Introducing Blue Nickel Studios

Scott Hansen’s (Blue Nickel Studios) debut collection for Banyan Batiks for Northcott is a bit of a masterpiece. Tie One On is full of rich & bright colors, unique patterns, and a clever lineup of color stories. At the center of the collection, however, is the story of a young fashion designer with a rich back story and a hefty dose of inspiration from the places he’s traveled. You can read the full story right here and can learn more about the individual patterns here. We absolutely love Scott’s creativity and applaud his visual story-telling.

Scott curated a collection of 10 small spools of 50wt thread to accompany his fabrics, further adding to his young fashion designer’s journey. The spools are a terrific lineup of bold and versatile colors, perfect for adding to and spicing up your own creative journeys!

Blue Nickel Studios
10 Small Spools, 50wt (220yds/spool), 100% Aurifil Cotton
2132 – 2440 – 2860 – 5006 – 2615
1154 – 2250 – 1125 – 2568 – 4652

To view this info on our website, click here. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

What first drew you to to the world of sewing and quilting?
I made my first quilt when I was 14 because I wanted something old-fashioned – it was the late 70’s and the US Bicentennial and Flower Children seemed to reawaken the crafting world. Didn’t make anymore until the late 1990’s when I started collecting a few vintage quilts and realized I could make my own as well as collect them. What I love most is the history, the color, and the patterns.

Who or what has been your greatest creative inspiration?
I think what really inspires me most is the creativity of others. I have many friends who design their own fabric and quilts and we all look at color and pattern differently. Their outlook inspires me to use their fabric and look at the world around me with a creative outlook.

Tell us about Tie One On. What inspired the designs?
Tie One On is loosely based on a story about a young fashion designer named David Kingsley Morris. The colorways of the line follow his life journey from Venture, CA to Sedona, AZ and Nashville, TN landing In Manhattan, NY. The tjap (pronounced “chop”) designs are based on elements I discovered while studying mid-century neckties and menswear.

Do you have a favorite project or projects made with the collection?
Oh yes, I am in love with my new project coming out this fall called Dapper Dave. I loved using a traditional bow-tie block in a new way I haven’t seen before. I was also very happy to have a camp shirt made out of one of the prints. My helpers for Quilt Market also made MANY types of bags which are something I just don’t make myself.

When did you first discover Aurifil threads and what do you love most about them?
I first heard of Aurifil threads about 12 years ago or so. My wife loved them in her sewing machine. I tried them in my old machine, but the two did not play nicely. But I loved them for handwork still. Now I have a newer Brother machine that LOVES Aurifil and I have had to get rid of the old stuff I used to use. I also am very happy with Aurifil floss as well.

How did you go about selecting colors for Blue Nickel Studios and what excites you most about releasing the collection to the world?
The Blue Nickel Studios Aurifil Collection is based on the colors in my first line of fabrics Tie One On with Banyan Batiks. The colors are strong and bright, but just a little more tertiary than the normal bright colors you see out there. They will long outlive the fabric collection that they have been birthed from.

In addition to the locations found in Tie One On, what locations do you find most inspiring for your designs? 
I live in the Pacific Northwest, so naturally that is a major inspiration, But  I can go ANYWHERE on the internet, so the whole world is pretty inspirational.

Where can we find you this year?
Mostly in the studio! But traveling plans for the fall include The Valdez Quilt Festival – teaching for four days in Alaska, right after Labor Day in September. After that, it’s Fabric Depot in Portland in November. I have a hard time keeping track myself. Check my website, It is fairly up to date.

If you could be any Aurifil Color, what would you be? 
1125 from my collection – an elusive blue.

Song: Dead Man (Carry Me) by Jars of Clay 
Book: James in the New Testament of the Bible-there is much in there that applies to being kind and living well with the people around you.
Color: Red (not Blue!)
Summer beverage: Raspberry Lemonade for Non-Alcoholic, Creamsicle (Orange Juice and Marshmallow Vodka) for Alcoholic
Fabric Designer: Besides myself? I am friends with so many! This is difficult to choose. I would have to say Jennifer Paganelli or Anna Maria Horner. Not only are they talented, but their hearts are golden and their passion for color and design fierce.
Quilt Pattern: Log Cabin, I could make those forever.
Notion: Clover Seam Ripper (except now my buddy Rob Appell is making hand-turned wooden ones, so those are becoming my favorite.)


We are giving away 1 Small Blue Nickel Studios Thread Collection and 1 bundle of Tie One On by Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios for Banyan Batiks/Northcott Fabrics. To enter-to-win, please click here to head to the Rafflecopter entry page. You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Friday, August 10! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Monday, August 13. Good luck!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Cheryl Sinnott! 

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Scott Hansen has been playing with color as long as he can remember. About 20 years ago, he discovered that fabric, needle, and thread were the makings of his favorite paint box to play with. He hasn’t seen fit tp look for anything else since. Be sure to follow him for adventures in his Urban Folk Style in the Blue Nickel Studios.



  1. I find inspiration everywhere I look. On the street, in food, on the internet, in painting, in hairstyles for free motion quilting even, literally any and everywhere. And color is everywhere so it’s unavo for sure but it’s always in my head.

