Aurifil 2017 Designer of the Month Quilt Layout

Sometimes it takes me a bit longer to get the Designer of the Month layout ready for you! And sometimes it may be worth the wait …

The theme for our 2017 Designer interviews was the colorwheel.

So I HAD to design a layout that let their blocks show off the theme

Doesn’t it look fabulous!

Here are the designer’s blocks in color order, it was so fun for me to see what came in every month!

These photos were taken in our new Chicago offices, I can’t wait to visit it (when.. I don’t know… but Chicago is not that far away from me!)


Pat Sloan Layout for 2017 Aurifil Designer Blocks

When you make your quilt top, SHARE HERE, I can’t wait to see!

We do have prior layouts available SEE THEM HERE


I want to thank the AMAZING Kate Brennan in our Aurifil Chicago offices. She is not only the ‘Sales & Relationship Co-Ordinator’ but does all kinds of extra projects,  including help me get the blocks into a quilt! Kate assembled the top and appliqued the circles for me… smooches to Kate!

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