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The blues and purples of Blue Moon had us immediately smitten. This Island Batik Signature Collection was designed by Kathy Engle for Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quilt Works. It was released at last year’s Fall Quilt Market in Houston, partnered with a perfectly coordinated collection of 50wt Aurifil threads.

The fabric is just now shipping to stores and the thread collection is available at your favorite local quilt shop. We’re so excited to hear more about Jackie’s inspirations for these collections and to take a closer look at the stunning quilt patterns that bring them to life. Stay tuned for Island Batik Week in just a few short weeks, right here on Auribuzz!

“What made me love this collection was the rich deep cobalt blues, and the deep dark purples that are paired with those cool colors.  They just make all the fabrics sing in this collection.” — Jackie Kunkel

We just love working with Jackie — she brings so much energy to every project and has the most gorgeous patterns to offer her adoring fans. This project in particular has been an absolute blast. We had the unique opportunity to partner not only with Jackie & Island Batik, but also with Best-Selling author Marie Bostwick and Deb Tucker of Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design.


Marie has a lifelong love of quilting and loves finding ways to connect that love with her passion for writing and story-telling. She joined forces with Deb Tucker to take it all to the next level. For each of Marie’s new books, Deb designs a companion pattern that picks up on a character or theme from the book. For The Promise Girls, Deb designed and created the Stormy Stars Quilt Pattern (27″ x 27″). She also created an expanded version of this design, using the Blue Moon collection and her Square Squared and Diamond Rects tools. Both designs are inspired by one of the book’s main characters, Avery Promise, a mermaid at heart. 

We were lucky to have Marie, Deb, and Jackie as special guests at our booth at Quilt Festival in Houston just a few short months ago. The trio of talented women met with attendees, talked about the book, the quilt that it inspired, and the fabrics and threads that brought that quilt to life. They also talked about the Quilt Shop Party Kit, a super fab program available to shops as a way to engage quilters and create a fun social circle centered around The Promise Girls book and the Stormy Stars pattern. It’s truly a fabulous program that combines quilting, reading, and enjoying time with your local quilty community. If you’re interested, make sure to check in with your local quilt shop!


To celebrate the release of Blue Moon and this ongoing partnership, we’re excited to offer 1 Blue Moon Thread Collection & 1 set of 5 patterns by Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quilt Works to one lucky winner. To enter-to-win, simply click here or on the image above and follow the Rafflecopter instructions. Giveaway is open through 11:59pm on Friday, February 9. Winner will be selected and announced here on Monday, February 12. This giveaway is open to all of our friends worldwide!

Want another chance to win? Check out the blog hop Grand Prize Giveaway, right here!!

Good luck, happy stitching, and don’t forget to follow along with the rest of the blog hop this week!

Monday, Feb 5
Island Batik
Jackie Kunkel, Canton Village Quiltworks

Tuesday, Feb 6
Aurifil – YOU ARE HERE!
Kate Colleran, Seams Like a Dream

Wednesday, Feb 7
Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design
Terri Sontra, Purple Moose Designs

Thursday, Feb 8
Penni Domikis, Cabin in the Woods
Kari Schell – On Point Quilter

Friday, Feb 9
Linda and Carl Sullivan, Colourwerx
Marie Bostwick


  1. I cannot say that a particular pattern has changed my life. Quilting changed my life, a hobby, use of creativity, meeting new friends, teaching others…
    My quilting mentor died last month, we quilted together for 25 years.

  2. Wonderful colors in the fabrics and threads. I’m not sure any one pattern could be said to have changed my quilting life, but being able to design my own patterns has accomplished that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Grandmother’s flower garden was for me. My neighbor when young gave one to our family. It sparked my interest in quilting.

  4. The quilt that has a significant part in my life is a love note and hearts quilt I worked on with my daughter who was 8 at the time and my mom who passed recently passed away. It was our second quilt together but this time with my oldest daughter. It got me into quilting more and loving the hobby. I still have her handwritten notes about how to design the quilt and even that is special to me. She is behind every inspiration I make with my quilt projects. I even started using her machine more and it every project significant and special to me and my family.

