second grandson and my “at that time” only granddaughter and his cousin helped make the quilt.

  104. My first quilt was for my dorm room. I didn’t know about 1/4 inch seams, my corners didn’t match and I used a poly cotton for the sashing. Yeah, it was a mess. But it lasted for years! We used it as a beach blanket/ picnic blanket until it finally fell apart!

  105. The first quilt I made was a wall hanging of the feathered star. I made it in my first quilt class I can’t believe I started out with that pattern, but it still looks pretty good. I even hand quilted it. That was over 30 years ago, and I haven’t quit. I try to sew every day I can, but struggle to get the tops quilted.

  106. I made my first quilt at 16 with squares of leftover dressmaking and outgrown clothing fabrics–I remember it had a yellow satin binding-it was a gift to my “now” mother-in-law, over 45 years ago!

  107. I’ve made a couple mini quilts and I am working on my first full sized quilt. Thank you for this terrific giveaway!

  108. My first quilt was a small tulip wall hanging. I had picked out a directional garden print for the border and didn’t have enough fabric to piece it attractively. I still love it. There were a lot of learning opportunities making that first quilt.

  109. I actually made my very first quilt in 1987 … it was a month before my 5th birthday. I decided to hand stitch a quilt for my brother using the fabric from my mother’s rag bin – it included the furry toilet seat cover! Of course he loved it! LOL! 🙂

  110. My first quilt was a baby quilt that I did at the beginning of 2016. It had a lot of mistakes, but it was a good learning experience.

  111. My first real quilt was inspired by one that was a raffle prize at a local historical site. I entered the drawing, but didn’t win. So I decided to make a similar one.

  112. My very first quilt was at a jelly roll race quilting class. I had never touched a seeing machine before that class and by the end of the class I walked out with a brand new Janome and a finished quilt top. I gave my first quilt to my mom for Christmas that year.

  113. Gosh, that was so long ago. The very first quilt I made was sometime around 1978 and was a sampler quilt, all pieced and quilted by hand. What a fun time that was. Not enough time to quilt that way anymore so I love quilting on a machine. I get so much more done! And Pat’s new book couldn’t be more timely. I have finally decided to try and quilt my quilts on my domestic machine. I can’t wait for Pat’s book to arrive so I can get started… And I am very excited to see a section on threads. I know there is a lot I need to learn about just the right threads to use for various piecing projects and the quilting process.

  114. My very first quilt that I made was for my nephew when he was born. My mom had started a cross stitch quilt before she passed away so I finished the cross stitch and quilted it for him. THat just started the ball rolling and I have been quilting ever since.

  115. I was a little ambitious for my first quilt. I pieced a full size Grandmother’s Flower Garden entirely by hand. My grandmother hand quilted it and my mother hand sewed the binding for me. I still think it is beautiful.

  116. My first quilt was a baby quilt for my nieces baby last year. My niece cried and I was hooked. I’ve just completed quilt #20.

  117. My first quilt was a baby quilt when my son was born , I have come a long way since that one 33 years ago.

  118. I made my first quilt in a class I took with my sister in a local library – we went once a week for 3 hours for 8 or 9 weeks. The teacher was a long time quilter who wanted to share her love of quilting…we mainly learned how to piece different blocks and sew them all together. The actual quilting part was pretty much up to us! I did my best and am still working on the “quilting part” and probably will be forever more!! Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂

  119. My first quilt was a freezer paper pieced one! I was registered for a beginner’s class but it was cancelled. I wanted so badly to learn how to quilt that I took this class, not even knowing how to use a rotary cutter!

  120. My first quilt was a mistery quilt from the net and i had now idea about choosing fabrics. But a friend of mine helped me in saying, just choose what you like together and it worked out so well. Still love my purple, blue anf flowery quilt. It was paperpieced and so a big help!

  121. My first quilt never got quilted! It was a big Ohio Star. I learned about color, value, cutting and I got hooked on quilting, so it was a worthwhile class.

  122. Please send thread; laid off from my employment, no money for Christmas or fabric or Aurifil threads.
    Thanks so much ! Be Blessed

  123. Christmas ! The happiest time of the year ! So much wonderful sewing to be done and I am running out of thread ! Please send thread and Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas May Your Days Be Bright and full of threads

  124. We have a darling granddaughter who came to our family at age 5. I wanted to be sure she felt VERY loved and wanted…what better way than a quilt made by her Grannie? Having never attempted such a thing every choice I made was “wrong” except…the wanting her to feel loved! All the material was fleece, I put the (very large) pieces together with my serger, the batting was HIGH. But she LOVED it and snuggled into it when she was happy and sad. Her parents were so appreciative…of the effort. (And I caught a bug I have found no cure for except the next quilt.)

  125. I have just learnt the difference that good thread can make to my quilting, my first quilts were quilted with what I had, now I only used good (Aurifil) thread. Now I need more, thanks for this chance to win some.

  126. My first quilt was a simple baby quilt about 18 years ago. I was hooked and now collect old quilts and make new ones.

  127. My first quilt was purple (I do not like purple) and blue color hues. It was wonky, not quite pieced correctly but I loved it. It was several years ago and although it was rough looking, I felt so very accomplished especially self teaching!!

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