  2. My best friend and quilt mentors house leads my inspiration. Her work is always amazing.

  3. I love the flora and fauna inspiration of my home on a lake in NH, the greens and fall colors of fall in NH and the colors of the ocean of the coast of Maine and NH.

  4. What a fun intro to Scott. His new line is fabulous with all the cool colors and designs. I can’t wait to use it. Of course, Aurifil threads to match is awesome!

  5. I find inspiration at my guild, in nature and in architecture. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. i find lots of inspiration on the internet. i can visit any place i want to without ever leaving home.

  7. I cannot wait to see these fabrics in stores. Amazing colors…and threads to match!!!😍😍😍

  8. Love this collection & your Tie One On is inspiring! In 2011 my sister & I traveled to Wales-a wonderful place, that seemed so peaceful & yet so full of life! Thank you, Susan

  9. This collection is gorgeous – reminds of one Gerald Roy did a number of years ago. The water is the place that inspires me – and although that hasn’t appeared much in my quilts – it is what motivates me and moves me. England, too, was inspirational – there is a quilt from Whitby and there are a few more to be made.

  10. Inspiration can come from anywhere. I’m especially drawn to the coast. I’ve also found quilt ideas and color combinations while out on a bicycle ride–enjoying my surroundings at a bit of a slower pace.

  11. I just returned from a vacation in Maui. The beaches with the blue water were quite inspiring. Love all of Scott’s color ways.

  12. The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I love being near the small mountain streams and listening to the birds sing.

  13. I find the most inspiration in the woods among the birds and other animals. If there is a small stream running through the woods, all the better.

  14. Great collection. Most inspiring place – I think it is home. The colours in the garden inspire me, the cars in the garage, the Halloween decorations. Yup, it is home.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. My inspirational place is the ocean. I love the sounds, the changing colours, the textures in the sand and water. I love the way the water and the beach change with the tides and that you can always find a little visual treasure if you look.

  16. Since I’ve spent my life in the Midwest, I’d say most of my inspiration comes from here. The autumn colors, especially, are glorious and are an opposite of the stark white winter colors.

  17. I live in the country in Wisconsin, but grew up in the Chicago area. The beauty of the countryside inspires me. Whether it be the farmers fields or the woods or the flowers, it is all beautiful

  18. I don’t travel so I can’t gain inspiration that way. So I find inspiration in photographs from others who do travel.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  19. Saguaro National Park, feeling the vibes of those tall ones and knowing they have longevity and sturdiness. Thank you.

  20. Great fabrics and colors – that alone inspires me! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  21. Everything pulled up on the internet can be inspiring. I look at photos, outdoor wildlife and scenery, just about everything, and look at shapes and colors. Anything goes – you just have to let your mind wander.

  22. As I was growing up, I learned to sew…. so that was my beginning in creativity!!! Now my area quilt shops and the beauty in Lexington Kentucky keep me imagining MORE!!!
    Thank you!!!

  23. I think my most creative ideas have come from visiting my NC daughter..and seeing the Ocean for the first time! The shades of blues & greens of skies & water..gray clouds..sunshine & sand!! Mmmmmm… Thank you for chance to win your give-a-way too! 🙂

  24. Love those colors! I lived in newfoundland for several years and loved the isolation and beauty (but I was glad to get back to the mainland!!! LOL)

  25. The world IS inspirational! Love your new fabric line and of course the Aurifil matching colors are awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous collection!

  26. In some ways the internet is the most inspirational place for me. But, in the real world I guess the ocean beach is the most inspirational place for me. Love these fabrics.

  27. I get my inspiration from many sources – the fellow students in the quilting class; the fantastic selection of books from the library; the scenery on our travels and plants – especially trees!

  28. A trip to the art museum inspires me! I love seeing all the colors and how they play together.

  29. Such a creative backstory to this collection! I’ve spent most of my life in the high desert but within half an hour of Lake Tahoe, so those two landscapes are probably most influential for me.

  30. Like Scott I live in the Pacific Northwest only a little further south from him. I find inspiration here in the changing of the seasons, the snow on the mountains and the crashing of the ocean waves against the rocks along the coastline.

  31. I love trees, birds and all of nature. That said I really enjoy Pinterest and seeing what everyone creates. So many talented people around the world.

  32. i’m adoring Scott’s mustache 😉 My son sports the very same one without the beard. So cute. Right now, I’m enjoying studying up for a vacation in the west so the Mountains and Yellowstone are my inspiration for quilting right now. And what goes best with those? Cactus

  33. I draw inspiration from so many places. I do especially love looking at antique quilts, at historical places. The fact that most were totally done by hand is incredibly inspiring.

  34. The Huntington Library, Museums and Botanical Gardens in San Marino California – near my home. So beautiful and peaceful. They recently acquired QUILTS!

  35. I find inspiration everywhere. On the internet, outdoors (especially by the lake), and looking at other artists’ work

  36. My computer is the place that I find the most inspiration! Following blogs and seeing all of the awesome creations made by others really gets my creativity going. Thanks!

  37. I enjoyed reading about the inspiration for the colors and designs in this line and I absolutely love batiks! Great group. And I agree with Scott; the log cabin is a great versatile block I don’t grow tired of making or seeing.

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