  5. The sawtooth star is the pattern I go to when I need a to gift a quilt quickly – a friend with breast cancer, a child deployed, a surprise baby. It’s easy, and friends are always willing to sew one for you.

  6. There really isn’t a particular pattern that has made an impact, but all of my Granny’s quilts have! I remember as a child watching her carefully trace and cut pattern pieces from empty cardboard candy boxes from their little country store and then lovingly piece them together. Once done, Granddaddy would set up the quilt frames in the living room and the ladies in the neighborhood would bring a covered dish and come quilt until it was completed! I loved watching them – and Granny let me quilt on the bottom!! I’m sure she removed it when I went home but it made an impact on me!

    1. LOL – Oh my, she didn’t piece the cardboard pieces – but I’m sure you figured out that she used them to cut pieces from fabric, actually feed sacks, and pieced those together!

    1. answering the question: My first applique pattern was started in a class given by Kim Diehl 10 years ago. It started my way on making beautiful quilts and my love of machine applique.

  7. Those birds! Those colors! Love, love, love this fabric and thread collection ❤️⭐️❤️ #musthavefabric #fortheloveofbirds #thosebirds

  8. The first quilt I made with a rotary cutter changed my life. I don’t recall the exact patterns (it was a sampler top), but not cutting individual pieces with scissors inspired me to keep quilting.

  9. There was a quilted jacket pattern that I made about 20 years ago that started my obsession with quilting.

  10. A pattern has not changed my life ;however, I do have a favorite quilt that I made and our son-in-law photographed for me that I love. He has since passed away and when I look at that quilt it reminds me of him.

  11. I wouldn’t say that any pattern has made a significant impact on my life yet; I’m new enough that I haven’t even wrestled with triangles yet, so there’s a long way to go for me! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  12. The 365 Challenge Quilt (1 block per day) changed me from a confident beginner quilter to an intermediate quilter. I learned so much about color placement and became much more accurate in my stitching. Didn’t get it done in 1 year. I began Jan 2016 and finished November 2017. It was life changing.

  13. I grew up in a quilting family and remember playing under the quilting frame while my grandma, mom, and a couple of aunts would hand quilt while chatting away. The most significant quilt for me was the first one I made by myself (with a little help and advice from my mom) around the age of 12.

  14. The first quilt I made was to put together the fabric blocks that my preschool son and his classmates drew pictures on. I still have that little quilt and I guess that little quilt made have lit a spark. Then I helped my daughter learn about quilting for an apprentice project when she was in 5th grade. After that, I helped my other daughter make a quilt for a child she provided childcare for. Years later, I took a couple of classes and really liked it. I don’t think I finished the first few quilts I started, but I am getting back to them. I have taken many more classes and have fallen in love with batiks. I have made quilts for my grandchildren and other relatives.

  15. the quilt that had an impact on my life is the one i made for the aids memorial quilt to honor my son. that quilt is the reason i was able to get out of bed the first year after he died. i dept it for 10 years before i could bring myself to send it to the names project.

  16. Making baby quilts when I got started quilting was helpful!! The smaller , faster projects gave me confidence to go bigger!! Thank you!

  17. Grandmother’s Flower Garden changed my life. I fell in love with a picture of it and then cut one out by hand and sewed it together by hand. I was hooked. I love these patterns and colors. Blue and Purple with a splash of Green is my favorite color combination. This is a fantastic giveaway. Thank you so much!

  18. Gorgeous fabric and, as usual, a great thread collection to match. You ask tough questions. 🙂 I can’t think of an pattern or quilt that has had a huge impact on my life. But, I do a lot of my own fabric dyeing now and that has had a large impact on my quilting, including colours out of my comfort zone and designing my own patterns more.

