Lorraine Turner, Textile Artist – Part 3

We’re back with textile artist Lorraine Turner with one final post sharing a bit more detail about one of her new favorite techniques. If you’re just joining us, don’t miss Part 1 and Part 2. We are so grateful for the time that Lorraine shared with us and for all of the great tips and the behind-the-scenes peeks at her process. Thank you, Lorraine!

I created a look to imply texture that I now refer to as “Auri-Fur.”

I choose many shades of Aurifil 50 wt cotton threads matching the colors needed for the animal. Using water-soluble stabilizer as my base, I thread-paint long shaggy stokes.

After I have blended all of the lights, mediums, and darks needed, I soak away the stabilizer and allow it to dry. I then snip and pin the “Auri-Fur,” carefully stitching it to places where I want to draw attention.

I use it sparingly, as I’m simply implying fur and not covering the thread painting and fabrics in the collage. I find Auri-fur enhances my work and gives it more depth; I use it in all of my work.

Thank you again to Lorraine for giving us a peek at the beauty in her process. We hope that these posts have inspired you to give thread illustration a try!

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As a young girl, motivational speaker and author/illustrator Lorraine Turner was told she would never make it as an artist yet went on to become a two-time Emmy winner for her work as one of the lead designers for a professional sports team in the US. The National Basketball Association’s Philadelphia 76ers.

Lorraine has created award winning children’s activity books and is a multiple Eisner Award Nominee in her role as Art Director for the Library of American Comics –  a company she co-owns with her husband Dean Mullaney.

After surviving years of abuse she became a team leader for the first community Domestic Violence Response Team in New Jersey and helped the Attorney General’s Office form the police guidelines which are still being used today.

Lorraine uses her own life experiences and travels world-wide as a motivational speaker encouraging all ages from teens searching a career to seniors desiring adult education.

Today, with the help of meditation, she happily writes, illustrates, and teaches others to follow their dreams.

She is a living testimony to the power of moving thoughts into action.

*All images and text courtesy of Lorraine Turner (with exception to the intro!)


  1. Superb work Lorraine.Thanks for sharing. Wonderful to see such beautiful work and to get a little insight as to how it is achieved.
    Many thanks

    1. Thank you Sharyn. Sometimes when we share our art, and never know how it will be received. Your comments have touched me, so thank you. It’s a busy world out there, and you pausing to write this comment really brings a smile: — Lorraine

  2. I have shared your site with my art quilt group this month as a challenge..I do animals in hand dyed so this is a challenge for me also to use prints ..thanks for sharing

    1. Oh how wonderful! Please keep me posted on how the challenge goes, I would love to hear the feedback from your group:) Thanks for YOUR response and for taking the time to write:) — Lorraine

  3. Awesome artistry! The detail on the tiger’s eye is just incredible… and those trees! Beautiful work.

    1. Thank you so much Ju. I am so appreciative that you paused and took time to comment, so nice to know the art is being shown worldwide to people like YOU who LOVE art!

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