  19. Awesome fabrics and threads. I can’t say that one pattern has changed my life but I love sewing and quilting. All the fabrics and threads keep me inspired! Have a fun day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  20. No particular pattern had a huge impact. Quilting in general is a relaxing and creative way to re-set and relax amongst my busy life.

  21. I fell in love with quilting and the stories that surround quilting in general. My style is all over the place from antique patterns to paper piecing. It brings me so much joy! These blue moon colors are just yummy! So much inspiration in them!

  22. My Dad had given me a couple quilt tops done in the 30’s by my great aunt. One was a double wedding ring, and two were GFG. Those were the inspiration for me to get into quilting. I loved how the pieces of fabric made a design, and how the colors blended. The fabric was so soft to the touch. Quilting appeals to many senses.

  23. I love making the dresden plate quilts, and the binding tool star quilt. I would say they are even on my list of the patterns I enjoy making.

  24. My first block of the month made a big impact. I had so much fun learning to piece each different block and to have success. I haven’t stopped quilting since. Now I am learning to machine quilt on my home machine.

  25. Oh my, what an absolutely beautiful collection of fabrics, threads and patterns. As to what quilt may have influenced me, I would have a difficult challenge selecting just one. One of the earliest type of designs that caught my attention was Hawaiian applique’, which led me to Baltimore style applique’, then on to piecing curves (Drunkards Path), and precision piecing. I guess I love it all.


  26. I really admire Storm at Sea pattern. I think it is a very versatile pattern. The deep blues and purples would look wonderful in this pattern.

  27. The quilt that has inpired me the most is a grandma’s flower garden that was made by my great-grandmother and great uncle.

  28. The first quilt I made, it was how I learned to quilt, from the books Quilts,Quilts, Quilts. From the sampler, I learned to rotary cut, choose fabric, applique and machine quilt…or at least got my start more than 20 years ago now.

  29. What inspired me, at 17, to begin my lifetime of quilting was a simple basket block being hand-pieced by an elderly lady. It was instant love! To this day, basket blocks are among my favorite quilts. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful collection. I love blue and can’t resist it or batiks, so I’m looking forward to finding this in my LQS.

  30. I don’t know about made an impact but 2 of my all time favorites are my Twisted Log Cabin. It hangs in my office and my Red and White Vortex. I love both of them.

  31. Several years ago, before I knew about anything quilting, I put together a hand sewn quilt made from hankies I had collected for a lot of years (125 of them)! I loved the hand quilting & now I am working on machine quilting to finish it! I am also working on four more quilts! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway, Susan

  32. I am In Love with the Blue Moon collection!!! Yes, I have some already! My inspiration pattern is double wedding ring quilt, it’s what I wanted to make when I started quilting.

  33. My all time favorite quilt pattern is the log cabin because of all the variations. A quilt of significance is a dragon themed one I made when my son headed off to grad school. It has an appliqued dragon and is surrounded by stars. He took it to Europe with him, even with the very limited amount of baggage weight allowed on the air plane.

  34. I don’t remember the quilt design, I just remember sitting around a wood frame hanging from the ceiling. My Grandmother was on one side of me and her sisters and friends were gathered around the quilt, and we were all hand quilting. I remember all the laughing and talking while I tried to make my stitches even. It was a good memory.

  35. It took me two years to finish the embroidery, piece the patchwork and custom quilt Calendula Patterdrip’s Cottage. I wss doubting my quilting ability when a friend talked me into entering it in a local Quilt Show. When it won First prize in It’s category and Best of Show, I realized I could actually be a quilter. Because of thst quilt I am not afraid to try challenging quilts. I learned thst it just takes time and patience.

  36. Wouldn’t say there is a specific quilt or pattern. Most times I try to challenge myself with a new technique or try something different, although there are times when I do need something quick and not too fussy. Some of the new things I end up loving and add to my go-to skill set, others I have no interest in pursuing again.

  37. Most of the patterns I have used have been selected by the recipient of the quilt as I make them for gifts. Right now I am making a Labyrinth quilt and loving it. I also like designing my own quilts using my stash fabrics for inspiration. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Would have to be my first quilt…a sampler of hideous proportions! I was so very proud of it though and it certainly hooked me in and I have been quilting ever since. Funny actually thinking about it as it was a quilt made out of all shades of blue where I then stitched in or near the ditch with some white thread (wondering while I was doing it why this stood out so much 😼)…Still have that first quilt and love it!

  39. I like to choose simple patterns but I’d love to challenge myself with making a Lollipop Quilt!

  40. I have always like the quilt “Warm Wishes” that first came out in a Quiltmaker magazine I think. It is such a versatile and quick to make quilt that it is my go-to when I need a fast gift or outreach quilt.

  41. I don’t remember which pattern it was exactly, but the first thing I ever paper pieced had a huge impact on my quilting life. Paper piecing has allowed me to make things I couldn’t have made otherwise and has given me the opportunity to test patterns for designers around the world.

  42. I think the 9 patch made an impact on my quilting life. It was the first quilting block I made and found it to be fun and easy. From there I advanced my quilting knowledge.

  43. The first quilt I made has made the most impact. It was the start of my quilting obsession. I made it using a pattern back in the late 1970’s with Stitch Witchery as there was no Wonder Under or Heat N Bond.

  44. I made a scrappy Delectable Mountains quilt and won a prize at our Quilt Show. It’s still my favourite quilt pattern.

  45. I started paper piecing with Desert Sky by Judy Niemeyer. I met Jackie Kunkel and have met so many other quilters through her classes. It started an obsession and a growing love of quilting,

  46. Maybe my first quilt which made me fall in love with the hobby? It was an i-spy quilt I made for my then 5-year-old son.

  47. I don’t think there was a specific pattern, but my first quilt was made completely by hand and I designed it myself for my first grandchild. It took me 3 months to complete the quilt and I fell in love with quilting by the time I finished it. I love the colors of the fabrics and the thread! Thank you for the giveaway.

  48. I received a quilt made by a group of friends several years ago. It was a comfort quilt for a year that had a lot more downs than ups. I treasure it and use it often.

  49. There isn’t one particular quilt or pattern that has made a special impact. But I love vintage quilts. And the idea that someone’s handwork can last for generations

  50. My first quilt is significant to me. It was/is a simple patchwork quilt made with all purple fabrics! It’s been with me for over 35 years and has gone on many outings, picnics, sports games and even swaddled my babies. I still love it so much later.

  51. I think the quilt I’m working on now… Glacier Pines. It has made an impact on my quilt making. It has tons of paper-piecing, some challenging appliqué (for me, since I’m a beginner in that area), and now I’m sure the quilting will take me to new places.

  52. Many years ago a lady gave me a craft magazine with a quilt on the front. I don’t remember the magazine name, but the quilt was huge concentric circles of color, and I knew I wanted to learn to quilt from there.

  53. I always wanted to quilt like my great grandmother – she made me a Dresden plate quilt and that keeps me inspired to stitch!

  54. I used to be a traditional quilter, But a visit to the quilt museum in Paducah changed that. Seeing Carole Bryer Fallert’ Solar Eclipse quilt made me fall in love with abstract patterns and curves, and that has been my biggest influence.

  55. I think the quilt that’s made the biggest impression on me is Jinny Beyers “Moonglow’. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it, and still have it on my list of quilts I want to make. I’d love to be able to afford the kit, but can’t imagine that will happen in the foreseeable future. I can always dream…. 🙂

  56. The colors in this are gorgeous. I really want to make this quilt. As for my influence, my first quilt was a Quilt In A Day Log Cabin, in 1990, and I’ve loved making quilts since. I had just moved into a new house, and the local fabric store had a class. Thanks.

  57. The “seams like a dream” table runner is beautiful. I’d like to make this braid quilt/runner & love the cool colors!

  58. The quilt that impacted my life…was a HST’s quilt, made with sewing themed fabrics. I was going thru Radiation..7 weeks of daily appointments.. About the 3rd weekend (we came home on weekends)..our Daughter came from North Carolina to “Hug me in person”… & gave me this Beautiful quilt!!! She drove up here 9 hours one send me off with this quilt..”full of Daughter Hugs” to wrap up in every day of radiation (& after of course .. giggle) She was just learning to quilt..and this is such a Treasure to this Momma’s Heart 🙂

  59. I remember laying on my parent’s wedding gift, a trip around the world, as a toddler, and I have vivid memories of my grandparents working together on the graduation quilt they made for each of us, Grandmothers Fans. Those memories and the quilts I inherited from my Grandmother and Great Grandmother have influenced my love of scrappy quilts. Thank you!

  60. Turning Twenty Again…free class offered at my local quilt shop…that’s all it took and I was hooked!!!

  61. Many patterns have different effects on my life, depending upon when I was working on them and what was happening in my life….happy = marriage quilt, graduation quilt, etc. or sad = memory quilt, hospice quilt, chemo quilt.

  62. So many quilts have touched my life, and affected me. One that is meaningful is my mother’s baby quilt, which I inherited. My mom was born during the Depression, and it is a classic 1930’s quilt–fabric made from feedbacks, no batting, pieced by hand by my grandmother and her church friends at “circle”. It is meaningful to me because I see the connection between what my grandmother did and what I do, how she combined what was necessary–making a quilt for her new baby during hard times–with what was essential to her happiness–time with friends, being creative.

  63. The log cabin pattern was my first and over the years it has served me well. I have made many variations and have always been pleased with the results.

  64. Fabulous colors! I wouldn’t say there is any particular quilt or quilt pattern that has made a significant impact on my life. All that I have made have a special place for me.

  65. The first quilt I ever made was significant for me. I wrote about it on my blog. The makings of it resulted in me receiving jewelry, love letters, and a proposal of marriage. I don’t have it anymore but that’s the end of that story which you’ll have to read for yourself at Tu-Na Quilts: My First Quilt.

  66. My first quilt was a log cabin that my mother helped me with. Many years later, I still have that quilt! Lots of memories.

  67. My first full size quilt was The Yellow Brick Road made me realize I could make a quilt. It has been used and loved.

  68. I can’t really say any particular pattern changed my life! But I always wanted to learn to quilt and when I went to a local library for a class with a local long time quilter who was teaching us how – that made me happy!! Here I am 9 years later and loving it! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win

  69. The quilt that caught my attention and made me want to quilt was a Drunkard’s Path quilt in the Barn Raising setting with two beautiful coordinating fabrics.

  70. The one quilt pattern that has really made an impact on my life is the flannel rag quilt. I saw one and fell in love with it. I have since made 11 of them to give as gifts (including one that a very dear friend was buried in) and I am currently working on the next one. Thanks!

  71. When we were married back in 1962, we received 4 quilts for wedding gifts. That made a big impression on me.

  72. My grandmother and her sister – great Aunt Loie made a gorgeous feed sack nine patch for me – all hand pieced and quilted – and sadly they didn’t sign it but I have a label on it!

  73. My great grandmother’s beautiful hand stitched and hand quilted signature quilt. As a child I was fascinated by the signatures embroidered by all her friends.

  74. The quilt block that first ‘spoke’ to me was Ohio Star. An American magazine had a ‘quick and easy’ way of making it that used a new-fangled rotary cutter, mat and ruler! Well, I started with a cushion and ended up with a quilt and never looked back!

  75. The quilt made by my mother for my marriage was a special one–a Drunkard’s Path done in my favorite color of turquoise.

  76. Learning how to strip piece and learning how to use a rotary cutter have had the most significance in my quilting adventure.

  77. I made a beautiful baby quilt for my great granddaughter who was born 1 month ago. She is so precious.

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